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Read ‘THE HEART OF AMNESIA’ Online for Free, written by the author CHROME, This book is a Realistic Fiction Novel, covering ROMANCE Fiction, COMEDY Light Novel, Internet Novel, and the synopsis is: Isa akong hamak na lalaki, na ang hanap ko ay isang babaeng mamahalin ako ng buo at tatanggapin ako. Ngunit sa hindi ko ...


Isa akong hamak na lalaki, na ang hanap ko ay isang babaeng mamahalin ako ng buo at tatanggapin ako. Ngunit sa hindi ko malamang dahilan, may isa pala akong katauhan sa nakaraan na nalimot ng isang trahedya/aksidente. BAKLA AKO!!! JOKE HAHA!

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Dur-e-Maknoon is the daughter of Samia Durrani, who ran away from her home on the day of her wedding to marry her love of life, Shahab Alvi, her family broke all the ties with her and she starts her new life with her husband and daughter. Dur e Maknoon came back to her mother’s country to meet her maternal family and patch up their relationship with her family. Her friend Rudaba is the biggest support in this matter. She being a doctor by profession joins the hospital of her maternal family which she comes to know later. “How you can be so heartless to your own daughter?” she asked shockingly. A tear rolled down the wrinkled cheeks of the old man sitting on the single couch in the lounge. “We were never heartless to her” seeing her partner in agony, she answered her. “I was angry that time and blamed her for all the insults I faced, I realized I was wrong, but I think it was too late,” the old man said, everyone, looked at him. “She tried to contact you so many times, she cried every time, and her calls were not answered by you both. You were her parents, how could you do that to her, I admit she was wrong, but you were not right either” her voice was filled with the pain, her mother had suffered all these years. This time the couple was the ones, shocked. “We never receive any call from her,” her grandmother said to her, surprised by this news. “Yes, because you had given instructions already to never direct her calls to you people” she was now angry and rude, how can they act so innocent now, and blame her mother completely for not getting back to her parents in these years? “Who tells you that?” the shock snatched the words of the old man, he had to struggle to ask his granddaughter, how come he never get to know, his daughter wanted to talk to him.

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