The Guild of Gamers: The Planeswalker

Noire is a great many things, a Princess, a Mage, and now a Planeswalker. Awakened to the threats that lurk outside her home plane, she will do the only thing she can. Explore the greater multiverse, gather power and followers and make sure nobody can ever threaten Eldraine again.

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Tantric Touch

Disclaimer: I own nothing but my original characters and works; all other characters and worlds belong to their respective owners. I'm just playing with them.

Betad by Priapus, Marethyu

The Guild of Gamers: The Planeswalker

Chapter 08: Tantric Touch

– Noire Vivaris –

"So, you're the girl with the magic hands?" the older girl asks, giving me a smirk as she gives me a once over. "Nice style, a little fantastical, but you're rocking that dress."

"I take it you are Coco?" I ask, looking over her in turn. I'm unfamiliar with this world's fashion, but she certainly pulls off the cute little hat. I'm not sure about the shaded glasses. "And this must be Team Coffee."

The beast girl, or Faunus, hides behind her team leader as my gaze falls on her. Coco gives me a challenging look, but I move on quickly. Velvet's grades and combat record are impressive, but she seems rather cowardly. Perhaps she's just socially stunted.

The large man gets a more intense look as he gives me a small bow; I like him. Yatsuhashi seems more calm than the rest of his team, reminding me somewhat of Lie Ren. His size is interesting, but I've seen bigger. Garenbrig has both actual giants and people with giant blood, who make Yatsuhashi seem small in comparison. Still, his muscles are impressive.

Finally, Fox. Pure white eyes stare back at me as I give the dark-skinned teen a searching look. I don't hold his disability against him—he's part of the strongest third-year team, after all—but I suspect I could restore his eyesight with Tantric Touch after enough sessions

"We are, so how does this work?" Coco asks, looking around my suite. I suspect Ozpin deliberately gave me a fancier room to make me more comfortable here, but I certainly won't complain, given that I've turned it into both my bedroom and office.

"What did Ozpin tell you?" I ask, making her shrug.

"That you had the ability to give people buffs by massaging them, but he was pretty vague about the details," Coco explained, making me nod easily.

Team CFVY is one of the strongest teams in Beacon, and once you get to the third year of schooling, a lot of your 'training' comes in the form of missions. It's logical; these four will be full-time Huntsmen and Huntresses next year, and they need the experience before they're set loose into the world, so Beacon sends them on hand-picked missions to help them develop that experience. They're going on a mission to a village at the edge of Vale that stopped reporting in, a potentially dangerous task, but that's the life of a Huntsman.

"That's the basics, yes. One of my many abilities allows me to give people long-lasting, or even permanent, buffs to various things through various intimate massages and other methods. He asked me to test the long-lasting buffs on your team since you're the first team to be sent out on a mission," I explain, putting my book away as I stand. Coco whistles, sounding impressed.

"Damn, I can see why the old man snatched you up for Beacon because that's one damn good ability," Coco praises, making me nod in agreement. It's a force multiplier, and any leader would want it for their faction. 

"I have done my research and decided on what buffs would best suit each of you. All of you will be getting an increase in Aura Regeneration, but I've picked the other buffs to supplement your individual fighting styles after watching footage of each of you in combat," I explain, making Coco's eyebrow raise as I go over the buffs I planned for each. Coco and Yatsuhashi are bruisers; an increase in physical resistance and strength will suit them best. Velvet and Fox are skirmishers; they tend to hit and run, so reflexes and speed suit them better.

"You've done your research," Coco comments, getting a simple nod from me. I always do. 

"Of course," I reply. "Now, how shy are you? I can handle the massages one at a time if you'd prefer not to strip down in front of your teammates."

Velvet goes bright red, and Yatsuhashi just sighs as Coco's smile grows into a large grin.

"Don't worry, I've decided this will be a good team-building exercise!" Coco says, clapping her hands together as she glances over at the massage bed I had Ozpin acquire for me. I've discussed claiming some of the surrounding rooms as well for things like this, so I don't have a constant stream of people coming in and out of my bedroom.

"I see; then the only question is, who is going first?" I ask, making Velvet sigh as her face burns. 

