5 Sett’s Very Good/Bad Night

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Chapter 04: Sett's Very Good/Bad Night

"So, you wanna ride the phoenix?" I ask, resummoning my giant fire bird.

"…wouldn't I get burnt?" Sophia asks as she glances at the massive bird currently perched on the rooftop with us.

"Nope, it's perfectly safe if you have the phoenix's permission. This girl won't burn her allies," I reassure her, and before I can even finish my sentence she's already moving towards her.

"Then you're fucking damn right I want to ride the phoenix, fuck subtlety we have a Endbringer-sized bird," Sophia says excitedly, moving towards my new summon as it lowers its body so she can climb aboard.

I could fly alongside but I also want to ride the giant bird, and as I move on I notice that Sophia pushes her ass against my crotch as we take to the skies.

Firstly, I learn that my new familiar is fast, faster than me by a long shot but she slows down so we can actually patrol, gliding over the patrol route.

This is about as far from subtle as you can get, a trial of fire being left behind us as we glide over the buildings, but the point of this patrol was to send a message to the Merchants and this is one hell of a message.

Testing my limits, I wrap one arm around Sophia's waist, and while I hear her breath hitch briefly as my hand slips under her top she doesn't actually say anything even as I caress her firm stomach, she's in damn good shape.

Moving up, I cup one of her breasts over what feels like a sports bra. Her breasts are fairly small but incredibly perky as I move under her bra as well, making her gasp as my fingers toy with her nipple.

"Good girl," I whisper in her ear, pulling my hand back as she feels my erection pressing against her ass.

My phoenix lets out a song, drawing our attention. It has amazing vision and while it can't speak, it does know what we're doing.

"So, do you think they're just too high to notice the giant fire bird?" I ask, looking down at a pair of guys chasing a woman, making Sophia snort as we descend.

They definitely notice as we land between the woman and the pair, making all three freeze as I give the probable Merchants a wave.

"Hi, you aren't hallucinating, and you might want to surrender," I say cheerfully, my phoenix letting out a foreboding cry that I'm pretty sure translates to 'I'm going to eat you'.

They don't surrender, instead turning and trying to run in some deluded belief that they'd actually escape the massive bird.

They don't get far, roots growing around them as I roll my eyes, Shadow Stalker already calling it in as she watches the idiots struggle with the roots with dark amusement as I hop down and give the woman a wave.

"Hello, it's probably not safe for someone as attractive as you to be out this late," I say cheerfully. She's not as hot as the capes I've seen, but she's definitely got a bit of a milf look to her, dark skin and a thicc body.

"I- I had to close at work, and the buses don't run this late at this time of night," she says, blushing slightly at my blunt compliment. "I- this street is normally fairly safe."

"Normally, sadly, doesn't mean always, how far away is your house?" I ask, I'm pretty good at this hero thing.

"It's just a couple of blocks over," she replies, making me turn to Sophia. Hm, I'd rather not have to save her again one block later.

"Shadow, can you watch dumb and dumber while I escort our damsel home?" I ask, making her snort and nod.

"Not like they're going anywhere, lemme just zip-tie them so you can get rid of the roots," Sophia agrees easily, binding the merchants.

"Now then, my fair damsel, would you like a ride home? She doesn't bite, well not civilians anyway," I say jokingly, offering a hand to the woman who slowly takes it.

I'm at the front this time, as she wraps her arms around me, gasping in shock and then delight as she looks down at the city below, her rather large breasts pushing against my chest.

"Do you want to head straight home, or shall we do a few laps first?" I ask playfully, making her giggle like a girl half her age as she looks down on the city.

From up here you can't see just how bad things are down there.

"I really should get home… but maybe a few minutes wouldn't hurt," she says, shouting a bit to be heard over the wind.

"As you wish, my lady, come on Pele, show the lady what you can do," I say, naming my Phoenix after the Hawaiian goddess of Fire and Volcanoes.

They said I shouldn't have a divine name, but they never said I shouldn't name my summons after gods.

Fucking checkmate, nerds.

I'm the kind of guy who named his Pikachu Zeus and his Bulbasaur Gaia, (Bulbasaur best gen one starter, actually fight me if you disagree).

Pele takes it as a challenge, speeding up, which makes my mystery damsel hold me tighter, while I do appreciate the feeling of a pair of huge breasts squashed against my chest, I'm mostly doing this to take her mind off the near rape/assault experience.

Eventually the fun comes to an end, landing next to her apartment building as she dismounts with some assistance, face flushed as she does so.

"Thank you, Sett, that is your name right?" she asks, making me nod.

"That's me, your friendly neighbourhood demon," I say jokingly. "May I ask yours?"

"Celia, I'm Celia," my newly named damsel says, making me smile, I noticed some wounds on her as she stands before me, nothing major but this is my first time playing the hero so wanting to show off I take her hand and place a kiss on her knuckles, channelling Sanctuary through my lips as she glows, gasping and shuddering.

"It was a pleasure, Celia, do take better care of yourself, and maybe find a job closer to home," I say gently, and she hesitates for a moment before she moves closer and places a light kiss on the very edge of my cheek, our lips barely touching.

"Thank you, Sett, truly. I owe you more than I can ever repay," Celia says softly, giving me a sad smile.

"Just part of the job, take care Celia but I should get back to my partner in heroism," I say, giving her a wave as I remount Pele, seeing her watch me depart.

God, I'm good.

— Celia Laborn —

As she watched Sett fly away, shame overcame her as the drugs she had in her pocket, the drugs she'd stolen from the Merchants chasing her out of desperation, felt so incredibly heavy.

She didn't deserve to be saved, she'd lied to his face, she didn't even have a job after getting fired for stealing from the register at her last job, so desperate to pay for her fix.

