The Heavenly Martial Empress Returns: An OP Xianxia Returnee LitRPG

Have you ever wondered what would happen if the pinnacle of a Xianxia Cultivation Story appears in the middle of a post-apocalyptic system and tower climbing setting, without having lost her powers, unrestrained, and invincible? Bing Xue spent eleven thousand years in the world of Murim, ascending to become the pinnacle after countless hardships, blood, and tears, and sacrificing her own humanity in the process. However, she was incapable of ascending into the Immemorial Primordial Void Realm; incapable of escaping the Heavenly Will's influence, she gambled it all on a single decision, escaping into the Outer Cosmos with her last remaining energies. Despite thinking her long journey was coming to an end, a black hole teleports her back to Earth out of nowhere! However, things on her home planet are much different than before. The Tower now exists, connecting Earth with countless other worlds. Monsters come out of Dimensional Gates, threatening humanity, and awakened people named Players climb the Tower in hopes of saving humanity from destruction. After learning that her mother and her sister are still alive, Bing Xue will use the overwhelming and supreme might she has cultivated for eleven thousand years to destroy the tower, slay the gods that govern it, and save Earth from its untimely demise. The System? She will fold it and make a fashionable scarf with it! The Administrators? They might become her new pets. The Monsters? Nothing but ants that die immediately by merely touching her Immortal Aura. The Hunters? If they behave, she might make them her disciples and teach them to cultivate the Heavenly Dao, so they don’t rely too much on the System. The Hostile Players? Just flies she’ll slap to death with a gentle wave of her hands. And the Gods? Merely aperitives for her ever-growing Divinity! During its serialization, this novel will be available for free forever, no premium. However, you can read advanced chapters here: https://www.patreon.com/pancakeswitch Copyright 2023 PancakesWitch. All rights reserved. No part of this work may be reproduced or used in any manner without the prior written permission of the copyright owner, except for the use of brief quotations in a review. This novel is also being posted on Scribblehub and Royal Road. If you see it anywhere else, please let me know. Thank you.

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Chapter 20 Part 1: Destroying An Evil Cult In 1 Easy Step


"P-Please spare me!" Cried the Avatar, the leader of the cult of the {Lord of Deep Darkness} and also a Level 400 Player from Earth. From what I dug out of his information, he was named Eustace Knigthheart, a member of a prestigious British Guild, and considered an S-Rank Hunter. "My guild is big, you know?! W-We'll give you anything!"

His Mana was already emptied; I simply siphoned it out of his body the moment he allowed me to touch him. He was dried completely and had no other way of fighting. Opposite to the mighty cultivators of Murim. Even when their Ki emptied, they at least had a few dozen tricks to quickly escape or defend themselves. But this man relied too much on his God-given skills and his pitiful amount of Mana for everything.

The same happened to the rest of the cult, with their dead bodies decorating the underground chamber. Urbosa and Merkite just managed to rescue, in time, a white wolf-beast girl who was about to be sacrificed. Apparently, the {Lord of Deep Darkness} demands sacrifices to gain Faith Points, forcing his cult members to kidnap and kill people for him.

"I don't care if your sect is big." I sighed, grasping his neck. All four of his limbs were already cut off; he was constantly bleeding yet remained alive. I suppose Level 400 bodies were tough enough to survive such things with more ease. "I will not target them for now because I don't want to get involved with Earth's problems for a while. Now, give me everything you have, and I will spare your life."

"R-Really?!" he asked with surprise.

"Yes, I know your guild is very important! So? Give me your things, and I'll let you go. Hell, I'll even heal you." I smiled back.

"T-Then…!" With a mere thought, he opened his inventory item, a pile of items dropped, and also credit coins. I quickly stored them inside my Inner Realm and then dropped his body on the ground. "Actually, I already healed you; your wounds are no longer bleeding."

"W-What?! But I gave you everything!" He cried. "Hey! Where are you going?!"

"It's all yours." I walked away as the people slowly started walking towards the man.

"H-Hey, what are you…?!" He screamed. "N-No! No! Go away, you monsters! You disgusting beasts! Let go of me! Do you know who I am?! NO! AAAGGH!"

Their sharp claws immediately began to tear him apart. Because they were so weak compared to him, it took them a lot of effort to tear through his skin with their claws, making it an even more agonizing and slow death.

However, after a couple of minutes, he was dead, torn to shreds. Urbosa, Merkite, and Helix had participated in the killing, their claws and faces covered with the blood of the man who kidnapped their family.

"And we are done." I smiled. "Feeling better now? Ah, let me clean all of you first! You wouldn't want to show yourself covered in blood to your children, right?" I sighed, waving my hand and cleaning them with a wave of golden light.

