573 A Bit Of Time!

An impossible battle. That was certain.

In terms of higher Stage opponents, the only one they properly won against was Perina. However that was with outside help, essentially half the Eastern server working together, and every ounce of power they could manifest.

Now they had to fight an even stronger existence than Perina, and were far from their peak state. Additionally the fatal weakness of the Chimeras was no longer applicable. Leaving them with a Third Stage being that was capable of insane amount of regeneration.

As expected there was not a single thing they could do. It was undeniable.

They could not defeat this Chimera.

Akiol turned, his attention drawn by a bit of movement. Kan'na and Yielya were approaching along with the Sages, carrying the two unconscious fighters. He was surprised that both Wrock and Tilia were pushed to this point, but in the face of the Chimera it wasn't entirely unbelievable. Although he did notice Jarvis wasn't to be found. At least the Sages were here.

The Chimera continued to quiver, staring up at the moon the entire time. As if fighting with itself. Gear almost wanted to strike while such a chance provided itself openly, however Akiol guided him against that decision.

If it wasn't attacking, it would be a great time to regather their strength.

Akiol seemingly teleported next to his Party, an act purely by his footwork. Whispering to them he asked, "We need much time as possible. It's clear we don't stand a chance."

Whitelash thrashed his tail at the comment, "It's not the only thing Third Stage here."

"It no longer can be extinguished by the Sun, without a critical weakness we can't face against that regeneration. Gear and I only won against Harold because of the weakness."

Kan'na shook her head and several magic circles suddenly appeared and shattered, "A shame, I almost completed it too."

The Sages were alarmed at the news and glanced at each other. Akiol informed, "I have an idea, but we can't let that thing go loose. How positive are you in buying time?"

"It shall not leave this area. We Sages shall not allow it to.", Guarton claimed.

"Alright. As for the others. . . are they alright?"

Yielya gently laid Tilia onto the ground, "They'll survive."

"Then I'll head off, don't die!"

"Just going to leave after we've gone this far?"

Akiol did not reply, for he already vanished.

Clicking her tongue she mumbled, "Could really use your help though."

Glancing to the side she double checked that her message was sent to Jarvis. It was unlike him to suddenly vanish in critical moments like these.

Leaning against her staff she instead narrowed her gaze. Calculating the possible outcomes and odds of the situation she began coming to possible conclusions of what everyone was doing, or was planning to do.

For Jarvis to awaken and vanish. . . there was a high chance was using this opportunity to locate the source of Heresy. Upon the destruction of that then the Chimeras should be put to rest. As for Akiol, he shouldn't too aware of what was going on here. The amount of information in the group chat was minimal. For him to ask for time meant. . .

Yielya nodded slightly, "Not bad, alright that shouldn't take too long."

Taking charge she commanded, "Whitelash, it's clear your individual strengths aren't enough here. Take this time to fuse."

Whitelash answered with a small nod, "It seems we are of the same idea. My concern is what will happen if it starts moving while we're busy."

"Let's not underestimate everyone here. Isn't that so Kan'na?"

Kan'na looked up, she was currently crouching while drawing something on the floor, "Hmm?"

"Seems I'm not the only one with an idea."

"We just need time right?"

Dusting off her palms Kan'na stood up, "Although I'm not entirely sure how much."

Whitelash pondered for a moment, the tip of his tail twitching. With a huff he reluctantly agreed, "Very well, we shall be back as one."

The Sages swiftly left the scene to prepare for their ritual. Leaving Gear, Yielya, and Kan'na to the be the final ones standing in this area. Gear, who had carefully inched his way to them, asked, "What's the plan?"

Yielya returned the question with another, "Were you not told?"

"I was told to wait."

"We do that, and if that Chimera begins to move, we buy time."

"Buy time against that?"


". . ."

Gear gripped his sword a little tighter, his face fluctuating with uncertainty, "I don't-"

Finally the Chimera moved. With just a blink you missed it. It moved directly in front of Gear, staring down at his face, "Take. . . responsible?"


Yielya was just a fraction of a second quicker. Her intuition saving Gear in a moment of action. For the next moment, the stone that replaced Gear's location was shattered by the Chimera. Had Gear remained it was likely he would've been impaled that very moment.

Despite Yielya managing to act quicker, she failed to see the Chimera move. Which proved troublesome. If she couldn't see its movements it was likely they didn't stand much of a chance at even buying time. It was pretty ridiculous. This couldn't really continue at this pace.

"A fearsome foe indeed! To think even Tilia was rendered like this."

Space rippled and snapped. Slamming into the Chimera it launched it across the forest and through several trees. The snapping of clothes could be heard as a voice called out, "Although it's still very surface level!"

The cocky undertone of a voice. It was a familiar one, the voice of a body who shared two people! Umin walked next to Yielya with his hands placed upon his back, "My apologies. It seems Igneel had something to handle. However this foe is far beyond what these bodies are currently capable of. Although I did bring some backup. . ."

Givale and Mira stood behind Umin. Givale pouted and objected, "We're not backup! We're the main force!"

Umin's eye twitched, "Sure."

Yielya eyed the two, "Doesn't Akiol have to be nearby? That's what the link is about right?"

Mira shrugged, "Akiol just told us to help!"

Givale formed a bow, "Don't be upset if we end up defeating it though!"

Umin faintly grabbed his eye, "This young one hold more confidence than the Leader of our rival Sect. . ."

Yielya eyed them all and sighed with relief, "Here I was thinking we might have to sacrifice ourselves for that time."

"Don't feel comforted just yet. I could tell, that thing is on a different level. If only I still had my inner Qi. . ."

Umin suddenly leaned back, as if stretching casually. A long spiked tendril passed by where his head was. A grin formed on his face as he declared, "This strength might be genuine, but that's all! There's no depth!"

The Chimera appeared behind Umin and threw a punch. Its fist wavered and expanded three times its size. As it punched the space in front of it twisted and absorbed the punch. Suddenly the Chimera was hit by its own blow, its fist reappearing to its right.

It stumbled to the side and locked its gaze, although still faceless, towards Givale.

At this moment Yielya realized that a chance was possible. Not because they outmatched the Chimera, but purely because it lacked practically zero ability to improvise. In the beginning Wrock was able to easily overwhelm the Chimera until it learned his style. The same could be applied here, although it was a fast learner there was still some time before it fully adapted!

Even if it adapted now, the Sages would fuse granting them extra time!

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