Entering her apartment, she pulled out the packet of pills and white powder she'd grabbed from the dealer's house while he'd been sleeping, or so she thought, disgust flooding her as she looked between the bag and Aisha's room.

She'd slept with her dealer for drugs, countless times she'd sold herself for a fix, the reason she'd tried to steal this time was because the dealer had gotten bored of her, and knew she had a pretty young daughter who would be worth more.

Almost vomiting at the depths she'd fallen to, she ran to the bathroom and emptied the packet into the toilet, flushing them down as she glared at them.

She didn't deserve to be saved, but she'd try to live up to the person Sett briefly thought she was, even if he'd probably forget about her as just one face in the countless he'd save.

Standing in her shitty apartment bathroom, looking at herself in the mirror, she took a deep breath and nodded.

She'd do better, for Sett, for Aisha, and for herself.

— Sett —

Feat Granted

[Improve Aisha's Home Life]

Pull Granted

Who the fuck is Aisha?

You know what, I'm not even gonna ask. It's probably a member of Celia's family, either way it's proof I did a good thing.

Go me! This hero thing is pretty fun.


Result: Common Magic

[Tome of Pranks] (Generalised School)

Sure it's not great but any roll that isn't a curse is a good roll. Besides, I can definitely use this. Mwahaha.

Villains will fear the magical prankster! Maybe I can collaborate with Clock, he seems like he'd be down for some super pranking.

Returning to Sophia, I notice she seems angry as we watch the police take away the pair of idiots, giving our statements.

The moment they leave, she turns to me.

"That bitch lied to us," Sophia growls. "She was just a junky who got caught trying to rob her dealer."

Hm, that would explain how guilty she looked but I still think I did the right thing.

"Maybe, or maybe the Merchants were just lying," I say with a carefree shrug. "Either way, we saved her from an unfortunate fate and took down two criminals. Maybe it'll make her clean up her act."

As we take to the skies again, Shadow Stalker grumbles to herself.

"Why do you care if she cleans up her act? She's just some junkie," Sophia mutters, yelping as I give her breast a squeeze.

"Because this city sucks. It's barely even functioning, rotting away, and I'd like to see it become a better place," I say easily.

I feel like I need a goal, and cleaning up Brockton Bay seems like it'd be worth a few pulls.

"Why?" Sophia asks again, making me shrug.

"Who knows, maybe it's a matter of pride? I want to be able to look at a thriving city and say 'I did that', and I'm strong enough to get what I want, right?" I tease, making her grunt but not refute my point. "Besides, we're the good guys. We have an example to set. I don't want to be known for being a dick when they say my name in the same sentence as Legend and Alexandria."

"Yeah, yeah, whatever," Sophia finally says. "Let's see if we can find some more lying junkies for you to save."

Despite her grumbling, she can't hide her enthusiasm for our flight, maybe I'll have to try and pull a unicorn for her. She's not as edgy as she tries to act.

She also doesn't complain at my wandering hands, even as one slips into her pants and starts to stroke her slightly-damp slit, her legs parting ever so lightly as I gently tease her, enjoying her breathing speeding up as I toy with her, slowly pumping a single finger into her very tight cunt.

She's pent up, because it's not long before she's practically panting from my teasing, pushing her ass back against my erection as we leave the spotting for Pele. Another finger being added makes her gasp and reach down to grab my wrist, not to pull it away but to hold it in place.

It's not long before I feel her shudder, a low needy moan leaving her as she cums from being fingered. I wonder if this counts as being part of the mile high club.

I can't see her face as she turns back to face me, but I can almost sense her lust as she reaches back and gropes for my belt.

Unfortunately for me, Pele cries again making us both focus, despite my massive erection, looking down for whatever she spotted.

For a moment, we share a confused look as we spot nothing beneath us, until I notice something odd.

"Shadow, did that lamppost just fall over by itself?" I ask, watching carefully as things get knocked out of the way by an invisible force.

"Oh for fuck sake, Squealer made another Killdozer? And an invisible one?" Sophia groans, making me blink.

An invisible what now?

"We'll need to call for help, unless you think you can deal with several tons of hellish metal on wheels. The last one had a minigun and rocket launcher attached.

"Actually, I think I have an idea."

— Adam Mustain (Skidmark) —

This was the fucking life, cruising around his neighbourhood in his new ride, while all the other bitch villains were cowering because of some golden bastard and his demon fuck boy.

Who the fuck was Scion anyway? It didn't matter, because his girl was a fucking genius.

Scion and Sett (bitch-ass name) couldn't catch him driving his product around if they couldn't see him, it was foolproof.

While the rest of the gangs were pissing themselves, he'd be the one taking action and showing the city that he had the biggest dick around (not that demon fucker, the pictures were edited obviously).

Yeah, he was a fucking genius.

As the ride took to the air, he grinned, shaking off his stained and rotting teeth as he turned on the radio.

"Squealer, baby, why didn't you tell me this beast could fly? I'd kiss you if you didn't taste like my cock," Skidmark praised, getting nothing but silence for a second before she responded.

"Skiddy, it can't fly, it's a tank," Squealer replied, making him scoff.

Fucking Tinkers, didn't even know what they were building, he was clearly flying as his ride took to the sky, it was almost a shame no-one could see him as he drove through the sky.

Those shitty heroes would piss themselves at the idea of his new ride, yeah.

How did he turn this thing though, because right now he was flying right towards the Rig.

After a moment, and a line, he said fuck it. He'd let those pussy ass heroes know who was in charge around here, not some golden dildo but him, motherfucking Skidmark. They'd all get the hint and get the fuck out of his city when he bombarded the Rig from his invisible flying tank, fuck yeah.

Which button turned on the rocket launcher again? Also what was that weird sound, like metal being torn apart?