"T-Thank you for everything." Helix bowed his head. "You don't know how much we owe you, Lady Bing Xue."

"Thanks to you, my daughter is fine, and we even avenged our family members that we couldn't save by killing those bastards; our hearts are nothing but gratitude to you." Urbosa bowed down.

"We owe you everything…" Merkite nodded as well, kneeling by her sister's side.

The rest of the beast people we had rescued who joined the hunt also kneeled, bowing down respectfully. They were full of eternal gratitude. Such respectful and honorable people! I was growing fonder of this tribe than of anybody else I've met in this city. Well, maybe Peperina was an exception because she was way too cute.

"It's fine. Now that your family and friends are safe, Will you return to your tribe village?" I wondered.

"We would, but what about paying you back for everything you've done, lady Bing Xue?!" Helix asked.

"We do have some treasure inside our village! M-Mostly just weapons, or old relics of our ancestors." Urbosa said. "We could give that to you, great lady, Bing Xue."

"Yes, please. Take it all." Merkite nodded. "Will you allow us to guide you to our tribe? It is rather far away, within the Northern Lands."

"I suppose I could go, yes, for a change of pace." I smiled, and as I did, all the people were extremely happy.

"Mommy, she's coming!" The little daughter of Urbosa, who looked almost exactly like her mother except she had bright blue eyes instead of her mother's gray eyes, jumped towards her.

"A-Ah, baby, please stay behind! Don't disrespect our great liege!" Her mother reprimanded her.

"It's fine." I smiled, walking towards the little girl. "Children must be left to be children. She's happy; let her be happy." I gave her a gentle head pat and then caressed the little girl's fluffy ears. "What's your name, little princess?"

"I am Hekita! It means great warrior!" She said while happily greeting me. "Thank you for saving us, Auntie! Daddy would be happy and grateful too!"

"Is that so? I'm glad you're well." I nodded. "Your mother is a good woman too; despite knowing how dangerous I could be, she approached me and asked for help, offering her body and soul as payment. Of course, I declined their payment but accepted to help. Your mother loves you very much; never forget that, okay?"

"Okay!" Hekita nodded as she licked my hand, and then she ran to hug her mother.

"You're such a gentle person towards children; what a good heart." Urbosa smiled gently.

"Those who are gentle towards children are people of strong and big hearts." Nodded Merkite.

"Our chief passed away a few months ago; we were considering... if possible..." Helix muttered.

"Me? Becoming your chief?" I wondered, raising an eyebrow. "I had never considered such a thing... I don't think I could; unfortunately, I have many things I must do. But I would gladly come to visit your village and stay a few days too. I can help you with anything you need as well. I hate to admit it, but I've already grown attached to your kin."

"Such blissful words; thank you so much." Helix and the rest bowed down again; even Hekita did.

"It is fine." I smiled; feeling finally respected feels good. "Now, now, how about we go celebrate? There's a big inn where they serve delicious food and drinks. I will pay, so feel free to ask for as much food as will fill everyone's bellies."


"She's a goddess, our goddess!"

"Thank you so much!"

"I was so hungry."

"Y-You all, enough!" Urbosa suddenly reprimanded the rest of the beast people. "Don't speak in such words; respect and bow to her! We can't possibly accept more of her generosity now!"

"T-That's right, I am sorry, great liege, but we can't…!" Merkite was also about to reject.

However, I walked to their side, helped them stand up, and hugged them both.

"It is fine; I know that you must have some pride as great warriors. But it is also okay to receive help when you need it. Accept my gift, because it would be even more disrespectful if you didn't than if you did." I smiled at them.

The twins suddenly fell silent, and I noticed they were growing slightly redder, their tails wagging incredibly fast as they were smelling my scent.

"I-if you say so… Awoo…" Urbosa seemed to feel protected by my embrace.

"B-But… Ah, okay… Just because you say so." Merkite nodded as well, pouting adorably.

"T-These two are already in love with someone we just met…" Helix sighed. "Ahem! A-Anyways, thank you so much, Lady Bing Xue. Everyone, please come along. Don't make a fuss in the streets, alright? Follow us silently."


[You have slain a large quantity of strong rogues, bandits, and members of an evil cult!]

[You used {Extraction} on the corpses of hundreds of victims, gaining additional EXP!]

[Level Up!]

[Level Up!]

[Level Up!]

[Level Up!]

[Level Up!]


[Your Level has increased from Level 596 to Level 616/999!]

[All your Stats have increased. You gained Stat Points and Skill Points.]

[The Levels of Several Skills have increased! Many Skills have reached Max Level.]

[Due to the great respect and gratitude the Silver Moon Beast Tribe holds for you, you acquired the [Silver Moon Beast Tribe's Hero] Title!]

