31 Chapter 29- Mass suicide in the east (part 3)

Wei Xiao guessed that they might be the one being followed by those people responsible for the mass suicide. The mass suicide that happened in the south was investigated by the Li clan, but they never found any symbols, the mass suicide in the east was different. It was as if those people are purposely telling the people who they are- it doesn't make sense. Could it be that they were mocking the people that they are more powerful than they are, or was it really for revenge? Then why not just massacre the people responsible for ruining the clan.

As far as Wei Xiao knows, the White Tigers clan has severed ties with the current Qin family, they wouldn't go so far as to take revenge.

Wei Xiao found that the situation might inflict them. Qin Zuijia was still considered as a pure blood Qin, people wouldn't believe him if he said that he has nothing to do with it. Wei Xiao doesn't want him to be killed for being wronged. And, with how he ran away with him, it is possible that he would be killed as well. He doesn't mind dying, but what about Xiao Ling? The child was still only two years old, without anyone taking care of him, would he survive?

The thought breaks his heart. He promised his brother to take care of Xiao Ling, and that he would grow up into a fine young man and become a great cultivator like his father. Xiao Ling has a pure heart, like he was before his parents died, but the moment he found out that they suffered and died, his three views shattered. He became isolated and cold to the point that others would refuse contact with him. He lost his mother's touch, he lost his father's guidance, but most importantly he lost himself. He lost his way and almost submitted to his inner demons, but his brother came and saved him.

But what about Xiao Ling? Would he also feel the way he did when he found out that his parents died? Why didn't his brother think this through? How could he raise Xiao Ling without him? What would happen then?

Wei Xiao was basically in panic mode inside, but his outer appearance was calm. He was sipping tea while reading a book.

Qin Zuijia happened to return at this time. He saw Wei Xiao and almost burst out laughing.

Wei Xiao saw him come in with Xiao Ling clinging to his bosoms. He noticed that Qin Zuijia was smiling with his lips pursed. He frowned and wanted to ask why.

Qin Zuijia pointed to the book he was holding.

Wei Xiao saw it.

The book was upside down.


Wei Xiao wanted to say something about the mass suicide, but he found that this might ruin what he has been building up. He knew that Qin Zuijia was trying his best so that Wei Xiao would at the very least accept him as he is and not hate nor be disgusted with him. Qin Zuijia have been taking care of Xiao Ling because Wei Xiao doesn't really know the basics of taking care of a child, he also knows that Qin Zuijia was as green as he is when it comes to raising a two-year-old child, but Qin Zuijia has been trying his best, and his best was enough. Wei Xiao doesn't want Qin Zuijia to feel that he is still the villain, he doesn't want him to lose his hope of redemption.

Qin Zuijia found that Wei Xiao was looking like he wanted to say something, but couldn't. He could guess what he wanted to say, but half of it was unclear. He scratched his head and opened his mouth to speak. "Seems like I am the reason why this happens." He put emphasis on his 'I' to imply that if Wei Xiao and Xiao Ling weren't with him, they wouldn't have this problem.

Wei Xiao stayed silent. He didn't know what to say in this situation. He was aware of that too. Without Qin Zuijia, he wouldn't have experience loosing his family, without Qin Zuijia, Xiao Ling still has parents who could raise him properly, without Qin Zuijia, the Qin clan would still be ruled by the original family. Without Qin Zuijia, no one would be dying because of a mass suicide. But why does he feel so awful when he thought that the other wouldn't exist?

Wei Xiao looked down and found that he was, once again, unable to control his emotions.


After a week of investigation, they still have no clue on who those people really are. The mass suicide didn't continue, after one mass suicide, the perpetrator didn't continue the killing. There was also no information that there were suicides like this one in other places. There are three possibilities why that happened; one- They've returned to the middle-plane and it would be hard to find them. Two- They've given up, but that would be weird. Three- Their target could be staying in the east.

But nonetheless, they were still in the dark. Even if they knew who it really was, they won't be able to fight them.

Wei Xiao didn't help in the investigation, he was in no position to do so. All he did at that time was train and watch over his nephew who was crying because he hadn't eaten yet or Qin Zuijia was busy making things with Fu Yu.

Wei Xiao taught so basic martial arts to Xiao Ling, who would tilt his head and sometimes copy. Xiao Ling was learning some things from Wei Xiao, but to tell the truth, Wei Xiao wasn't even sure if the child really understood.

Xiao Ling likes seeing his uncle move like wind, his eyes are glued on him whenever Wei Xiao moves his hands or whenever he swings down his sword. Xiao Ling wanted to be strong like his uncle, so that he could protect his family against the evil Cats.

Wei Xiao's training lasted for half a month, yet the re were no new news about the mass suicide. This made the hearts of many people sink.

Qin Zuijia also finished several ring dimensions that would be sold in the market for them to earn money. He doesn't like eating the food given to him by others and not being able to repay them. He doesn't like owing anyone, nor does he like it when people ask for anything in return.

"How's that thing you were working on?" Fu Yu asked Qin Zuijia. He glanced at Wei Xiao who was teaching a baby how to punch.

Qin Zuijia laughed dryly,he scratched his head and said. "I'm missing something."

"Like what?" Fu Yu returned to weaving a wicker basket.

"A healing stone. I could also use an immortal flower, but those are expensive." Qin Zuijia sighed.

"Healing stones can only be found on higher planes." Fu Yu added emotionlessly "Do you think you'll be able to go there?"

Qin Zuijia shook his head. "My cultivation is broken."

Fu Yu looked at him and narrowed his eyes. "You seem fine. But your cultivation is different, no longer an earth immortal." He scratched his chin and looked closer. "Can't tell what it is though."

"That's probably because it no longer exists." Qin Zuijia took the wicker basket from Fu Yu and placed them with the other wicker baskets and interspatial rings.

Fu Yu shook his head. "There's something there, but I can't tell what."

The two sighed and continue to watch the pair of uncle and nephew train.

Fu Yu side-eyed Qin Zuijia. He lay his head on Qin Zuijia’s shoulder and smiled. “It’s good that you have some people you wanna make something for.” he laughed and stretched out a hand to pinch Qin Zuijia. “But do all those things by yourself. I don’t want to have to make half of the things you give to your boyfriend, I also have a life you know!”

Qin Zuijia looked at Fu Yu then at Wei Xiao. “Boyfriend?”

“Don’t f*uckin’ deny it.” Fu Yu sighed and fixed his posture. He threw another basket to their pile and continued to rant. “You smile differently at him. I saw it. You smile like an idiot.”

Qin Zuijia tried to remember the time he smiled at Wei Xiao. He did promise to smile at him whenever he needed him, but that doesn’t mean anything. Friends should take care of each other, right? RIGHT? Qin Zuijia wanted to ask where Fu Yu got the idea of them being lovers or something. How does smiling mean they are a couple? Does that imply that he and Fu Yu are lovers as well? He smiles at him too. How is Wei Xiao any different?


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