98 Runaway Heir

"Mattheus!" Nikolas yelled over the din of battle. 

The large general grabbed hold of the Basilean heir as if thinking the twenty-year-old would throw himself into the thick of the clash between soldiers and Atlanteans.

"Nikolas," Mattheus started to protest when he was picked up like a child and started moving backward. "I wasn't going to jump down!"

For his part, the general did stop as the youngest Crown's words registered. Thick, iron-like arms still trapped Mattheus against the armored form of the general though, Nikolas not quite letting go just yet.

"You need to be careful, Young Master! You are Basilea's future!" 

"I know!" Mattheus said in mild frustration. "Stand near me if you have to but I need to see what Brue is doing."


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