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What is the hell is this

Read ‘the hell is this’ Online for Free, written by the author Patel_Kaushik, This book is a Fantasy Novel, covering ADVENTURE Fiction, REINCARNATION Light Novel, SYSTEM Internet Novel, and the synopsis is:


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A/N: Paused Gao Tian, a thirty-four-year-old middle-aged unemployed man who wanders on the side of the road after everything that belongs to him was taken by an anonymous company. That night, Gao Tian was strolling along a river, but suddenly he slipped on a banana peel which caused him to fall into the river. Gao Tian tried to swim to the surface, but he couldn't swim. Gao Tian who felt that it was over for him thought that it would be better if he had been born not as a human, but as another being who could move and fro as they pleased without the need to do anything. Gao Tian slowly lost consciousness and then he passed away. [Congratulations!!!] [You acquire: The Strongest Demonic Evolution System] Gao Tian acquired the Strongest Demonic Evolution System and he was reincarnated into a world of swords and magic as a wandering spirit in the middle of the wilderness. What will happen to Gao Tian? Can he find happiness in his new life? I don't know either, you better read this book to find out. __________________________________________________ #Disclaimer: 1. Everything in this book is fictional and not intended to be satirical, demeaning, defamatory, etc. 2. The artwork does not belong to me and if anyone knows the artists of this work, please let me know and I will credit them. __________________________________________________ #Note: I expect constructive criticism and suggestions because I want to be a better author.  __________________________________________________ Released on: 03.00 PM (GMT + 07.00) May 24, 2022 __________________________________________________

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Most Chaotic Gaming Video - MYSTORY Nr5 A Chaotic Destiny2 Gaming Video Hello World, Hello Viewers! Welcome to this chaotic video! If you had headache after watching Inception you should get some medicine now. https://bit.ly/MYSTORY-PLAYLIST https://bit.ly/MYSTORY-LABEL #atmodepth, #chaoticvideo, #destiny2 _______________ Insert Chaos Here _______________ For Lack Of Order 0:00 - CHAOTIC: #beginning Hello World! Welcome to the most chaotic Destiny2 video with The Whisper, Multiplayer and other random gameplay. 1:00 - DESTINY: #gameplay I am a simple gamer, I see game, I play! In this video I decided to make an intro but it toured you to be more than five intros. I have honestly lost the overview so this video is very chaotic! Enjoy if possible or like and subscribe if you can and have a nice day or don’t but I’d like it if this was possible. 10:00 - RANDOM: #weird This video is what the title says. Basically weird like all of my previous videos! I hope you can appreciate the weirdness. Be inspired if possible. 20:00 - DUNGEON: #quest Destiny2 has a new dungeon and it turns out to become some type of storyline in my videos that I have to level up to be able to not disgracefully fail at this mission. 30:00 - GUARDIAN: #ghost After me in the shape of my brave guardian was killed and revived by his ghost... I decided to respawn because I can. This is probably pointless but I will write more in the future. 40:00 - EPIC: #final After my video was filled with intros and weird scenes I decided to end it after forty minutes because I can’t make my video indefinitely long even if I wanted to. Ps. If you like to see more you could annihilate the subscribe button and the notifications bell of my YouTube channel. Yours Sincerely, ATMODEPTH X - About Section: My Personal Area This is a unified part of my posts containing lists of my links and tags! Keywords: This Is Self Explainig If You Are Alive videogame, videospiel, 电子游戏, видеоигра, ビデオゲーム, jeuvidéo, videojuego, βιντεοπαιχνίδι, वीडियो गेम, משחק וידאו All My Stuff: Featured Equipment, Games, Clothing (give me your money) https://atmodepth.blogspot.com/p/products.html All My Merch: Exclusive Unique Merch (give me more of your money) https://atmodepth.blogspot.com/p/merch.html Signature: #youtuber, #gaming, #blogging, #fun, #entertainment, #creativity #indiegamedev, #videos http://bit.ly/FOLLOW-SOCIAL https://bit.ly/CHANNEL-PLAYLIST https://bit.ly/BLOG-LABEL

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