The Guardian gods

Join the story of five new gods and their creation, as they try and navigate and understand the universe while making sure their own world is safe from any outside danger. Disclaimer: If you expect things should just work out for the main characters, this isn't the novel for you. My antagonist are people with thought and their own plans, they are capable of adjusting if things don't work out their way. Have a fun time reading.

Emmanuel_Onyechesi · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
219 Chs


The one year left went by fast and today just like any other day for the resident of Nana, all mana user simultaneously felt restraint in the mana element around them, all most like a superior suddenly appeared and everything went back no order, the freely reigning elements that went wild after the gods went to sleep all calm down, they were still present but now more in order.

An outside space view of the planet of Nana will show how huge the planet has gotten from its last previous sight. If the planet Nana was two times bigger than earth where Ikenga was from then the planet is now five times bigger. The first of the gods to wake up was Crepuscular, who there was no bright light or explosion of light to signify his awakening but those deep down in the plane felt the temperature increase a lot and it was steadily rising.