He couldn't work it out and none of the buttons he smacked seemed to do anything, still flying towards the Rig as somewhere deep in his drug-addled mind he caught on that something wasn't going quite right.

Why was he going down? And what was that fiery glow coming from above his ride?

As the ride touch the ground, he kept hitting buttons as he saw that overcompensating fuck Armsmaster and the hot bitch with the weird guns looking at him, his ride getting flipped upside down.

Why the fuck did Sqeualer put a 'flip the ride' button on the dashboard, the dumb cunt?!

Unfortunately, he forgot to wear his seatbelt causing him to fall on his head, grunting in pain.

As a massive beak ripped the door off its hinges, his drug-addled mind finally caught on. Ah shit, he was tripping again.

As Halbeard ripped him out of his ride, he grumbled to himself about showing them all when he sobered up, looking at the massive talon shaped holes in his now-visible tank, yeah he was tripping the fuck out.

As he was dragged away, he reached out for the military chick's tits, and the butt of her gun was the last thing he saw.

— Sophia Hess (Shadow Stalker) —

"Are the merchants always this… disappointing?" Sett asked as they watched Armsmaster drag off the unconscious Skidmark, snorting to herself.

His bird could lift a lot, casually lifting the entire fucking tank which it could apparently see just fine.

"Honestly? Yes," Miss Militia said, her tone steady as if a high-as-a-kite villain didn't just try to cop a feel of her tits. "They're like cockroaches, no real threat but hard to exterminate. Hopefully putting Skidmark away for a while will help. Brilliant work, you two."

"Barely did anything, Sett and Pele did all the work," Sophia replied, frowning at how useless she'd been. So much for showing how useful she could be to Sett.

"You're the one who arranged the drop off, and identified the weapon for Pele to rip off," Sett said, giving her a pat on the shoulder as she blushed slightly, remembering his earlier touch on her body.

Pele let out a beautiful cry, the torn remnants of a rocket launcher in her beak as she dropped it. That was one fucking badass bird.

"I know you had some more areas to patrol, but taking down one of the gang leaders is enough work for now, Lung is still keeping his head down since they can't confirm that Scion is actually gone, so it looks like we'll actually have a quiet night for once. Only the truly stupid were out tonight," Miss Militia said bluntly, the three of them turning to where Armsmaster was casually carrying the knocked out Skidmark over his shoulder.

"Yeah, fine," Sophia agreed, giving Sett a nod.

"It's been fun, thanks for showing me the ropes, Shadow. Another time?" Sett asked, making her nod with a grin.

"Definitely, Pele's a better ride than Kid Win's hoverboard," Sophia joked, making Pele let out a proud cry.

"In that case, I'll bid you both goodnight, it's been a pleasure," Sett said easily, remounting his bird as he waved, taking off and flying into the distance.

"Before you call it a night, the director wants a debriefing, especially on everything you know about 'Pele'," Miss Militia said, making her nod easily.

She saw that one coming as they walked towards one of the conference rooms.

"Oh, and Sophia? You've done extremely well lately, well done," Miss Militia said approvingly, making Sophia grumble embarrassedly as they entered the room, freezing as she spotted an unmistakable figure sitting there.

She wasn't one of those fangirls who squealed when they saw their favourite hero, she was too badass for that, and sure Sophia used to have posters of her up on her wall.

And dressed as her for Halloween.

But she definitely didn't squeal when Alexandria turned to her.

Today was pretty fucking great. Even Piggot looked at her with faint approval, or maybe the fat bitch was having a stroke, it was hard to tell.

— Sett —

Feat (technically) Achieved

[Defeat A Gang Leader]

Two Pulls Granted

Skidmark you drug addled beauty, I'd kiss you if you didn't have four million STDs. I'll always take a win by technicality, without a second of hesitation.


Result: Minor Curse (5 Pity Points Added)

[Curse of the Dommy Mommy]

This will cause an older woman to take interest in you, she will be attractive however she will have a dominant personality and attempt to discipline you for your misdeeds, and you will find it hard to refuse her.

Dommy… mommy? I don't- what?

Okay, that's not great. Thanks Skidmark, but I got two and that's still a victory in my-


Result: Major Curse (25 Points Added)

[Major Curse of Greed]

You want. What do you want? Everything, anything. All that matters is that your collection grows, your treasure, your wealth. You will find it incredibly hard to do anything for free, hungering for more and more wealth, never satisfied.

Skidmark, you diseased rotting cuck, I'm going to find your cell and smother you in your sleep. I'm gonna find your girl and make her my bitch, sending you the recording of her begging for more.

I'm going to tear the Merchants apart, piece by piece so you don't have anything to come back to but my wrath.

Your empire of dirt and cocaine will burn, your wealth will be mine, your name will be reduced to a cautionary tale for other villains, a laughing stock-

Oh wait, he's already that.

You get the point, all that matters is that I'm pissed off.

I have enough Pity Points for a Rare, and while I should save I need something to take the sting out of this.

Rolling Rare

Result: Rare Item, Artefact

Stone of Good Luck

Source: DnD

This stone grants the holder a measure of luck, simply making all things go slightly better. For the Gacha, this will increase all rolls by 1, this cannot negate Nat1's or turn a 99 into a 100.

The stone amulet that appears in my hand is in the shape of a small cat's face, one eye socket filled with an emerald gem.

This feels mocking, I roll two curses and then something that could have helped me avoid them? I will never say no to rate up however, and the amulet goes around my neck forever more.

I could roll a guaranteed uncommon as well, and my greed calls for it but I push it back, promising a rare when we have more points. Better loot is enough to tame it.

Saying goodbye to Pele, I send her away, feeling her go into what is essentially stasis until I need her once more, opening a portal to call it a night.

