The Guy Next Door. Book

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The Guy Next Door.


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A sweet naive girl Ni na's life revolves around the family and family problems she faces. A girl who is fatherless. Tries to become a protector, family binder for her people. The one who is beautiful but is not aware about her own beauty and always feels low about herself. Her life starts changing when he comes across a handsome but annoying neighbour who recently gets shifted in her neighbourhood. Who becomes a bright light for Ni na's life. Author's Note: Its my first novel and i am trying for the first time. so my dear readers please be patient if i make small spelling or grammatical mistakes while writing here and there. I would like you to write comments knowing your opinions & reviews. As i have seen people write 800+ chapter novels and due to lack of spirit stones sometimes people lose interest in between. Therefore I have decided to finish my novel under 100 chapters. Lastly, speaking about this novel its a sweet love tale with lots of pure love and with little tragedy. I am sure you are going to love it.