Tetsu is a half breed teen who lives his life secretly being half human and half ghoul and when the CCG start killing ghouls in Kyoto he takes a step and goes undercover to try to save his kind from genocide.

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7 Chs

The One Eyed King Announcement

Hello readers,

Yea it's been a while but I didn't forget about this. The thing is I've been trying to find ways to progress with this story but I couldn't seem to find a way to do it. I decided to scratch the whole idea for this book and to develop a story for a trilogy. So far I've got the story for the first book down. The book will be taking place in briefly in Tokyo and Germany. The story will follow Hikaru Ono one of the Special Class Investigators tasked with going to GFG (CCG's German Counterpart). Hikaru Ono is one of the Special Class Investigators who was there to help invent the first quinque alongside Adam Gehner and Yoshiu Washuu. Chapter One will be released by the end of this month any suggestions or comments feel free. The book will be called The One Eyed King.


Tetsuya The Author