"This cute bunny is going first; you don't mind, right?" Coco asks, making me shake my head as I avoid looking at Velvet. Velvet's hands slowly move as she starts to remove her uniform. It's pointless since I'm going to be very familiar with her body soon, but she's obviously shy and uncomfortable, so I give her some minor privacy as she removes her clothes.

Yatsuhashi does the same, looking at the ceiling as his teammate strips down to her plain white underwear. After a moment of hesitation, she removes her bra as well, giving Coco a dirty look as she covers her small breasts with one arm.

She's cute but obviously uncomfortable with being naked in front of other people (especially me, a stranger). Shimming out of her panties, she moves to the massage bed with a bright red face.

"Lay down on your front, please," I ask, still not fully looking at her. Why make her any more uncomfortable than she has to be? Tantric massages require a very hands-on method, harnessing the sexual energy from climaxes to empower people, so this is going to be awkward for the very obviously shy girl, but why make it worse for her?

Placing a small towel over her admittedly very nice ass, I give her some minor privacy as the rest of the team waits their turn, relaxing in the small section of the room I set up for team meetings.

– Coco Adel –

Biting her lip, she tried to ignore the quiet moans and whimpers coming from Velvet. The massage was very obviously sexual, and Noire seemed like a maestro with how easily she was making Velvet sing.

Yatsuhashi was very obviously trying not to pay attention, and Fox had a light smirk on his lips. She was starting to regret having stripped down early herself, a damp spot clear on her panties. Still, no true Huntress would turn down a chance to increase their odds of coming home alive over some embarrassment, it was why even the shy Velvet was willing to strip down for this. Sure, she and Yatsuhashi had needed some pushing but they both agreed it was worth it eventually.

When you've shared a room with someone for years, you get to know them very well. She hadn't slept with any of her teammates, but they'd all seen each other naked more times than she could count, whether accidentally or just because she was in a rush and didn't have time for the boys to leave so she could get changed.

Velvet was the shyest, often changing in the bathroom, but they'd walked in on her changing or enjoying some her time when she thought they wouldn't be back anytime soon often enough. Rabbit Faunus had strong libidos, and Vel had never dated and didn't do hook-ups, so she had to find a way to take care of her needs. 

Needs that were definitely getting taken care of now, as evidenced by a low moan filling the room, growing louder until Vel let out a quiet scream of pleasure. 

'Looks like our massages come with happy endings'

Fox's voice in her head made her lips twitch. She hadn't expected the massages to be so sexual, but she doubted Noire was fingering Velvet for her own amusement. This might be Vel's first time with another person, and glancing over, she watched as Velvet pushed her hips up towards Noire's hand desperately, coated in sweat and the massage oil which gave her naked body a beautiful sheen. 

The towel was quickly discarded, and Noire had changed from that beautiful green dress to essentially some yoga pants and a tank top. Not wanting to get her dress messy? Respectable, especially since Noire hadn't bothered leaving to change either; she was not a shy girl.

Not that she had anything to be shy about. Noire was easily one of the most beautiful girls she'd ever seen. There was something outright unnatural about Noire's looks; she was almost too perfect. That wasn't even mentioning the strangeness of Noire's abilities; she didn't call this her Semblance, and they'd heard about her combat skills. Whatever Noire was, it was probably above her pay grade.

Man, what was Noire doing to her poor bunny? Velvet's moans made it sound like she was fighting for dear life, barely clinging on to her sanity. She couldn't wait for her turn.

Velvet's massage came to an end, Vel rising on shaky legs, panting as she held onto Noire's shoulder as she rose.

"Next?" Noire asked plainly, Fox rising with a cocky smirk in just his boxers. She decided not to hurt his feelings by pointing out that Noire didn't exactly look impressed as she guided him to take Velvet's place. She didn't miss that the bed seemed to suddenly be pristine despite the mess Velvet had left behind.

Noire's hands were equally clean, but she had clearly been covered in both massage oil and Velvet's juices.

"The bathroom is through there," Noire said helpfully, making Velvet nod tiredly, giving her a grateful smile. Velvet gave her leader a dirty look as she headed to the bathroom, almost glowing with pleasure. 

