The Grounded Citizens Book

novel - Fantasy

The Grounded Citizens

Jovia Ninnicabolla

Ongoing · 105.6K Views

  • 81 Chs

  • 4.8

    17 ratings
  • NO.200+



The world was attacked by wild beasts. Only those that fled survived settling on the unattacked part of the world. Building strong fortresses, walls and armies. After many years of settling, they discovered that they had changes in their lives with out physical ones; stronger, extremely wise! Physical ones appear in their off-springs like eye color change. Making factions to make good use of their abilities; the rulers'faction (strong), cultivators'faction (both but surpassing none) and the bwarts'(wise). Over years, there were many other factions due to intermarriages; archers, purposive and cleansed hearts. The rulers' faction took over the country dominating it as they were the strongest. They committed all crimes as they oppressed the others. Until, they eliminated the cleansed hearts as they were threats to Them framing them for treason. Arthur Zane the only hidden surviver of the cleansed hearts strives to survive and seek revenge for the death of his parents. Will he succeed in the cruel world of the rulers'?