I need some sleep and maybe a cry about unfair luck. Which tome would I need to acquire to gain the power to curse Skidmark with loose bowels? It might even improve the smell.

Arriving back at the Dallon house, I unlock the door and let myself in. It's already nearly midnight.I guess we got a little carried away, but it's for the best.

I'm quiet as I enter, not wanting to wake anyone, but I quickly find I'm not alone as I enter the living room, spotting someone still awake, sitting in the chair with a glass in their hand.

Carol jumps slightly as I enter, before relaxing and giving me a smile, and I try really hard to look respectfully, because Carol isn't wearing the smart suit that she usually wears for her lawyer business, having switched it up for a black silky nightgown and seemingly little else given the way it's parted to reveal an immense amount of cleavage.

"Sett, did you have a good patrol?" Carol asks, taking a sip from her wine, an empty bottle on the table in front of her.

"Yup, Shadow Stalker is pretty fun when you get to know her. How's your night going?" I ask, really trying not to stare at the milky pale breasts that are almost hanging out of her gown.

"Just drinking away my sorrows, I can leave if you'd like to sleep?" Carol offers, making me shake my head as I sit down myself.

"I don't need much sleep so I'll be reading for a bit anyway. Sorrows? Anything I can help with?" I ask, making her smile ruefully.

"Just marital troubles, I… was in a good mood and attempted to excite Mark, but as you can probably guess it didn't exactly work. You can imagine that my ego took a hit at the realisation that my husband doesn't find me attractive anymore," Carol says simply, and I get the feeling that the wine bottle isn't the only one she'd had. "It used to be so easy, even when he was in his moods, but I guess I'm past my prime."

"I'm not sure what Mark is suffering from, Vicky was vague, but it definitely isn't you, you're definitely not past your prime," I say seriously, because it's true. Carol is undeniably a milf. Her gown shifts to expose her long slender legs, milky thighs on full display as I see a hint of black.

Carol smiles slightly at that.

"You're a good person, Sett, consoling an old woman like me," Carol says, before her smile grows a little teasing. "And I can tell you mean it, your eyes are very honest."

I go to speak, to apologise for staring at her tits, but she reaches forward to put her drink down as her gown shifts to fully expose one breast. I can see where Vicky got her good genes from because they're even bigger than they looked under her suit. Her nipple is a candy-pink pebble, slightly hard from what I can see.

"Erm, Carol," I say, making her smile as she sees my eyes staring down at her exposed breasts. "I don't-"

"You really do think I'm still attractive, don't you?" Carol asks, before giggling drunkenly as she looks down at my tight pants. "That says you do."

"I think you've had too much to drink," I say, making her laugh.

"Sett, I'm a fully grown woman, and I've only had two glasses. I'm at most a little tipsy," Carol refutes, leaning back as the robe opens to fully expose her chest. "Do you think I'm still sexy?"

"I do, I can see where Vicky gets her good looks," I admit, I'm blatantly hard and lying wouldn't do anything.

— Carol Dallon (Brandish) —

She shouldn't be doing this, she wasn't drunk enough to not realise that as she smirked at Sett in satisfaction at his compliment.

She'd considered trying to honey pot him, but she'd planned to subtly push him together with either Amy or Vicky, maybe both, not to do it herself.

She'd been in a good mood over the potential revival of New Wave, had a bit more to drink than she admitted, and got dressed up in her sexiest underwear to try and cheer up Mark.

Then, as she took off her bra for him and tried to entice him, she looked into his eyes and saw absolute indifference. Mark was as soft as putty, utterly disinterested in her body.

Then she'd had more to drink, ignoring Amy when she came back and went upstairs, and Vicky when she did the same..

And now Sett was here, his gaze on her exposed breasts, genuine lust in his eyes as he took in her body.

"Let's not talk about Vicky right now. What do you find sexy about me?" Carol asked, standing up as she let her gown drop to the floor, standing before him in her laciest black thong and nothing else.

"Carol?" Sett asked, gulping as she moved forward and sat on the table right in front of him.

"You heard me, what do you find the most sexy about me? Answer me and I'll give you a little reward," Carol asked, wanting to be convinced that she still had it as his eyes wandered her body. "Oh, but you haven't seen it all, have you??

Turning around, she stuck her ass out towards him, shaking it slightly as she mischievously looked over her shoulder at him.

"Your legs, I love your legs and thighs," Sett admitted, making her pause. That wasn't the answer she expected. "They're longer than most girls, and so slender."

Turning back around, she sat down on the couch next to him, giving him a playful look.

"Not my breasts or ass?" Carol asked, sat right beside him as she gave him a smirk. "Do you want to touch them?"

Sett hesitated, but she took his hand and placed it on her bare leg, giving him an encouraging look as he started to gently caress her thighs.

She didn't say anything as his hand moved to her inner thighs, moving further and further up her leg as it approached her most private place, her legs parting slightly in silent acceptance.

The side of his thumb brushed against her still-covered slit, the sensation making her moan quietly which only encouraged him more as he made the bold move of slipping his hand into her panties, touching her pussy directly as she gave him a playfully scolding look, not stopping him as a single long finger slipped into her tight slit.

"You know, even as powerful as you are, reputation matters. Do you think people haven't noticed your constantly wandering eyes?" Carol asked, making him blush slightly at being called out. "I don't blame you, it's natural for a young man to be so excited around so many beautiful women, but you shouldn't be so blatant in your ogling. You clearly have some stress you need to work off."

As she said that she placed her hand on his bulge, his eyes widening as she slowly undid his belt and unzipped his trousers, pulling out an impressively sized cock.

"I can't leave such a beast unattended around my daughters, who knows what would happen, so why don't you… use me for your stress relief," Carol whispered as she wrapped her fingers around his girthy cock, slowly stroking it.

"Carol…" Sett said quietly, hunger in his voice as he stared at her.