Chatting with an awkward Yatsuhashi who clearly didn't know where to look, given that both of them were in their underwear, Fox was getting massaged to his right, and Velvet was showering in the room to his left; she smirked slightly at the sound of Fox groaning. 

Velvet joined them, a towel wrapped around her body as she stretched.

"How do you feel?" Yatsuhashi asked, eyes briefly falling to temptation before he corrected and maintained eye contact. She was pretty sure Yatsu and Vel had a thing for each other, she didn't miss Vel's eyes lingering on Yatsu's bare muscular chest.

"Very light, I feel amazing," Velvet admitted, grabbing her underwear with a flustered face. "Whatever Noire was doing, it worked."

"Once we're done here, we're going to the gym. Goodwitch and Peach are meeting us there; they want to test how much of an increase this actually gives," Coco explained, making Velvet nod easily. 

"Next time, I'm getting my massage in private, and I don't care what you say," Velvet warned, making Coco giggle at the heat in her shy best friend's tone. It was nice to see Vel stand up for herself.

"You're willing to do this again then?" Yatsu asked, making Velvet sigh.

"We've had some close calls. Shyness aside, what if one day we lose someone because I decided it was too embarrassing to get a potentially lifesaving boost?" Velvet asked seriously. pulling her panties back on under the towel. "I'd rather we all be alive to be embarrassed."

Wasn't that the truth? Some younger students might be too embarrassed for this but once you went on a mission where you saw civilians die because you weren't good enough, things like 'embarrassment' became a thing of the past. People died before graduating from Beacon. One of the teams in their year had lost a member after a mission gone wrong in their second year. Beacon did everything they could to prevent this, obviously, but sometimes even a simple mission could end up a nightmare. 

Most new kids would lose their idealised idea of what being a Huntsman or Huntress was like by the end of their first year, which is why so many people dropped out by then. Sure, it was a big adventure, but this life wasn't for the faint-hearted or people who just wanted to have fun or get famous.

She really hadn't been sure what to think of Noire when she'd heard that they were getting a teaching assistant who was younger than her, but so far, Noire was living up to Ozpin's expectations. Noire didn't give Velvet a second look over her ears, something that was sadly rare, nor did she seem bothered by Fox's disability. 

Though she was unsure what exactly Noire was, the ears really made her stand out, and somehow Coco didn't think Noire was human. Again, it was probably above her pay grade. For now, she'd be satisfied that Noire was the very attractive teaching assistant who could give them all power-ups. 

Fox's time came to a climax (literally, as Fox's hips thrusted up desperately). She wasn't sure Noire even touched his manhood, but she'd still quickly brought him to completion. She was damn good at what she did.

"My turn," Coco decided, watching Fox look away awkwardly as Noire clicked her fingers and the mess he'd made vanished. Just what were Noire's powers? 

Shamelessly, she unclipped her bra and let it fall; Noire's eyes briefly gave her breasts an appreciative glance. Unlike with Velvet, Noire didn't shy away from admiring her body. She appreciated that. Since Velvet was so shy, Noire gave her some semblance of privacy despite what was about to happen. Coco was very much not shy, almost putting on a show as she slowly pushed her brown lacy panties down.

So, Noire didn't shy away from enjoying the show. Noire was definitely an appreciator of both sexes; she hadn't missed Noire enjoying the sight of Yatsu shirtless, either. 

She didn't bother with the towel as she laid down, giving Noire a sultry smile.

"Show me what those magic hands can do," Coco teased, getting a small smirk in response.

"Be careful what you wish for," Noire replied, grabbing the massage oil with a dark look in her eyes as she approached.

 She wasn't as easy as Vel and apparently Fox, Noire wasn't going to have such an easy time with her.

– Velvet Scarlatina –

Gods, Coco could be embarrassing sometimes. She'd tried her best to keep the noises Noire was provoking down to a minimum, a difficult task given Noire's unnatural skill at finding erogenous zones, but Coco sounded like she was filming a porno, not getting an intimate massage, lewd moans and pleas for more filling the room.

