The Green Guardian Book

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The Green Guardian


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|2021 VERSION| |23X WATTPAD FEATURED · 2X SPOLIGHT STORY · SHORTLISTED FOR THE SEASONAL CONTESTS!| Mateo Brook, a young Pinta Park Ranger, must learn the legend of the Green Guardian to save the Paperblank Forest from a ruthless basilisk. What starts as an enjoyable mission soon becomes a matter of life or death. *** The fae are an ancient race in Pinta Country, but no fairy is as old as the Green Guardian. Sixty years ago, she trapped a little boy in time. Now she begs for the Pebble Masters to rescue them. Eleven-year-old Evie Amanda Madison and twenty-one-year-old Mateo Brook are part of a specialized camp aimed at training aspiring Pinta Park Rangers. Evie, who has a dream to be just like her hero, Ranger Anthony, is unaware of the danger she is about to walk into. There is a basilisk loose in the Paperblank Forest. It's a creature of old magic that dates as far back as the Green Guardian herself. Together with a talking Red-Crowned Crane, John, and Pinta's young king, Benjamin, Evie and Mateo must find a way to free the time travelers if there is any hope to defeat the monster. Little do they know that this is all part of a prophecy-a prophecy held dearly to the people of Paperblank Village. Sixty years ago, history changed forever. A dark shadow is looming over Pinta Country, but Evie and Mateo are the only ones who can reverse the past.