"I won't fuck you, my pussy is off-limits," Carol said, as he continues to finger that very pussy, kissing his neck as she jerked him off. "But you clearly need some help… relaxing so you don't ogle every passing ass. You can't fuck me, but I don't mind letting you have some fun with me."

"We shouldn't," Sett said weakly, not stopping as she kissed the side of his face, a smirk on her face as she peppered him with kisses. "You're married, and Vicky's mom."

"You don't seem to mind pumping your fingers into a married pussy, in fact I bet you wish it was something else you were pumping into me," Carol pointed out teasingly, hooking her fingers into her panties and taking them off, fully naked as she draped her body over his. "Mark doesn't want me anymore, but a woman has needs. If he doesn't want this, you can have it instead. How do you want me first? Do you want to feel my lips wrapped around your cock, sucking you dry as you pump your load down my throat? Or maybe you'd prefer to feel my tits wrapped around it instead, sinking your cock into my pillowy cleavage until you blow your load all over my face~"

Sett hesitated, obviously feeling a little guilty as she kissed his neck again, pressing her breasts against his chest as her hand sped up.

"They aren't as big as Vicky's, but I doubt you'll mind when you're wrapped around your cock, I promise they'll feel heavenly," she drunkenly giggled, enjoying the freedom and the feeling of control as she toyed with Sett. He was so strong, and yet here he was desperately gasping as she stroked his cock. "Or maybe that's not enough for you. You said you loved my thighs, so maybe you'll like to fuck them? With how wet I am for you, it should be nice and lubed up for you, who knows, you might even… slip, a single wrong thrust and you'd be inside me, but that can be our little secret," she whispered, nibbling on his earlobe briefly before she moved, ready to pull out her trump card as she sat in his lap, trapping his cock beneath her undercarriage as she slowly grinded her hips, rubbing her dripping slit along his length, the sensation sending shivers of pleasure through her body. "Do you like that, baby? I like it too. Let me do all the work."

"I… Carol-" Sett said, still hesitating even as his hands wrapped around her and groped her ass. Such a good boy, maybe even a virgin, unsure what to do with a woman like her.

"Don't worry about it, Sett, just relax and enjoy it. This married milf is all yours for tonight," Carol promised, capturing his lips in a gentle kiss (maybe even his first).

But instead of deepening the kiss, his hands glowed with golden light as her drunkenness faded quickly, the golden light feeling amazing as it engulfed her body.

She felt amazing, her mind clearer than he had been since she triggered, but a clear mind could be a curse.

The good feelings didn't last as she broke the kiss, her sober mind reminding her that she was draped over a teenage boy, naked with her hand wrapped around his cock.


"I won't deny I find you very attractive, you've got your hand wrapped around the proof of that, but I'm not dumb. Two glasses? I can see the other empty bottle just over there," Sett said bluntly, making her shrink in shame as she let go of his cock, making it twitch desperately.

"I… I'm sorry, I shouldn't have…" Carol tried to explain, her words trailing off as she moved away. What excuse did she have for getting drunk and being so upset at Mark not being able to get it up thanks to his illness that she threw herself at her daughter's friend just for complimenting her.

He made her feel sexy, feel wanted, and she enjoyed that so much that she just kept pushing when she should have backed off with some light teasing at best, maybe let her gown slip a little not strip naked and stroke his cock.

Her sober mind was filled with shame and embarrassment, looking away from Sett who was obviously struggling not to stare at her naked body, hardened nipples and wet pussy.

— Sett —

Being the better man is hard, and if it wasn't for the fact that I have Sophia available for… relief, I'm not sure I'd be able to do it.

What I want is to push her down and fuck a Carol shaped indentation into the couch, but if we got caught it's ruin my friendship with Vicky and destroy her marriage, and I respect them both too much to risk that.

Carol gets up, grabbing her gown as she pulls it back on, shame clear on her face even as she sighs.

"Thank you, Sett, I know that must have been difficult given your condition," Carol says as I fix my trousers, my bulge very apparent.

"It's the right thing to do. If you were sober or single… well, that'd be another story, but I'm not going to sleep with a drunken married woman," I say, cursing myself for having a conscience.

Shit would be easier if I was an uncaring sociopath. I'm fighting my curses to do this, and the worst part? I doubt that she's the dommy mommy I have coming in my future.

"And I'm very grateful for that. You stopped me from making a drunken mistake that could have torn my family apart," Carol says in shame, she did make a mistake I just didn't let it go that far. "You're a good man, Sett, we're lucky it was you Vicky brought home that night."

She goes to leave, before pausing.

"You should go to the downstairs bathroom and… take care of that, it isn't healthy to blueball yourself," Carol says, heading away as she leaves her panties on the couch next to me.

She's not wrong, the longer I go without a release the more my minor curse affects me, so once more I move to the bathroom to enjoy the company of my right hand, though I unashamedly use her panties as well.

I text Sophia, asking for a nude, a test of her loyalty as she takes a minute or two to reply, sending a picture of her in what looks like a bathroom, her top and bra pulled up as she stares at the camera with her typical annoyed-looking face. Her trousers are down as well, leaving all the important parts on display.

'Was in a meeting, had to pretend I needed the toilet. This okay?'

Responding, I thank her for the help and call her a good girl, surprised when she sends a couple more, one of her amazingly toned ass, I think she's blushing in it but her face is barely in the shot so it's hard to tell.

'Whatever, gotta go.'

As I use the material to bring myself to completion, I'm surprised when I get a message from someone else.

'Please delete this picture once you are done, but given my part in your condition I thought I should help you find relief.'

Attached is a picture of the body I was just playing with, Carol in the upstairs bathroom with her gown fully open, her body on complete display.

