9 Chapter 7- Parting is such a sweet sorrow.

The two Qins talked till noon. Wei Xiao made his way into his bedroom to pack his clothes. He left all his white clan uniform and brought three sets of black clothes. He chose to buy clothes outside so no one would think that he was from the Qin Clan. He brought a pair of black boots, designed with the Qin clan sigil. Though the design was there, they were inconspicuous.

He looked around for a brocade box under his bed and found that it was covered with dust. He reaches in and grabs the box, pulling it to his side and patting away the dust. Wei Xiao stares at the box, unaware of what emotion he should feel. He opened it and looked at the white fan lying inside.

For thousands of years, this fan has been unused by its owner. Not because it was broken, but because it sealed itself. No matter how much they try and open it, the fan remains unmoved. They should have been placed in the Clan's treasury, but Wei Xiao proposed that he should take care of it and maybe find out why the fan was sealed or if he could unseal it. But no matter how he tries, the fan would never open up.

Hearing his name being called by his uncle, Wei Xiao packed away the fan and box, placing them inside his lapels. He walked slowly towards his uncle and saw that aside from the two Qins, his brother and nephew were there as well.

Something suddenly squeezed his chest.

His heart thumped.

He bit his lip, trying to fight paint with more pain. Though it was useless, he still felt that he should do so.

He walked towards his brother, facing the other with his usual cold temperament. Though his thoughts were in turmoil.

Wei Xiayu placed his hand on Wei Xiao's shoulder. He smiled at the other. Warm. Safe. Tranquil. "Don't be afraid. Things will be alright."

Wei Xiao felt his heart sunk. Though the other said such comforting words, he can't help but be frightened.

Seeing his expression, Wei Xiayu noticed that his words weren't quite right. He laughed at the other. "What's with that face?" He maintains his serene and calm self. He knew that if he were to break now, nothing good would come next.

Wei Xiao's mind was in turmoil. He knew that the expression on his brother's face was fake. It was easy for him to understand the words that were spoken were not the words that were meant. His brother was keeping his call for his sake. Though he felt so little, he couldn't do anything else.

He found it rather comical how the world they live in relies on power to survive. Then what would happen if one fell from grace... they would be killed or outcast, hated or feared. But what if you are weak? You will be robbed of what is yours and no one would think it's horrible, they would even think that this was only right.

With those thoughts in mind, Wei Xiao turned his head to look at Qin Zuijia. The man fell from grace. He was once the pride of his family and the idol of mages from all over the Wolf bane continent. He had his own garden, he had the best equipment and the treatment towards him was above anyone else. But the moment that he did something wrong, he became the villain. Hated. Feared. Coveted against. The people who used to fawn over him, bow spit on his way. To them, he was the disgusting villain that should have never existed... But if he never existed, then who would bring them hundreds of different pill recipes that no one would be able to find nor make.

Wei Xiao hated Qin Zuijia's way of revenge, but he understood the other. He was pushed onto the corner, forced to maintain his aloof and domineering attitude that makes people both fear and love him. But the person he sees now was the real him. Warm. Awkward. Filled with flaws and imperfections. If it wasn't for the fact that he met him, he wouldn't believe that the Qin Zuijia in front of him was the same Qin Zuijia from the words of the elders and those who knew him.

Wei Xiao turned his gaze back to his brother who still had a smile on his face. Now that the Qin Clan is weak, they would experience the worst of the worst. Their names would be ruined, dirtied even further, and will be blamed for the crimes they never committed. They would be killed and hated and feared regardless of what the truth was.

He couldn't help but clutch his chest. It pains him to say goodbye to the people he loved and cared about. But all he could do was follow orders. And maybe one day he would be able to see the sun rise again.

As he pondered over what he should do after leaving the clan, Xiao Ling, who was sitting atop of Qin Zuijia's lap, started to cry. No one knew if it was because he understood the situation or about something else.

