3 Character name guide

This exists because my characters are chinese....

Wei Xiao ( 魏 小) - same meaning as Wei in Wei Wuxian....yes... Xiao means little because he's the younger brother

Qin Zuijia (秦最佳) - Qin is the common surname.. Zuijia means optimum, Their names would be given an explanation later in the story.

Qin Muyang (秦目洋) - Qin is a common surname...Muyang means to target ocean..or see ocean..eye ocean.. I'm not sure whichever , but the idea is Muyang's target is the ocean.

Bai Jue -(白爝) - White + torch. In the story this name would arise but it would first be Bai BoJue (白波爝) - White, Wave, and torch.

Wei Xiayu (魏下雨) - Wei surname and Rain...

Xiao Ling/Wei Ling (魏灵)- Wei Surname + Soul/spirit.

So far it's the only names I can explain. Feel free to comment anything that doesn't make sense.

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