72 Older Sisters

"A Mecane branch or cell of the Eulerian Circles Society, I guess?" Mattheus frowned after Brunilda summed up what she managed to get and parse from their ambush of the three society lackeys. "I mean, it's been mentioned before that the society was transcontinental and theoretically I knew what that meant…"


After a moment, the twenty-year-old shook his head and gave the dark-blue cat a wry smile that did not reflect in his somber eyes. "For some reason, I never expected for them to be hiding in what is essentially the Crown family's backyard. Mecane is… my father's city, Brue."

She hummed in agreement. "We don't know how old this secret society might be. This Goethe might just be the latest incarnation's leader. And this city… Albert IV did not become the Lord of the City until after he married Honoria nee Tellus. It's only been around twenty-five years, has it not?"


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