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Hello, I am here to write my belated shameless review of my own novel. The Healing Crown is a story centered around a guy that has been transmigrated, isekai’d, or whatever you want to call it. His original world was much like ours, with only a slight addition of every human being hosts to a very basic System. Said System was useless in his old world with humanity itself being its host, until our MC finds himself in a world where he is now the sole host of the System… There’s a whole menagerie of characters in this story, all fully developed and complex individuals. No OP Gary-Stu main character and flat caricature villains to face-slap here. MC starts with advantages, of course, but he will have to work for those power upgrades. Character growth for the win! The world and its history, culture, and mysteries are also fleshed out. It’s slowly being revealed as the story progresses but there is a reason for everything. Including the fact the MC being dimensionally kidnapped might not be so random. ;) I’m not even going to say much about the plot, other than the fact everyone can probably find something to interest them. Politics, mystery, horror, humor, et cetera. The only thing The Healing Crown won’t have is a harem (unless the actual harem of certain kings counts). Try it out and make a judgment on my writing ability yourself. But if you like titles such as Plague Doctor, Lord of Mysteries, or Grandson of the Holy Emperor is a Necromancer, you should definitely give The Healing Crown a read. Daily updates at the moment, which might be increased if the demand is high. Now, back to being buried and entangled in all the subplots of The Healing Crown I go...

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why does this not even have a review in their oh my god poor author couldn't even give his book a shameless review , with my comment u can rake in exps later on


...incredible work


I came across this story by chance and notice the numbers of page and lax of reviews and decided look it up and I am on page 28 and this is amazing it a shame that this not well known please make more u have my support and look forward to your work in this story and future projects


Super cool setting and world, the history and character of the MC has been well developed. A great start for site, keep It up author-sama! Waiting for the follow-up.


One of the better stories I've read here, as it's neither the trope of cultivate, get Jade beauty and do face slap nor progression fantasy, litrpg math simulator. Instead, it's a refreshing take on a transmigrated MC who doesn't immediately become overpowered with some system (though there is a system) and becomes an edgelord Jesus It is a protagonist who's slowly coming to terms with his new reality and life as a cat slave, and a noble with a complicated past. The world building is rich and detailed, with enough references to the real world that it's not completely novel. The characters are for the most part well developed and rich in depiction. There are some kinks to be worked out, such as the evil for evil bully prince but they're minor and can be easily addressed in the future. One issue is that the story meanders, lavishing detail on characters to make it seem like they matter, but ultimately are nothing more than the character of the day type. Not an entirely bad thing, but considering the novel format, it's difficult for the reader to keep track of a character who was introduced 40 chapters ago who gets referenced now.


Hey Author, good day for writing! I notice that you participated the WSA, and I believe contest SWA II suits you also. You might want to email amanda.ringdom*@*gmail.com (delete *) for detail.