476 Remorse and Self-Introspection

Zachary was without any worries after leaving the matters of purchasing the villa to Matteo Tavano, the solicitor experienced in handling real estate deals in Turin. He adjusted his mental state and returned his entire focus to training the following day.

As always, he woke up early, at around six, and went through his morning routine. He completed everything he had to do by 8:00 AM and then joined his teammates at the Vinovo, Juventus' training center, to commence preparations for the Champions League game against Atlético Madrid.

His motivation levels were at their best, and he was soon in full gear, training as always to gain tip-top match fitness before Wednesday night. However, that time around, he didn't forget his other responsibilities because of training. He continued attending his language classes and made sure to find time to call Camilla on a daily basis.


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