1 Ni Na's Intro

Ni na. A 20 years old sweet, sober and naive girl, who is innocent but smart. Ni na lives in US's small part. In her childhood her parents relocated to US from their hometown in Asia.

Ni na has a small family, which consists of her mother, grandmother and a little sister & brother. Ni na's mother works in a store, while her grandma looks after the younger siblings at home while she & her mother is out for work. Ni na has completed her studies and currently she is working at San International as admin personnel.

She daily wakes up in morning. Gets ready for work has her breakfast, drops her siblings for school and goes to her office. she has a charming face and always carries a welcoming dimpled smile on her face which enhances her beauty to the next level.

No matter what goes in her personal life she always looks the same in office but deep down there are so many things which bothers her.