The Hate You Give ...♡

Author: Maan2324
Realistic Fiction
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What is The Hate You Give ...♡

Read ‘The Hate You Give ...♡’ Online for Free, written by the author Maan2324, This book is a Realistic Fiction Novel, covering Fiction, Light Novel, Internet Novel, and the synopsis is:


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James Nightingale is the son of the most famous singer Jenny Nightingale and the famous pianist Freddie Jr. Nightingale. He has dreamed of following his parents footsteps ever since he was young and he even had his mom tutor him singing lessons including piano lessons from his father. With his long dirty blonde hair and those enchanting dark blue eyes that drags secrets deeper than the ocean, with his looks alone he can light up the stage but once he starts singing. It's a whole different story. Other than that he is still an 18-year old teen who wishes to become a singer. But...He is whole different person behind flashing lights and cameras. He has a soft side for the people who are close to him, but can be a bit serious at times. Melody King, singer/songwriter and daughter of Mr. Liam King, who is the owner of the most famous music industry, Kings Music, she is also known as the angel of music due those reasons. Throughout her life she has known that she is adopted since she was just 12-years old but they still treat each other as daughter and father. She is quite short(around 4'9") for her age now being 18-years old. With her long black hair and chestnut brown eyes that shine with curiosity and joy, she can erupt the stage with excitement by her looks and her singing. As James became a singer under Kings Music industry feelings and emotions always start to stir within him whenever a certain petite short girl comes around. Will he able to sing his way into her heart just like she did with his? Or perhaps his tsundere like side takes a toll on him(just like a cliche anime~fufufufufu~)?

AKFeonix1231 · Realistic
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3 Chs


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