Tetsu is a half breed teen who lives his life secretly being half human and half ghoul and when the CCG start killing ghouls in Kyoto he takes a step and goes undercover to try to save his kind from genocide.

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Chapter 4 - Kyoto High School Aogiri Invasion

Wait a second he said Washuu? The Washuu's are the head people of the CCG. This Washuu is a ghoul. This makes no sense. Unless it's a different family of Washuu. Whatever it doesn't matter at the moment what matters right now is we take this Aogiri troop out.

"On 3 we run out and throw our first set of smoke bombs then after we are done taking them out we will exit the gym silently and then take out any Aogiri member who is in the hallway. 1…..2…..3… go….go…..go." Mr. Washuu explained.

We threw our first set of smoke bombs. We started moving to the spots they were in. We would have to stab them in the head with our kagunes to kill them immediately.

"Someone is here, stay alert the CCG might be here already." A member of the aogiri alerted them.

We were quick and swift and we had our heat vision goggles so we could get to them easily. If we killed all of them loudly they would call for backup so it's best to stay stealthy. Although more of them could come into the gym. After 2 minutes the smoke cleared up but we killed all of them by then.

"Ok come on let's go we still have a few more to take care of. These ghouls aren't going to kill themselves ya know." Washuu jokes.

"Mr.Washuu are you ok you have a big cut on your arm." Itsuki worrying.

"Just keep moving your ass boy this cut isn't stopping me." Mr.Washuu grumbled.

As we walked out there were Aogiri members spread across the hallway. They noticed us. They were all crowded together in the hallway so if I can shoot spikes from my wings I could definitely hit all of them. I quickly ran up to them and shot spikes from my wings at them.

Mr. Washuu stood behind us watching our backs since he had a huge cut on his arm. Itsuki is a Koukaku user so he just ran up to them to slice and dice. I slammed them into the wall with my wings and kept shooting spikes at them.

I hope Harumi got out in time. Hell, I hope everyone did. I would break down though if Harumi didn't make it alive especially. Aogiri is probably covering most of the building right now

Suddenly more Aogiri members came from behind us and in front of us. We are in the middle of the hallway so this means we are in a pickle. We still have some smoke bombs left though. We could detonate them and make our escape from there since CCG will be here soon.

"Washuu, Itsuki the smoke bombs throw them now!" I commanded them.

We still had our heat vision goggles so we could easily track down. Aogiri members started running toward us. They all started running toward us all though we were all bunched together in the hallway the smoke bombs barely helped us. They all started running toward us. Their footsteps were as loud as a megaphone.

I'm guessing Mr.Washuu is part time CCG since he uses a quinke. He covered our backs with his quinke. Itsuki ran up at them with his Koukaku and sliced meled them. As for me I am in the middle shooting my spikes both ways.

"Fuck I'll just keep fighting through Itsuki's side and we'll go into the vents and run out the into the courtyard and exit from there." Washuu yelled.

"Well we can't hold them any longer, that's our only choice." Itsuki grunted.

We ran through Itsuki's side while fighting. Friggin Aogiri cornered us so we have to escape or else we would be trapped in the hallway until CCG gets here. As we continued to fight through them you could see blood everywhere behind us and in front of us. It was a bloodbath like you would see in the movie Kill Bill.

"I would hate to be the person to clean this up after." Itsuki joked.

"This is no time for jokes, Itsuki." I scolded him.

We made it through all of them and quickly went into the vents. Mr. Washuu goes through first since he knows where all paths of the vents lead to. Once we got near the exit to the courtyard we rested.

"Hopefully we can make our way through the courtyard where there are no Aogiri members there. You boys okay?" Washuu asked us.

"Just very exhausted." I told them trying to grasp a breath of air.

"I don't know about you guys, but I'm taking a long nap shower when I get home and I hope I fall asleep in my bathtub." Itsuki said.

We made our way through the vents hoping there was no one in the courtyard. One by one we exited the vents and went to the courtyard. Just our damn luck, but there were more Aogiri there.

"There they are, now attack!" One of the aogiri members commanded them.

"Shit!" I moaned.

Then all of a sudden they all stopped. They made way for someone and then we saw a man with a white mask showing a mouth, but with its teeth showing. His hair was in a ponytail and black.

"It's the Direct Subordinate of Aogiri...….Noro." Mr.Washuu quivered.


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