145 Hekteus, Embodiment of Heresy (POV)

"Damnation. Curse that Homer Spyros!"

There were sounds of shattering and impact as Hekteus swept the contents of the table to the floor in a fit of pique.

"Damn that Crowley and his over-inflated ego!" Hekteus screamed, grabbing a porcelain vase and throwing it to a wall.

The head priest had been amused at first. This particular member of the brotherhood who indulged in orgies and multiple excesses finally crossed a woman he shouldn't have and got his comeuppance.

Considering it was the Crown family leading the hunt for Aleister Octavian Crowley due to evidence from the filthy subhumans that refuse to acknowledge the superiority of humanity and the All-Knowing Keeper of the Gate, Hekteus figured his fellow society member would come to him with his tail between his legs. The Ninth would be a bit too close and always under constant scrutiny for Crowley to head to him for help.

But Crowley remained silent.


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