"So, do you feel as good as I do?" Fox asked, lounging around in just a towel with a smirk on his face. He couldn't quite hide his embarrassment at how easily Noire had handled him. Not that she could talk. Noire barely touched her vagina and still made her cum multiple times. The tips of her ears were very sensitive, and Noire seemed to take pleasure in playing with them, but at least Noire didn't seem to be racist to Faunus. She didn't like people touching her ears since some jerks at her old school would pull and twist them, but Noire's touch was downright addictive. 

"I feel amazing; my body feels so light," Velvet admitted, a light blush on her face. If there was any benefit to Coco deciding that they were using this for 'team building', it was that it was helping her get over her shyness. She'd gone from being bright red to just slightly flustered, a dusting of red on her cheeks.

As much as Coco joked, Noire definitely had magic hands. She could very clearly feel the difference after her massage; her body felt better than she could ever remember feeling before.

"O-Oh fuck, keep going," Coco moaned, making Velvet's blush deepen as Yatsu sighed. He couldn't hide the large tent in his boxers and was very clearly not making eye contact with anyone. Damn it, Coco, how were they supposed to act like normal after this? There was a difference between accidentally seeing someone getting changed or catching them touching themselves and this

"Excited for your turn, big guy?" Fox asked, making Yatsu flush slightly before he seemed to remember that Fox was blind and couldn't actually see his hard-on. She could. It was har- difficult to miss.

"I'm excited to see the boosts you two are enjoying, but I'd rather Coco let us do this one at a time," Yatsu said simply, making Fox snort.

"I'd say this was one of her weirder ideas, but honestly, it doesn't even hit the top five. I'd take this over another karaoke night," Fox laughed, making Velvet smirk slightly. He wasn't wrong; some things were better left forgotten. Coco was amazing at a great many things, but singing was not one of them. Especially after several drinks that Coco had managed to smuggle into the school.

…Goodwitch had not been amused at them showing up to class hungover. 

Distracting herself from Coco's situation with small talk, she made a mental note to make fun of Coco for being easy later. Coco proved herself to be by far the quickest and the loudest, as she shuffled over, a look of embarrassment on her red and slack-jawed face.

Her embarrassment quickly gave way to her usual cocky smirk, and she stood with her hand on her hip, not even trying to cover herself; their vain leader had no shame and possessed a confidence that Velvet could only admire (and sometimes loathe). Not that she had much to be ashamed of; Coco took very good care of her body, and it showed.

"You're up, big guy," Coco said, her eyes flickering to Yatsu's obvious erection. As Yatsu went to his fate, she felt a bubbling of jealousy in her chest, something Coco definitely noticed as she sat down, not bothering to get dressed. "You weren't lying, Vel; this feels damn good."

"We heard. Oh wait, you mean the buffs?" Fox snarked, making Coco laugh. 

Her eyes flickered over to where Noire was starting Yatsu's massage, the ugly feeling intensifying as Noire started to run her hands over his bare chest. She was clearly impressed with his muscles, taking her time as she explored his body.

'Easy girl, it's just a massage'.

Fox's voice in her head made her jump, flustered. When even the blind guy noticed she was staring, it was probably a hint that Noire and Yatsu definitely would notice.

Yatsu was the quietest out of them all, which didn't come as a surprise to any of them, and his massage seemed to go on forever. She hadn't exactly timed them, but Noire was taking her sweet time with him.

"How long are these supposed to last? We'll be gone for at least a few days," Fox asked, making Coco shrug.

"They should last for a couple of weeks if I have my numbers right," Noire said from the other side of the room, having very good hearing apparently as Coco raised an eyebrow, impressed. If Noire was right, it would definitely be worth the embarrassment, as very few missions lasted that long. "But then again, this is the first time I'm using the Aura Regen buff, so it isn't an exact science. It's partially what Ozpin wishes to test, as having a buff disappear mid-fight could be dangerous if you've grown accustomed to it."

"We're practise dummies, then?" Fox asked, making Noire laugh.

"Pretty much. Are you complaining?" Noire asked, giving him a look which he couldn't see but seemed to sense as he smirked lazily.

"Nah, you can practise on me any day," Fox flirted, getting another laugh.