[The Skill: [God Predator (SSS): Lv4] Skill effects have been activated. You have devoured the Divinity Fragments of the Avatars of the {Lord Of Deep Darkness}!]

[All your Stats have increased by +1.000]

[You gained +1.500 Divinity.]

[You learned the Classless Skill: [Evil Cult Leader's Authority (S): Lv1]

[The Skill: [Divine Class Absorption: Lv3 (SSS)] Skill effects have been activated. You have devoured the Divine Classes of the Avatars of the {Lord Of Deep Darkness}!]

[You devoured the [Abyssal Dark Sorcerer] Divine Class!]

[You have earned +2.000 Skill Points!]

[For having slain an Avatar of a Tower God, you gained +100.000 Credits.]

Once things were side and done, I looked at my gains. Some easy levels, four million Credits from that guy I let them kill, and lots of Cursed Robes and Weapons. I could probably sell these for more money and quickly make a capital, right? Or I could combine them together into something stronger. Using my alchemy. Maybe a cursed weapon? But why would I ever need that?

"M-My liege, do you happen to have a husband already? Or perhaps… a wife?" Wondered Urbosa as she looked at me with adorable puppy eyes.

"U-Urbosa! Why are you asking her that out of nowhere?!" Her sister cried in embarrassment.

"Well, Merkite! You also want to know, right? So don't act like a pure maiden when you've been wagging your tail since she touched you." Urbosa reprimanded her.

"T-That's… I didn't realize!" Merkite covered her face in embarrassment.

"Fufu, it's fine. There's no need to fight or feel embarrassed. I've never had any of such relationships before." I smiled. "Why do you ask?"

"A-Ah… N-Nothing! I just wanted to know~" Said Urbosa. "Well, I was just wondering… I mean, someone as strong and beautiful as you... You should probably have a big family with many children, right?"

"I don't…" I sighed. "I spent eleven thousand years fighting and growing stronger; I never had the time for romance or finding a partner, sadly. I only like girls, though; I don't feel attracted to men, if that helps with whatever you're thinking." I winked at her.

"I-Is that so?!" Merkite asked while almost barking out of happiness. "H-How interesting… I also don't like men."

"Oh?" I wondered. "Really?"

"Y-Yeah, the reason why my sister hasn't found a mate and had a child yet is because she can't bring herself to fall for any men." Sighed her sister. "But most people in our tribe usually like both sexes. We have quite open relationships."

"Oh really?" I giggled. "How interesting! What a beautiful culture! Shall we talk more about this as we enjoy some drinks? I hope you don't mind some of the ale they make here."

"O-Of course! Anything you want…" Merkite was looking at me with a slight amount of obsession in her beautiful, gray-colored eyes.

"I am quite fond of some of the ale sold here, actually, so sure!" Urbosa agreed as well.

"Then let's enjoy the rest of the night!" I smiled, holding both girls by their hips as we moved inside the inn; they didn't mind it.

[Because of your great charm and ability to talk and seduce others, you learned the [Seducing Aura (C): Lv1] Classless Skill!]

[You have unlocked the [Charm] Stat.]

[You gained +10.000 Charm!]

Huh?! So that's a thing. Well, I suppose it's working then! I am not experienced in seduction myself, but I am glad it was working well.

I hadn't mentioned it earlier, but both of them had really beautiful and voluptuous bodies. Below all of their black clothes, both had wide hips, and Urbosa had more than her sister for obvious reasons. Their chests were also quite large, enough for them to bounce whenever they leaped into the air.

Their tails, however, were the cutest part; they were so big, fluffy, and smelled really nice. I could barely hold the impulse to grasp them and caress them; I even wanted to rub their tails over my face. I am too weak for fluffy creatures—or, well, people in this regard.

Anyway, once we entered the inn, I quickly met again with my mother and my sister; both had been waiting the hour I was gone, just eating snacks and relaxing after a day full of monster hunting.

"Big sis is back!" Said Ruby happily, rushing towards me. "Oooh? You brought a bunch of cute, fluffy people! What's going on?"

"I just managed to rescue everyone now, so I invited them to have dinner with us. I hope you don't mind the company," I said.

"O-Of course not- Woah." She quickly noticed I was going everywhere I went with these adorable wolf twins. "I see, I see, you got yourself a double prize."

"Hahaha! Don't joke like that." I giggled.

"Lady Ruby, we are forever grateful for what your big sister has done." Urbosa smiled.

"Naturally, we will also show the same respect and gratitude to her family!" Merkite said, bowing to my sister.

"A-Ah, no need, girls, don't worry!" Ruby laughed. "Anyways, let's go eat! What do you two like?"

