516 Chapter 516


Bang, clang, rooooll...

A contestant clad in heavy armor went flying before crashing and rolling on the ground. Every time he rolled, the armor clattered on the floor, making a distinct metallic noise.

This man, an awakener with a nearly two-meter-tall physique, used to boast about possessing the highest defensive capabilities in the world.

He was Mirage Rowoon.

"Crazy son of a..."

"Mirage Rowoon got done in by only two hits..."

"But he fought Gordon Rohan last year and lasted a few minutes, didn't he?"

During the first Ranking Wars, Mirage Rowoon couldn't hold on for long against Gordon Rohan.

Back then, he loudly proclaimed that he was strong enough to endure for one full day even if the whole world became his opponent. In the end, that defeat turned out to be the most humiliating and shameful event in his life.


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