1 Prologue: The Herectics


A voluptuous woman with long platinum blond hair and red eyes greeted

while carrying several book in her arms. Making the man who entered the

extremely large library to wave his hand at the woman with a gentle smile on

hisf face

"Are you looking for anything?"

She asked as the man slowly walked towards her before taking out a long list

from his pocket. Containing all of the history books that his teacher told

them to read and study.

"Do you have any books regarding the history of "Lucias Frey"? I couldn't find

any legitimate book from any of the libraries in our dimension so I thought

maybe you have it"

He asked causing the librarian to smile before signalling for him to follow her.

Making the man nod his head before obediently following her from behind.

"Are you also interested in his story?"

She asked causing the man to shake his head to the side as a look of

annoyance flashes across his face.

"Of course not, who the hell would like to read history? If it weren't for our

teacher,I doubt that any of us would read something about him at all"


He said causing the woman to smile as they arrived in front of a single door.

"Many people that I have encountered in the past also said the same words

as you...But in the end, every single one of them grew extremely interested

in him. I'm sure you'llfind his story quite enjoyable"

She said before opening the door, revealing another mini library inside

containing several books. All safely kept and cleaned inside of an encased


"Lucias Frey, many called him a monster, but... everyone who he led during

the struggles of our dimension sees him as a hero. The man who stood in

front of them and showed them that they could win despite being in a huge


She said before scanning through the large piles of books containing the

stories and documents about different legendary beings of their dimension.

Asia Argento, Kurumi Tokisaki, Lily Frey, Riku Dola, Sephie Michaela Deviluke.

Every single person who made their name known during the Great

Dimensional War in the past all had their own books inside the mini library.

Containing their deeds and achievements.

"There it is"

She said as her hand stopped in front of 10 books inside the shelves. Titled as

the "The Birth of the saviour" with 10 volumes. Mainly due to the incredibly

long journey that Lucias Frey has experienced.

"You can start reading it from the Ist volume. Lucias Frey has come a long

way from being a normal human in becoming an Origin. I'm sure you'l enjoy


She said before passing the book on the man in front of her.

"He is the person that freed us and helped us all stand where we are today.

That's why it is mandatory to teach his history to the students at all levels.

Even though it's a long read. I'm can assure you that it's worth it"

She said with a kind smile on her face before leaving the man alone in the

mini library. Making him dazedly look around before sitting down on the sofa

inside the mini library.

"Why is everyone so obsessed with a man who hasn't show his face for

millions of years?"

He said as he opened the book, starting to read the very start of the long

history of the man who rose up in ranks.

The man that was once a sacrifice but turned into one of the most powerful

beings in every realms.

The man that killed millions with his own hands, and saved his own

dimension from being enslaved by unknown creatures.

He was Lucias Frey, the manifestation of Destruction. He had an extremely

long history, all written down in the records due to his immense impactto

the fate of several dimensions.

The ruler ofa unfathomable faction, that dominated everything during it's


And all of it started when he was a child...

A child that was labelled as a heretic..

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