1 Chapter 1: Regret

If you live life with regret, who do you have but yourself to blame. That's what a man told me one night. She was one of my mother's customer, unlike everyone else who has been to our house, she was not as crazy. Whenever a strange man came to our house, I knew the drill.

First; collect money at the front door.

Second; put the money in the collection jar Third; mind my business

Nothing new, nothing old;same old drill I was taught since I was three years old.

If you were wondering my mother is a fortune teller

If you didn't know, fortune tellers are VERRY illegally in the kingdom.

My mother is a challenging women, a women whose been filled with nothing but tarnish and hate. Despised everyone who question her authority; a women of regret. Did she hate me....?

Short answer,yes.

I was a unlucky child people in town would say. But not as unlucky as my siblings.

My oldest sibling, Penelope, ran away from home with her husband, she was 16 at the time ; I was 3at the time.The next sibling was Michel, he was beaten to death by a store owner; trying to get medicine for my mother. And finally the youngest sibling, Millie, she was three years younger than me. She was found dead in her cradle.

It was night, i was awaken by a stare from the other part of the room. A stare of disappointment and anger. I knew what she was going to say. "Its funny how you can sleep without a care in the world; while I have to work hard to provide for the both of us".

Of course she would say that. The one thing she loved the most was making other people feel worthless. "Sorry mother," I yawned deeply. I looked all around the room, it was messy; like someone had ran through here with a horse. The one thing I hated the most was our house. It was a one room house, not that big, but not small either. The walls were wooden and the roof was made from stone. There was no protection from the cold when Winter came around. It was a good thing we were in Spring.

"How old are you now...'' She asked" I'm turning thirteen in a couple of weeks". "Hmm", mother thought. I knew when she thinks to herself, something bad would come out of her mouth. I got up and wore my coat before she could say anything else."Where are you going". She asked with a loathsome stare. I didn't answer her, I only wanted to get out of the conversation. I knew where it was leading to.

"Its going to happen one day", She said with a wicked smile." That's the day when I can finally be free from the burden of you", she said playing with her hair. "we'll see", I whispered underneath my breath. She looked at me with a fire in her eyes. "Do you know why your still standing here, breathing", Mother said as she stood up.I looked at her with a glare."Do you want to know"? she put her hand on my face and pointed to the mirror. "You are beautiful", she smiled a cheeky smile. "In my eyes, that's worth saving".

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