4 Why Does This World Hate Me......

///17 Years Later///

It's Been 17 Years since I have reincarnated.

I don't think that man's prayer helped for me

I was reborn as the son of a widowed slave, and I now work for the Fenrir Family, a family of Wolf Demi humans.

They are descendants of Fenrir or so

``I just recently gained my memories about 6 months ago."

'Fox demi-human 16 years of age bother line 17, but I look 18 or so.' I thought while sifting through my memories.

My Father was Earth-Bound, while my mother is from the Migás Realm.

How they both met I don't know.... all I know is that after my father died.

She was captured and sold off to slavery and was later bought by the Fenris Family, then I was still unborn.

'So mother has been in slavery for 16 years. Why do my moms always have to suffer?' I thought sad at my situation, clenching my hands at my powerlessness.

I remembered when I had first awoken my previous memories, the first thing I had checked was my appearance.

I still looked relatively the same just more handsome I guess.

Still had the long black hair in a ponytail style, I had a smooth face, chiseled jaws, unblemished skin.

I was taller than I once was, about 6 feet 3 or 4

(AN: The classic beautiful MC appearance.)

Although my former brown eyes were now deep hazel in this life.

A plus in my books.

My inner monologue was suddenly cut off when someone slapped me on my back, making me almost trip onto the ground.

''Vincent, you shitty slave, what are you doing slacking off your work!" The person that hit me shouted in Anger

This person yelling at me like a deranged dog is the 3rd Young master of the Fenrir Family.

Every day he is always compared to his 2 successful older brothers.

So he resolved to beat his pent-up anger on me.

Out of everyone in this family, he is the one with the least power in this household, Although still higher than a slave.

'*Sigh* Everywhere suppression seems to always find me.'

''What do you have to say for yourself, You shitty servant'' The young noble ended, finally finishing his rant.

''I am sorry, small master, I was lost in my thoughts'' I replied with an underlying tone of mocking

''ME! SMALL MASTER! You shitty servant, it looks like you are courting death!"

"I AM A FATHER WOLF!, A PACK LEADER!'' The Young Noble shouted, Veins bulge out of his head

I slightly smiled, knowing that I hit a sour spot.

I guess he saw it because he came closer with the intent to beat out his anger again.

He does this all the time. At this point, I'm sure I already have a resistance to it.

But that doesn't mean I'm willing to take it all the time.

I simply step aside as he went on to beat nothingness

We foxes have a very strong affinity towards Illusion, it's our innate ability as a race.

So I just cast an illusion that he is beating me while I'm at his side looking at him.

'From mothers stories, Our ancestors were strong enough to cast illusions to even fool death, we were even the strongest family.'

'Well, that was before we were ganged upon by the other families and almost wiped out.'

'Only a few of us survive and are just scattered across the Realms.'

And it looks like he's done ''Beating'' me, so he stood up gasping for breath, and began to leave, of course not before insulting my 'Fallen Figure' like a second-rate villain.

''You are nothing but trash without an innate, you get that!. Learn your place'' He said furiously

After he left, I went on to work unfazed.

At Night, I stopped handing over for the day and retreated to the slave quarters.

They are quite clean as the family doesn't want us to give them any diseases.

Heading towards my quarters, I mulled over all that I know about this Realm.

'First of All, Slavery exists even if there is no war'

'The Realms are not allowed to fight Each other due to a Power that someone called the creator displayed which was dubbed [The Word]'

'According to mother, When the realm was connected, War Began Eulogeo fought against humans and vice versa.'

'Other realms also fought later on, Like Deus and Migas when it came into existence'

'Then during a particular confrontation. A being called the creator had enough."

"He appeared at the battle scene between the Individual races.'

'It was said that he whispered some incomprehensible words and abruptly they weren't allowed to fight each other rather they were unable to.'

'Hence they called the Ability, [The Word]. As it was a word that ended everything.'

'I assume that The Word is an ability which probably allows the creator to make any changes to the entire verse.'

'With [The Word] he made it so that no Realm is allowed to wage war on the Other realms.'

'With no choice, all the Realms had to form a consensus and a Treaty.'

'Now, all the Realms trade with each other, except the Deus Realm as they do not require anything.'

'They are relatively neutral except sometimes when they grant people blessings.'

'For example, what happened to the Ancestor of Fenrir Family, he gained authority over wolves and some beasts due to a blessing from a Deus.'

'What else.'

'Oh right, the main power in this world is called Innate Ability.'

'Every person in the Realms has an Innate ability and a status system upon birth.'

'For me, Everyone thinks I have no innate ability.'

'I do have an innate ability even two but it's just that one is useless and that's the one I portray'


[Name: Vincent .G Cadmean

HP: 3500/3500

EP: 1500/1500

Bloodline: Juubi Bloodline of Illusion

Innate Ability

[You Who Is Surrounded by Illusions (A-Rank)]: Users can make Illusions easily, But the strength and realness of illusions depend on both the user's talent and independent ether.

Note if the victim of this ability is stronger than the user, there is a high chance that the person can shrug off the user's Illusion

Usage: 2EP/Minute for Low-Tiered Illusions. 20EP/Minute for High-Tiered Illusions]

'But it's not this Innate Ability that's Useless...It's this one.'

[I Can Impose My Will (D-Rank): User can impose thy will on objects smaller than the user and opponents weaker than the user.

Will can vary from mood to Commands

Usage: 1500000EP/Seconds]

'This is the impractical ability that Adam the First Man could never use, The cost is just too expensive for anyone to use'

'I wonder if anyone from my earth that gets reincarnated also gains an ability.'

'Either way, It's not my focus'

'In this world, there are great threats, Monsters of all types found wandering around.'

'They are called [Nightmare] or [Dark Beasts].'

'These beasts are either created from the negative thoughts of people interfering with the mana from the Earth.'

'Or from the abnormal build-up of ether in a normal beast.'

'Then there is another category of Monsters.'

'This one consists of some people who practiced demonic arts and lost themselves in it.'

'In this case, they lose all form reasoning, Hence they are given the name 'The Lost Ones'.

'Apparently, They are more difficult than [Dark Beasts]'

'The risky thing about 'The Lost Ones' is that the people who are corrupted are still capable of using their Innate Traits. It becomes even more powerful.'

'So it's possible to be fighting a Lost One and it suddenly spams portals on you.'

'But thank the heavens that they can't do so all the time because they don't have reasoning power anymore, they do not tend to use their Innate Abilities.'

'They only use it when in dire situations but it's quite rare.'

'Only the Beasts who have consumed other beasts and have a bit of consciousness can successfully pull this feat'

'But I'm led to assume that there are some beasts who have gained their Human Forms back by consuming other beasts.'

'I mean if they can get back their mind what's stopping them from getting back their bodies.'

''*Sigh*, All this surplus thinking makes me tired, I should get home to mom before it gets late"

I began to walk faster to reach my mom's quarters.

After a while, I reached there to find it unlocked which was quite weird as my mom often locks the doors.

I sauntered through the door and found everything in disarray.

Our dresser was wrecked, the wall had dents on it and there was some blood on the floor

Then it hit me

My Mom has been kidnapped.

"*Sigh* Why does this world hate me," I thought as I soon dashed out heading into the night in search of my mother.

I couldn't lose another one

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