Her face isn't in the picture, clearly purposely aimed away. The second picture is the same but from behind, her gown on the ground as she awkwardly takes a picture over her shoulder.

Feat Achieved

[Be the Better Man: Don't cuck someone when given the chance]

Pull Granted

Creator Note: Do you think anyone will actually get this one? If you're reading this, congrats for being a rarity I guess.

Somehow, for the first time, a pull feels like a consolation prize.


Result:Uncommon Item, Consumable

[Potion of Stone-Skin]

Source: None

This potion causes the drinker's skin to gain a stoney coating, massively increasing their resistance to most forms of damage for one hour.

Cool reward though, but I'm a little busy at the moment so I don't focus on it. Frankly, I'm hard enough without any alchemical assistance.

I'm kinda pissed at her to be honest, I don't think I'll be deleting the picture and I think I know who I'll be dreaming of tonight.

— Carol Dallon (Brandish) —

Fixing her clothes, she tried not to think about what was happening downstairs, even if the thought of Sett pleasuring himself to her body made her feel sexy. It wasn't like a couple of pictures would make things worse at this point.

She left her panties down there, he was probably masturbating with them right now. That embarrassed and excited her in equal measure.

Her, a married woman with a daughter older than him, Sett wanted her. That's why he didn't clear her drunkenness immediately, he was truly tempted to take her up on her offer and she'd have no one to blame but herself.

He wanted what she was offering, but he knew the consequences of accepting, while she was too busy enjoying feeling sexy, he had to be the one to make the right choice.

It took a hormonal teenage boy to do the right thing and stop the insanity she had almost caused.

What the hell had she been thinking? She hadn't been, that was the issue. She'd stripped for him, kissed him, stroked his cock, rubbed her pussy against it as she offered to give him a blowjob. To give him more than a blowjob, because she hadn't forgotten what she'd been scheming.

Despite her words, her pussy hadn't been off limits, she just wanted him to think it was so he'd feel even better when she gave it up for him, when she spread her legs and let him fuck her right there on the couch while her husband slept upstairs.

Would she have been sober enough to make him pull out? Of course not, if she had that kind of clarity of mind she wouldn't have been in that situation in the first place, she'd have let him pump his fertile semen right into her waiting womb, staining the most sacred part of her body, and when she woke up naked with cum leaking out of her, she'd have no-one to blame but herself.

She would have let him pound her pussy right there in the living room, with her daughters and husband sleeping upstairs, even if by some miracle they didn't get caught, what did she think would happen? That nobody would notice the smell of sex in the most used room in the house? Episode she have even been sober enough to clean herself up and not go to bed with his seed leaking down her leg?

As the shame started to fade, she realised how much clearer her mind was now and that made her feel worse.

She was a terrible mother. It was an odd thing to think right now, but it was true.

She'd treated Amy like shit, and for what? Some absurd belief that she'd end up a villain? Amy saved more lives than the rest of New Wave put together, working herself to exhaustion day after day. Amy used to do it for her approval, and no matter how good Amy had done it was never enough for her.

And Vicky? With her head clearer than it had been in decades, she facepalmed, realising how badly Vicky's aura had been messing with her mind. When was the last time she'd said no to Vicky? When was the last time she'd seriously scolded Vicky when she made serious mistakes?

Years ago. And she'd never made Vicky learn to control her aura, because the more time she spent in Vicky's aura the less she felt the need to push Vicky to learn to control it.

But worst of all? She'd realised something absolutely horrendous. She enjoyed having Mark like this, she enjoyed her husband being barely a step up from a vegetable since it meant she was always in charge, she was such a control freak she liked her husband being too depressed to ever argue.

He forgot his pills almost every other day, but was she really that busy that she couldn't make sure he was taking them each day? No, of course not. She just blamed him for forgetting, knowing he was suffering from a mental illness, and didn't do anything to help him.

Salvation cleared the mind like nothing else, but while it made everything seem brighter it also highlighted the depths she'd fallen to. It felt like she was in an abyss and just hadn't realised it until Sett reached out a hand and pulled her into the light.

This could probably help Mark, but why would Sett offer his help when no one would tell him what was wrong with Mark? She'd have to talk to him about it soon.

With this hindsight, it was no wonder Scion seemed to follow Sett around, she couldn't even imagine what Scion himself was feeling.

Going to sleep, despite her regrets her dreams were filled with what would have happened if Sett was just a slightly less good person, if he'd taken her up on her drunken offer.

— Sett — Next Morning —

Waking up, I'm unsurprised when I'm the first person awake, the Dallon house does not approve of early mornings from what I can tell, and I start breakfast.

My greed demands payment, but I remind myself that I'm essentially paying board with cooking at the moment, which settles it down.

The smell of food rouses the living dead, Amy actually looking grateful to find a coffee waiting for her, better than what she could get from the instant shit she usually drinks or at a Starbucks if I do say so myself.

"You know, you don't have to make breakfast every day," Carol says as she comes down, thankfully dressed as I feel my eyes roaming the body I saw naked last night.

Luckily, Amy and Vicky were too busy glaring at her for suggesting that I stop cooking to notice me blatantly ogling their mother.

"I enjoy cooking, and it's the least I can do since you're letting me stay here," I say, both the girls agreeing with me that it's only natural I'd do some chores, even as Vicky stuffs her face.

"Vicky, you weren't raised in a barn, eat slower," Carol scolds, taking a seat as I offer her a plate, giving me a grateful but hesitant smile, remembering last night.

"Sorry, mom," Vicky says, seemingly mildly perturbed.

"Amy, what are you doing today?" Carol asks, eating far slower.