"Careful, Fox, I just might take you up on that. Being my test dummy isn't always so pleasurable," Noire warned, a teasing smirk on her lips. Even as she spoke, she was still working on Yatsu, clearly having no issues with multitasking. "But yes, I am counting on you all to report on how the buffs work out, especially any oddities you notice. Any data you provide will help other teams in the future as I refine this process. Any ideas for what kinds of buffs you would have preferred are also welcome," Noire explained, sounding very professional about this entire thing. 

She kinda admired how utterly unbothered Noire was about this; the professional way Noire had approached it did make things easier for her. She was just glad this power hadn't been gained by some guy who spent the entire time drooling over her naked body. Noire did find her attractive, but she'd been as professional as one could while giving someone else a sensual massage.

As Yatsu's massage finished, Noire gave him a towel to cover himself, getting a grateful smile from the very embarrassed man. 

"Now, I believe you are all expected in the gymnasium? Professor Goodwitch asked me to message her when we are done here. I'll message her in about fifteen minutes to give you all time to get dressed and relax for a moment before the tests," Noire said gracefully. "Not to kick you all out, but I have some work of my own to do as well."

"No worries, thanks for this, Noire; I'll think of you when I'm kicking Grimm ass," Coco joked, making Noire chuckle.

"That's all I ask," Noire replied easily, putting everything back in place. Noire seemed like a very neat person, glancing around the admittedly very nice room. Being a teaching assistant apparently came with some sweet bonuses. 

The room was extremely tidy and organised, with paperwork and books neatly arranged on a desk in one corner with another set up as an informal meeting spot. She'd heard that Noire was mentoring the first-year team leaders; was this where she held those meetings? 

The least neat part was the massage bed, which was just kinda cramped into the room, but she suspected it wasn't going to be staying there for long. Still, once word got out about what Noire could do, every Hunstman and Huntress would be taking a trip here before a mission in the hopes of getting some of Noire's magic touch for themselves.

As they got dressed again, waiting for Yatsu to finish his shower, she watched out of the corner of her eye as Noire took a seat at her desk, typing away at something with a serious look on her face, she smiled slightly. Slight jealousy aside, Noire seemed like a good addition to the school staff.

"See, that wasn't so bad, was it?" Coco asked as they said their goodbyes and left Noire to her work, getting dirty looks from every single one of them. "Well, I had a good time."

"That's because you're allergic to shame," Fox deadpanned, getting a grin from their cocky leader as they made their way to the gym. She felt amazing, but it was time to see how much of a difference this actually made.

– Ozpin –

Looking at the results of Team Coffee's tests, he sipped his own coffee with a satisfied smile. The benefits of Noire's massages were significant, to say the least. 

They seemed to average out at around a 25% increase to whatever Noire had buffed, and it was important to note that they were more effective on people who had a good 'base' stat. Someone who was already very strong would get more from a boost to strength than someone who was weaker. Velvet was faster than Fox, and her boost to speed was noticeably larger than his. If they lasted as long as Noire believed, it would be a major boon for any Huntsmen team going on a mission. Noire was truly a gift from the Gods.

Of course, she'd made it clear she wasn't willing to just become a full-time masseuse; she had standards on who she was willing to spend her time massaging. Team Coffee passed her standards because of their very good record; Noire seemed to like hard-working and successful people. 

By Noire's estimation, the permanent boosts were smaller. She'd been practising with Darkness and claimed the permanent boost was around a 3-5% increase to whatever she was boosting, but it could also be repeated constantly.

Darkness was a true powerhouse of Endurance; even without her Aura, she could take an immense beating. Her own Aura pools were large, and her Aura was unnaturally dense. Her combat skills were questionable, but when you could just stand there and ignore most attacks, he supposed it didn't really matter. Noire was working on it anyway.

Noire had taken it upon herself to create a 'catch-up' class for the theoretical side of things since several of their students were behind the rest of the year, with Glynda helping her, of course. Jaune Arc's faked grades meant he had a lot of catching up to do, and Nora Valkyrie was also falling behind on the less physical side of her education.

Due to their recent arrival, the entirety of Team Aqua was also catching up, though it seemed Megumin and Kazuma would soon be able to test out of the catch-up class. Ruby Rose was also attending since she'd skipped two years. 

