30 Hostage?

15 years old and he was already experiencing his first time being held, hostage! Delvin's mother would be proud! She would give him a pat on the back for such an achievement… after she ripped the kidnappers into tiny pieces of course

Anyway, after they had been caught by Savage and escorted over to the other outcast before they had been promptly tied at the wrists and then escorted over to the waiting Alvin who was talking with a few of his men, telling them what he would achieve once they had harnessed the powers of the dragon conquerer

"It will be glorious!" the man regaled, his gravvely voice grating on Delvin's ears. Alvin was still in the middle of telling the tales of his future greatness "with the dragons on our side no army or navy could stop me! I could conquerer every continent and then-"

"We found these three sneaking around!" Savage announced as he marched them over to his boss, interrupting Alvin's ravings, and causing the man himself to turn to them as Savage continued "they came from the woods! Killed york and mork before we could stop them"

"Oh well, they were the most boring of their family anyway" Alvin shrugged, looking wholly unconcerned by the deaths of his subordinates before turning to them, giving them a look over before his eyes suddenly brightened as he saw the axe being carried by Savage, who was carrying their weapons "I've been wondering where this was! I thought it had fallen into the sea or something! What a lovely gift!" The man exclaimed as he examined his old axe that Stoick had given to Astrid before returning his gaze to them, lifting Delvin's chin with the tip of his axe and forcing him to look into the man's eyes "now where is the dragon conquerer"

"That would be me!" a voice yelled from the distance as hiccup appeared, walking out of the woods with a semi-confident expression "I am the dragon conquerer!" he announced as he walked over, ignoring the confused voices of the outcasts

"Well, you're not ten feet tall!" Alvin shouted as he removed the axe from under Delvin's chin, walking over to the much smaller boy and looking down at him with an incredulous expression "and where is your giant halberd that reaches the son itself!"

Two things of note were revealed as Alvin said that, 1 that Delvin had apparently been caught up in the rumour, seeing as he was the one with the halberd

And 2, there was no way that Alvin created the plan to force the dragons out of berk, this guy was an idiot, which made Devlin feel kind of bad seeing as he had been caught by this idiot

"I'm ten feet tall when I'm on my dragon!" Hiccup reasoned, clearly also realising that this man was not the smartest knife in a stack of dull knives, he then nodded over to the three of them "and those guys are the ones who look after my halberd" he told Alvin

"Is this it?" an outcast shouted as they grabbed Delvin's Halberd out of Savage's arms

"No that's my walking stick" Delvin responded as he held up his bad leg and hopped a few times, putting on a show of acting like he was an actual cripple "I would appreciate it if you would return it to me" Delvin scolded as he held out a hand

He was shocked when the man actually gave it back to him, also clearly not the sharpest weapon in a pile of hammers

"And where is this dragon!?" Alvin shouted, sweeping an arm out, indicating to their surroundings and the clear lack of dragons

"Well thanks to your masterful plan, the dragons had to be shipped off to another island" Delvin pitched in

"Bah!" Alvin grunted, waving his hand slightly "wasn't even my plan, some trader gave it to me when he was selling me a few fried sea snakes!"

Well at least he was honest

"Where is this island" Alvin demanded as he marched back over to Delvin, grabbing him by the collar and lifting him off the ground

"It's west, two islands over!" Astrid pitched in from beside Savage, clearly seeing where this was going unlike the oblivious outcasts and their leader "Delvin and hiccup know the way! You should take them with you!"

"I'll decide who goes where missy!" Alvin yelled, pointing a finger at Astrid's face. E seemed to think for a few seconds before grumpily dropping Delvin and turning to his men, looking towards them and beginning to shout. "Everyone onto the ships! We're going to find dragons!

The trip was… awkward

The whole time Delvin, Hiccup and Astrid just stood there, listening to Alvin prattle on and threaten what he would do if it turned out that Hiccup wasn't the dragon conquerer if the dragons didn't use the boy as a toothpick first

He seemed to enjoy hearing himself speak because that was practically all he bloody did, either threatening them, telling tales of his great and gory battles or imagining his future conquests allowed, honestly Delvin was tempted to throw himself overboard and just swim back. However soon as they began to approach the island that hiccup told them was the same place that they had dropped off the dragons, a roar could be heard

One sounding like that of an eagle

And the outcast had practically no time to react as suddenly Snap-pine appeared, dropping a nightfury onto the deck like a sack of potatoes and swooping up Delvin within the span of only a few seconds

"Missed you too mate!" Delvin told his dragon as he felt himself get pulled into the air, Snap-pine claws holding him up by the shoulders

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