"Going to the hospital-"

"No, you aren't. I've spoken with the director of three different hospitals that didn't know you were volunteering anywhere else. You've barely done anything but volunteer when you aren't at school. I'm sorry it took me so long to notice, but I'm putting my foot down. You aren't allowed into any hospitals today, and we'll be talking about your excessive hours later," Carol says, sternly but somewhat hesitant as Amy goes to argue, seeming utterly baffled. "It's a Saturday, take some time for yourself for once."

"But- they need-"

"Amy, there are hospitals all around the world that function just fine without you, the directors have your number for emergencies. The world won't fall apart because you took some much-needed free time," Carol says, even Vicky staring at her in confusion. "You've done wonderful work, Amy, I'm sorry it took me so long to say it. Countless people are waking up today because you saved them, but burning yourself out is highly unhealthy and irresponsible, both for you and for me to have not noticed until now."

"Vicky, hold her down, I'll call the PRT," Amy shouts, making Vicky and Carol blink. "What, she's clearly been mastered, or replaced by a stranger?!"

Carol visibly flinches at that, but I suppose I would too if my family's reaction to me being nice was to call the PRT.

"I, no. Sett used his… magic touch as Vicky likes to call it, on me after an accident last night, and it cleared my mind enough to realise what a terrible mother I've been. I'm sorry. It's not enough just to say it but I will be trying harder to be the mother you deserve," Carol says, her tone getting quieter as Amy stares at her in shock, looking between us.

"I…" Amy starts, before she simply takes her coffee and storms upstairs.

"That could have gone better," Carol sighs. "Vicky, I know you might have had plans but can you keep an eye on your sister today?"

"Sure! I've been trying to get her to take a day off for ages, I'll make sure she relaxes!" Vicky promises, beaming despite the awkward air as Carol rises, thanking me for the breakfast as she grabs her phone, making a call. "Oh, Sett! Tell the truth, I won the bet, right?"

"Nope, Shadow Stalker never tried to kiss me, you owe me a date," I say playfully, making her stare at me intensely.

"Really, nothing happened?" Vicky asks, making me pause.

"Can you keep a secret?" I ask, making her nod. "She sent me nudes."

"Oh come on, that totally counts!" Vicky argues, grinning. "And you think you know a girl. Heh figured Stalker isn't one for kisses and hugs."

"Nope, you said 'if she tries to kiss me' you won. She didn't, I won," I say, making her pout before she smirks again.

"Okay, how about we call it a draw? We both win, so you get your practice date and I get my massage," Vicky offers, making me pause. "Are you really gonna say no to a chance to feel me up and call it an accident?" Vicky asks teasingly.

"If you keep teasing me, I might just end up taking it seriously," I warn, but she just gives me a flirty smile.

"I don't know what you're talking about," Vicky says, making me snort.

"Sure, if it'll get you to stop pouting, we both win. Now go see to your sister, because I'm pretty sure she's gonna blame me for this," I say, making Vicky laugh before she pulls me into a tight hug.

"And she'd be right, Amy just doesn't realise it's a good thing yet. Thank you, Sett," Vicky whispers, placing a kiss on my cheek before she pulls back and heads upstairs.

Feat Achieved

[Improve Amy's Life]

Pull Granted

If this is bad I'm spitting in her coffee.


Result: Uncommon Knowledge

[Massage Mastery: Adept]

You have magic hands, able to work out tension with ease. You have the skills of a high class professional masseuse.

My eyes narrow at the innocent skill I just rolled. This is random, right?


I'm gonna blow Vicky's mind.

"Sett, I have work soon but may we speak for a moment?" Carol asks as I nod, following her up to her private office.

Taking a seat opposite her fancy desk, she doesn't sit down but leans against her desk for a moment.

"Did you delete that… picture?" Carol asks hesitantly, and I don't even deny it as I shake my head, making her sigh. "I suppose I deserve that, do not share it, don't lose your phone, do you have a password on it?" Carol asks.

"Yup," I say simply, after last night I'm still a little angry to be perfectly honest.

"I suppose that will have to do. Perhaps you should make a hidden folder to keep it safe. My face isn't in it but I don't want to take chances," Carol says, more reasonably than I expected. "Now, about last night…"

I give her a moment to collect herself and choose her words.

"You were far more responsible than me, and it shouldn't have fallen to a hormonal teenage boy to turn down a married woman twice his age," Carol says with a shameful look. "I'm sorry, I know you… didn't want to stop things, it took a lot of restraint to stop things when I was throwing myself at you, and I wouldn't have blamed you had you taken me up on my drunken offer."

She says that now, but somehow I doubt that.

"The point is that I owe you, deeply, for a lot of things. If you do join the Wards, or any group, you can count on me as your lawyer to make sure you get the best possible deal. I'm also getting the basement made into a guest room of sorts so you don't have to sleep on the couch- that is, if you want to stay here, I wouldn't blame you if you wanted to leave," Carol continues.

"I would like to stay here, if you don't mind," I say, making her smile gently.

"I certainly don't," Carol says, making me grin. "Finally, I'd like you to use Salvation on Mark, to see if it can help with his depression. Not right now, I'm going to discuss it with him later, not make the decision for him. I made sure he took his medication this morning," Carol requests and my greed makes itself known.

Sanctuary is a draining spell, even if I'm getting better with it, why should I do it for free?

Because it'd help Carol, and would make Vicky happy? Maybe even Amy if she stopped glaring at me. Carol notices my hesitance as I argue with my own greed.

"Obviously I have no right to request anything from you," Carol admits, embarrassed as she looks me deep in the eye. "But this is important, to me and to my family, I need this. As an independent healer, consider me your first real customer. Admittedly we don't have much in the way of financial wealth, hero work doesn't pay as well as you'd think, but I'm sure we can come to an agreement, even if it means paying the debt off with my bod- with favours. As a lawyer, or heroine."

She catches herself before she finishes that innuendo, trying to correct herself as I nod.