Noire herself had worked with Glynda to rapidly catch up on the material she would be teaching; she was undeniably extremely intelligent and had already passed the theoretical entrance exam with flying colours. According to Glynda, Noire seemed to never forget anything she read and was consuming books by the dozen. Noire had explained that wizards in her world were very focused on book learning, and she had picked up many tricks from her mentor, an Archmage named Gadwick.

Noire was now working up to taking the first-year exam by the end of the month, then the second-year exam the next month. She seemed to enjoy studying, and Glynda was certainly impressed with Noire's dedication and aptitude for learning.

He planned to approach Noire and Aqua about Amber soon, as it seemed like every method they had to try and help her had failed. He wanted to let the newcomers get settled in somewhat before dropping such things on their shoulders.

Of course, James wanted to move both Noire and Aqua to Atlas the moment he heard about them. He understood James' concerns; of course, the enemy had found a way to steal Amber's powers, and there was a chance it could be replicated on Noire or Aqua herself, but somehow, he suspected neither would approve of James locking them up for their own safety.

He trusted James with his life, but the man could be entirely too hardheaded at times. Of course, James would want Noire moving to Atlas for an entirely different reason when he found out about her 'Tantric Touch' as she called it.

James already wanted to station some Atlesian specialists at Beacon, and given the collection of high-value targets here, he was considering allowing it. At the very least, it should stop James from bringing the entire Altesian military and stationing them at Beacon in one of his beloved 'shows of force'.

Looking over Noire's schedule, which she'd made available for all staff members, he chuckled at how packed it was. She'd set time aside for 'recreation' several times a week, but Noire had even scheduled the exact time that she would go to sleep and wake up. 

Her idea of having meetings with each team leader on a semi-regular basis had proven to be a good one. He preferred to give them some independence, but having a peer to discuss problems with had proven very effective. She'd even set aside some time for students to bring problems to her, able to set up private meetings with her to discuss issues they had that they may not want to discuss with their leader or even the teachers. Noire was simply more approachable, thanks to being the same age. 

Several students from various years had already taken advantage of it, though even he didn't know the exact details of what was brought up in most of them.

But he had one small issue at the moment. He wanted to test the permanent buffs she could grant with an experienced Huntsmen, but that left him with a minor issue. Noire had been very upfront about the sexual nature of the method, and he'd seen enough strange magic over the years to be unsurprised. 

No, the issue was that the best person to test these with was his most trusted agent… and somehow, he just knew Qrow was going to piss Noire off. Noire was willing to test the permanent buff with someone as long as they met her standards, and he gave it five minutes before Noire and Qrow were arguing.

Noire was very much like Glynda in many ways, and he'd seen Glynda and Qrow immediately start arguing far too many times to have any faith that it would be any different with Noire. Though, to be fair, counting on Qrow not immediately angering someone was always a losing bet.

He supposed he could ask Taiyang to take Qrow's place, but somehow, he didn't see that going much better. Tai was less frustrating to deal with, but he'd also been a different man since losing both Raven and Summer. Somehow, he suspected asking the widower to come and have sex with a girl his daughter's age would perhaps not go over well. 

So, how was he supposed to get Noire to get along with a drunken idiot who seemed to take pride in annoying people?

– Aqua –

"School is hard," Aqua whined, glaring at the paper in front of her. "I'm a Go- Hero; I shouldn't have to do homework."

"I know, but this is important. A true hero is wise as well as strong," Noire said, gently massaging her shoulders, making Aqua sigh in relief. "You don't want people to make fun of you behind your back, do you? As the team leader, your grades reflect on the entire team."

She pouted at that, even as she felt herself straighten up. That's right, she was the team leader. She was in charge, and she couldn't have people making fun of the best team in Beacon because she got beaten by some numbers.

"As it happens, I've acquired you a present for your hard work," Noire said, getting her to perk up. She did love presents! Her eyes widened, and her smile grew as she spotted the wine bottle in Noire's hands.

Why couldn't more people be like Noire? Noire knew how to treat a Godd- Hero.

"You can't go to class hung-over, but a tantric massage will remove the hangover, so once you've finished these sheets, we can celebrate your new position," Noire suggested, making Aqua nod happily. With booze on the line, the homework didn't seem so daunting. Noire was helping her anyway; did that make Noire the wise mentor who guided the hero to their destiny?

