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There were a few seconds of silence at the table. Then, Emily turned her gaze from Heather's receding shape before pivoting it onto Zachary. "Are you sure you wish to invest 1.5 Million Euros in Tesla stock?"

"I'm sure," Zachary said, smiling. "If I had more money, I would invest even more. It's a pity that I only have 1.5 million at the moment."

"As long as you're sure and thought about everything carefully, all is well," Emily said. "Let's hope that your investment makes some profit in a few years."

"It definitely will," Zachary replied confidently. He'd checked the share price of Tesla that morning and found it to be around 40 USD. The cost was many times less than the future over-1000 USD price. So, he would earn more than twenty-five times his initial investment if he decided to sell the shares when they were most heightened in price, for instance, in 2021.


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