In fact, Xiao Ling didn't really understand the facts, but he felt that something he loves would be taken away from him at any moment. He didn't understand why his father's smile suddenly made him sad, nor was his uncle's usual cold face that he always loved, suddenly making him want to cry. He felt a bad premonition come to him, but he didn't understand what it was, he could only cry to pacify the weird feeling, brewing from inside of him.

To the sudden outburst of emotion from the little child in his arms, Qin Zuijia felt panic all over. He was extremely careful to not move so much so to not make the child uncomfortable. He even sucks in his breath so he won't feel panicky and suddenly push the child. Now, he felt discombobulated and afraid. He started questioning things that should be common sense. 'who am I?' ' what am I doing here?' 'What's the square root of 144?' and all things he should be able to answer without thinking too much.

He wanted to cry as well.

Seeing his awkward appearance, Qin Xuan snickers.

Wei Xiayu's fake smile turned into a real one.

Wei Xiao maintained his usual cold appearance, but deep down he asked himself. ' Has his eyes always been this black?'.

With someone breaking the icy atmosphere, Xiao Ling finally stopped crying. He turned his gaze towards Qin Zuijia.

The other still looks as if he was about to fall apart. But Xiao Ling kissed his cheek and said good night. Then he hugged Qin Zuijia, snuggling in his embrace.

The dumbstruck Qin Zuijia tensed up and looked at the people around him with inquiring eyes.

Qin Xuan laughed. "Seems like Xiao Ling likes you. This is good."

Wei Xiayu nodded. "This way we won't have to coax him to follow Qin Zuijia."

Wei Xiao remained silent. He was happy about Xiao Ling accepting Qin Zuijia, this way their travel would be with ease. But the amount of pressure that still exists in his mind made him think that leaving was such a bad idea.

He had no choice in this matter. If he stays he dies, if he leaves he survives, but for how long?


When night fell and the moon was at its peak. Qin Zuijia and co. entered the carriage that would deliver them to the nearest city. Then, the plan was to hide, go visit Bai Chanle, and hide again. Though it seemed rather simple, hiding was very difficult. With the power of the four great clans searching for them, they would take less than a day to find them.

The carriage was used to export and import medicinal herbs and tonic from other cities, this was how the clans established connection to other cities and also bring back things that they haven't seen to research.

The carriage was small and inconspicuous. And because the two have already hidden their presence quite well, the carriage looks just like any normal carriage containing tonics and herbs.

Qin Xuan and Wei Xiayu knocked on the door of the carriage and whispered.

"Once you've reached Willow City, change your identities and hide. Once you have rested, leave immediately."

Qin Xuan took out a green brocade pouch from his lapels. "Here are the rest of the Qin Clans riches. The elders have already given everything they have to give." He pressed the pouch onto Qin Zuijia's hand. "Senior, I have to trouble you to keep an eye out for the money inside to pouch. Don't let Xiao-er spend so much, and don't indulge Xiao Ling with toys." He said earnestly that it seemed comical.

"Good luck and be safe."

The carriage drove off to the next city carrying three people, tonics and herbs.

As if surprised, Qin Xuan turned his gaze towards the bush that didn't seem to hide anyone. He can't help but feel uneasy. He thought for sure that he saw a short man clad in black, staring at where the carriage had gone off to.

He felt uneasy, but he also thought that no one would be stalking them to the point of wanting to see them see off their own products. He threw the feeling to the back of his head and went back inside.

Moments later, a short and thin man came out from the bush and followed the carriage. Following him were ten cloaked men.


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Lemon: You just ate!!

Qin Xuan: Your basement needs more light..and some decorations.

Lemon: I'm poor, okay. If you want the room decorated, please donate something..

Wei Xiao: Why are there more people in your basement? And why would we donate something to you? you kidnapped us.

Dayan: Where is my Araya?

Lemon: You guys shut up, okay.. I'm trying to write.

Dayan: I will kill you if you don't give me my Araya.

Lemon: They are on earth, trying to live!! Give me some space okay!

Qin Muyang: We should have a vending machine...And a bathtub.

Dayan: I watch Araya bathe in a bathtub.

Lemon: TMI much!! You guys go sit on a corner and let me write!

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