437 A Shocking UEFA Super Cup Result

As Zachary was about to leave the room with Coach Trombetta after the interview, Éléanor Bohen, the ESPN reporter, called out to him. Her dazzling blue eyes crinkled at the edges, and the corners of her full lips turned upwards. She stepped forward and asked Zachary, "Can I talk to you alone for a moment?"

Coach Trombetta, who had been quietly watching on from the side, flashed Zachary a knowing smile. He reminded Zachary about the time of departure of the team bus before excusing himself and stepping out of the press room.

"So, what do you wish to talk about?" Zachary immediately asked Éléanor.

Éléanor smiled and said, "I was expecting your call after the Lyon game. But you didn't call!"

"I have a girlfriend," Zachary stated. "A beautiful and understanding girlfriend!"

"Oh!" Éléanor seemed surprised. "But does having a girlfriend stop us from being friends?"


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