The Hero's POV

Author: WhiteAuthor
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What is The Hero's POV

Read ‘The Hero's POV’ Online for Free, written by the author WhiteAuthor, This book is a Fantasy Novel, covering ACTION Fiction, ADVENTURE Light Novel, MAGIC Internet Novel, and the synopsis is: His Ultimate Goal is Power, Power so Unstoppable that no one and nothing could ever hope to go against him.Follow the jo...


His Ultimate Goal is Power, Power so Unstoppable that no one and nothing could ever hope to go against him. Follow the journey of a Slums kid who, after some unfortunate accidents, ends up on a bloody path for more and more power. He discovers his special abilities and uses them to surpass anyone on his path to true strength so that he can finally live a carefree life. Unexpectedly this bloody path leads up to him becoming a Hero to the masses although he finds himself to be the farthest thing from a Hero. He may be a Hero to many but he's also a Villain to Many. ____________________________________________ This story is focused on the upbringing of a Hero and the tragedies that follow him as he grows into the man he's destined to be. The psychological traumas that follow the so called Hero's and how they manage to handle them though that comes much later into the story. Follow Leroy as he overcomes and triumphs over his enemies, no matter who they are or what their purpouse is. ____________________________________________ If you want to chat then join my discord down bellow. Discord: https://discord.gg/EEq56pStGV

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Volume 1 :The Origin
Volume 2 :Monster

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Author here, hope you're enjoying the book. Its my first ever novel so i don't have much experience but im trying my best so i hope you can give it a shot!


If anyone is reading this I want them to know this is a very engaging must read you won't be disappointed.


Its pretty good as of right now, hope you don't drop this author. Its a pretty interesting as of right now especially the plot but its still quite new so cant say that much. Ill be editing my review as the chapters go.


It's that time of the day. Time to leave an honest review. I must say, this story is pretty decent. The plot is interesting and new. Although there are a few grammatical errors, they can be ignored. Overall, it's a good story. If the Author improves his writing then this book will reach its full potential. Can't wait to see how the story progresses.


Definitely worth reading, it's a novel that doesn't waste your time. Because of the title, I initially thought it was written from a first-person perspective, but it's actually written in third-person. We can think of the main character as a star whose brilliance has not yet been noticed, and with each passing chapter, we witness that star becoming too bright to be ignored. Great job, author!


Awesome Novel, I'm very eager to know what will happen next, it needs some changes and adjustments here and there but it's a great one to read.


Really really good webnovel. I enjoy reading it every second, cant wait for more. I will support yall to the end. Everyone should read this novel its really good.


A five star gift from me, continue writing it.


Love the story of the characters and the world building is so good


The storyline is very interesting and unique, but there are some grammatical errors here and there. Other than that, the writing style is very captivating, and really pulls you into the novel. The characters are great as well.


I like it so far, the mc's journey is keeping me from fast reading this, especially the mist demon part (literally had chills when reading that part😨). Overall it's good and I'm looking forward for more future updates


I have a headache so I can't think that much. Honestly, the novel is interesting and absorbing. It has a lot of potential, and might become the best novel in the nearest future. Don't give up on it, please. You should dream big with this piece of work.


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