"Why don't you talk to Mark first? We can definitely come to an agreement," I say, making her smile at me. "Heh, you'll even get the 'family I'm freeloading from' discount."

"You're a good man, Sett. I'm glad my indiscretions didn't ruin how you see my family," Carol says, hesitating before she gives me a light hug, pulling back before she pauses, looking at me. "Has it changed how you see me?"

"I've been picturing you naked this entire time, honestly I've been picturing bending you over that desk or having you on your knees with those pouty lips wrapped around my cock," I admit, making her blush at my crass tone.

"I… see, perhaps another visit to the bathroom is in order?" Carol says embarrassedly, not scolding me for being so blunt to her.

"I'm going to hang out with a friend later, so yeah I think a visit is in order, because I'm rock-hard at the moment. You look damn good in business clothes," I say, standing up as I give her a blatant once over.

I'm being a bit of a dick, but after getting blue-balled it took me ages to cum, so I think she has it coming.

"Have a good day at work, Carol," I say, making her nod as her blush fades.

"And you enjoy your time with your friends, everyone needs some RnR," Carol says as she watches me leave.

I really do need to beat my meat though, and it looks like Vicky and Amy have left by the time I get out so I'll have the house mostly free since Mark is pretty much furniture at the moment.

I could have Sophia deal with it, we're going to meet up later, but we're also meeting her friends so pulling her aside and clapping those sexy dark cheeks might be a little much.

I don't mind an audience, I'm not shy, but something tells me Sophia wouldn't be thrilled.

As I enter the bathroom, I pause as my phone vibrates, opening up a message from Carol. Still in her office, she's pulled up her shirt and bra for a picture, her face barely in it as she looks away from the camera she's awkwardly taking a selfie with.

'Thank you for being reasonable Sett, but please keep that kind of talk to a minimum, or at least for when it is just for us. It wouldn't do for a hero to be heard using such crass words.'

Huh, did my words actually push her to send another picture to help out? Did she think I'd be so blunt with any girl I met?


Quest Added

[Quell your Greed]

Tame your curse of Greed, turning it from a drawback to a strength.

Objective: Become part of the 1%

Objective: Set up a source of income that makes enough to live an extremely lavish lifestyle

Objective: Have at least 25 servants (1/25)

Optional Objectives: Become part of the 0.1%. Get a treasure hoard worthy of a God-King (at least 100 items, with at least 10 being legendary or above. Have at least 100 servants and an abode worthy of a God-King (Legendary or higher quality).

Reward: Major Curse of Greed evolves into a perk. 3 Pull.

Optional Rewards: 1 treasure based pull for every optional objective completed

Quest Added

[Tame the Dommy Mommy]

Turn the tables on the dommy mommy, and either convince her you aren't the child she sees you as or make her your sub.

Path 1 Objective: Convince her that you know better than her, and that you don't need her guidance

Path 2: Objective: Sexually break your dommy mommy, making her submit to you.

Reward: Varies based upon the path taken

Right, just become part of the uber-rich 0.1%, easy right?

I'm not even going to touch the second one.

— Bonus Chapter — Emma Barnes —

"Hey, Sophia!" Emma called, spotting Sophia leaning against the wall where they were supposed to meet up. "What's up? I thought you were at your part time job today?"

"Needed to talk to you, some shits changed," Sophia said, making her pause. "We need to back off Hebert."

What? Why?

Sophia obviously noticed her expression, giving her a warning look.

"Look, fucking Alexandria is in town, they find out a Ward did that shit and she'll send my ass to juvie in seconds. Alexandria is a hardass bitch," Sophia said quietly. "But that's not the important part, you know Sett?"

"Obviously, anyone paying attention knows Sett, hot demon with more power than Eidolon," Emma scoffed, minorly fangirling over the fact that Alexandria was in town.

"Yeah, him. We're meeting him, if anyone asks he saved me from some empire thugs, but he takes this hero shit seriously which means if I wanna stay on the next Eidolon's good side I need to take it seriously. When Hebert crawls out of whatever ditch she's in, just ignore her."

"Wait, we're meeting Sett?" Emma asked with a shrill tone.

"Yeah, we took Skidmark down together last night, we get along well. He's the fucking apex predator around here, you know. Alexandria is just here to beg him to join up," Sophia scoffed. "And I'm not letting anything fuck this up for me, you're my friend so I'm offering you a chance to get in with the biggest player around. Don't fuck it up." Sophia growled, but before she could respond the air nearby ripped open, Sett stepping through in the badass clothes Glory Girl picked for him, the most heroic thing she'd ever done was stuffing that hot demon ass into those tight leather pants.

"Hey, Sophia, and you must be Emma, right?" Sett said cheerfully, making her glance at Sophia who was giving her a warning glare.

Turning back, she went to reply but she, Emma Barnes, the survivor, bit her tongue as she tripped over her words, Sophia facepalming but Sett just gave her a gentle smile.

Oh fuck, he was even hotter in person.

Author's Note: Yes, Sett turned down sex in a DWS fic, Will wonders never cease?

Someone asked if I had a favourite fic to write; and at the you can probably tell I'm enjoying this fic but honestly my interest bounces between them all since they're different enough to be interesting to write.

The roll gods are whimsical, our luck has turned.

Massage was a little fixed, but not entirely. He rolled an uncommon knowledge and I forgot to take martial arts off the list, so I replaced it with massage since they both start with M.

Priapus' note: Marital arts, martial arts, close enough. Although personally I'd have just let him get additional martial arts knowledge, personally, thirst notwithstanding.



50, 1, 2 (Uncommon Item, Consumable)


30, 3 (Common Magic)


3 (Major Curse)

DeepfriedBiggest Gay

7 (Minor Curse)


52+1, 2 (Uncommon Knowledge)

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