"Meat." Both said at the same time.

"Hahah, I should have guessed." Ruby laughed.

There was thankfully more room for everyone on the second floor of the large inn, so we had a huge party upstairs. They brought all kinds of delicious meals and lots of ale and, well, juice for the little children, which was a lot.

"Ahh! Cheers! Cheers! Drink as much as you want! Hahaha!" The overly serious Helix showed a much more lax and festive personality once he got drunk, embarrassing his wife but making his son clap as he danced over the table.

"This city food is not bad at all!" Urbosa was devouring a huge piece of meat, covering her mouth with barbecue sauce.

"I like the spicy sauces they add!" Her sister had to agree there. "Hmm, this creamy bread is so good!" She even stuffed herself with cream puffs right after eating a whole roasted pig leg.

"Mama, give me some of that fish, please!" Hekita asked her mother as Urbosa happily handed her a skewered, roasted fish. The little wolf girl immediately began devouring it with her tiny, yet lethal, jaws.

"Fufu, I'm glad you love the meals! It is so nice to see everyone happy. It truly heals my heart." I sighed in relief.

"It seems you've done a good deed, dear." My mother smiled, patting my back. "Well done! So, ahem, are you staying the night here with them?" She pointed at the wolf twins.

"E-Eh?!" I felt slightly embarrassed; she had already guessed. "I… Well, I'll see what can be done. Ahem, but perhaps, yes, maybe."

"Alright, we'll go back to our inn once the whole party is done. What about these people?" She asked.

"I think I'll bring them to my Inner Realm for now. There's plenty of space in the palace. There'll be doppelgangers of me to help them if needed." I said.

"Alright, tomorrow we go to their village?" My mother asked.

"Yep, that's the idea." I nodded. "Anyways, just eat and drink, Mom; don't worry about anything else!"

"Haha, okay then!" My mother drank a whole jug of beer. "Phew! Ah, I'm going to just drink and eat; fuck everything else!"

"That's the spirit!" Ruby clapped.

As I saw my family enjoy the dinner, I also drank and ate myself. Well, I was mostly fed, though. The two adorable twins weren't letting me go; they were eager to spoil me as a form of gratitude for my help today.

"Please, eat this delicious meat; I've cut it into smaller chunks for your smaller jaws, dear lady Bing Xue!" Urbosa was wagging her tail while sitting by my side.

"Try these cheese potatoes too! Here!" Merkite also offered me her meals.

"Hmm, so yummy! Thank you so much~" I giggled, feeling like I was in heaven while being fed by such cute beauties. "It becomes so much tastier when I am being fed by such beautiful ladies as well. You make this whole meal even more delicious."

"A-Ah, is that so? Ahahah! E-Enough with the jokes!" Merkite. said in embarrassment.

"A-Am I really that pretty, my liege?" Wondered Urbosa. "After giving birth to my baby, I thought I had grown a bit uglier and less energetic…"

"Nah, you're as beautiful as you can be, Urbosa." I gave her a gentle caress on her head and then her fluffy chin.

"Y-You're calling us beautiful all the time; I thought humans didn't feel attracted to beastkin." Said Merkite. "I-I suppose our lady Bing Xue is different."

"Well, I don't see anything wrong with finding beauty in beautiful ladies." I shrugged. "Those that think otherwise are blind fools, most likely."

"You're too much…"


Both were panting heavily, getting redder, and wagging their tails faster and faster. I think they were in heat. I might have to take them to bed quicker than I imagined. But I couldn't leave everyone else behind, so I had to bear with their teasing and their good, sweet scent while eating until everyone was satisfied. They slowly moved inside my Inner Realm after my specifications, leaving behind the twins.

"Then we're off; have fun!" Ruby said. "You can do it champ!"

"Ruby!" I pouted a bit. "Don't be so obvious, you…!" I felt too embarrassed.

"Have fun, dear. Make sure to treat them well." My mother winked at me while patting my shoulders.

"Mother!" I also felt even more embarrassed once she said that.

I couldn't believe how inexperienced and awkward I was about this entire situation, even though I was eleven thousand years old, or more! I suppose there's always something new to learn in this world, even for an old monster like me.

Maybe, perhaps, my life is finally, truly beginning now.

"Shall we go then?" Asked Urbosa with a gentle smile.

"Don't be so nervous; we'll treat you well." Merkite caressed my hips, slowly moving her hands toward my cheeks below.

"V-Very well! Thank you; let's go then." I nodded slightly nervously as we entered the room together.

It didn't even take a second before I found myself locking my lips with the two of them, taking turns between passionate kisses.

Oh, this was truly heaven!

Goodbye virginity! It was nice having you as my only companion for eleven thousand years.


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