This world needed a true hero to defeat the Grimm and save the poor Godless peasants, bringing them into the light of Aqua. With such high stakes on the line, the great hero Aqua would face down even the scariest mathematical problems!

– Later –

Gripping Noire's hair, she gasped at the feeling of Noire's tongue lapping at her divine slit, one leg wrapped around Noire's head. Booze was a good reward, but this was pretty nice, too~

Noire's tongue was unnaturally long, filling her pussy in ways it had never been filled before, making Aqua gasp as she leaned back, feeling hands all over her body. Noire's hands were on her ass, but she could feel invisible hands groping and massaging her entire body, worshipping her in an entirely new way.

Taking another sip from the wine bottle, spilling some on her body, she gasped and whined as Noire pulled back with a dangerous smile, moving up and licking the wine from Aqua's chest, briefly suckling on one of her nipples.

Getting the idea, Aqua poured some more wine on her body, watching the red liquid slowly trail down to her slit. As Noire followed it back down, she gasped. This kind of worship might just be her new favourite.

– Next Morning –

Waking up, she stretched and looked around Noire's room, blinking several times. Looking at the empty bed next to her, she wondered where Noire had gotten off to before she saw a note informing her that classes would start soon and she needed to get ready.

Despite the several empty bottles, she felt fantastic, with no sign of a hangover in sight. Her uniform was neatly folded beside the bed, and the bath was already run for her. It was nice to be attended to like this, even if Noire was obviously busy elsewhere.

Stupid Trashuma never took care of her like this, even though she'd graciously brought him back from the dead, and the big fucking Neet was having too much fun being back in a world with games again to listen to her even though she was his team leader now. 

Having a quick bath, she made sure to get dressed and head to class with time to spare. A hero shouldn't be late, after all, and she was going to be the greatest hero of them all.

— Bonus Scene — Jaune Arc

Noire was a harsh taskmaster, and his time in Beacon was not the paradise he'd expected. It seemed so easy in his fantasies; he'd come to Beacon and become a big badass hero like his grandfather and so many others in his family. He'd be popular, cool and powerful, saving the day like in the stories his father used to tell him.

He was exactly none of those things. He didn't even have time for popularity, with his entire schedule being dictated by Noire. He wasn't cool because people knew he was the weakest in the class by far, and it was hard to feel powerful when he had yet to win a single fight.

Not that he really blamed Noire, even in his exhausted state. She was giving him the opportunity to prove he belonged here instead of just kicking him out, but he couldn't deny he was somewhat intimidated by the intense girl. 

She'd decided his entire schedule, down to the minute. The closest he had for socialisation time was with his team in the rare 'team-bonding sessions', and that wasn't going great since they all knew he was a fraud. Ren was mostly indifferent to him, Nora followed Ren's example, and while Pyyhra was sweet, he barely had time to talk to her and a champion wasn't going to want to spend time with a fraud.

Aside from that, the only person he spent time with was his taskmaster, with her cracking the whip and making sure he was keeping to her plans.

As it turned out, not having gone to one of the combat academies meant he was laughably behind everyone else in terms of combat skills, and Noire's fighting style didn't suit his. Apparently, she had 'plans' to fix that, which made him shudder somewhat, wondering what demonic scheme she had come up with.

And yet, he was more frightened by the upcoming meeting with his parents than he was of whatever hell training Noire was concocting for him.

He wasn't going to give up though, he would be a Huntsman and make his family proud.

Author’s Note: Noire is one of my favourite MCs to write; she’s just a nice change of pace. 

Written: 18/04/2024

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The Advance Chapters

Basic Tier (Employee)

New Game Plus, Ch07

Gold Tier (Manager)

The Sorcerer's Legacy, Ch08

The Tamer, Ch12

Plat Tier (System)

A Sorcerer's Ambition, Ch25

The Nightmare, Ch12

The Guide to Conquest, Ch08

Diamond Tier (Founder)

The Origin, Ch03

The Tamer, Ch13

The Warlord, Ch13

The Guide to Freedom, Ch13

The Quest

Celestial Roulette, Ch01-05


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