555 Chapter 555

Sun Wukong asked Su-hyeun about what had happened.

The latter pondered his answer for a little bit before making his reply. Others didn't need to know, but he felt Sun Wukong was an exception.

"It was difficult trying to calm the powers I absorbed from Vishnu and Shiva. After the battle, I needed to work my butt off for a few months, trying to control this power. I think I even blacked out a few times, too."

"Does that mean you will be fine now?"

"No," Su-hyeun shook his head. "This power isn't something I can wield, unfortunately. The power of Destruction is still eating away at my soul."

"Wait, that means you will die?"

"I think I can hold on for another hundred years or so."

Su-hyeun sounded unperturbed in his reply.

That was unsurprising. Su-hyeun never thought about living for thousands or even tens of thousands of years from the very beginning.


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