The Greatest Anti-Human Warlock Book

novel - Eastern Fantasy

The Greatest Anti-Human Warlock


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Christopher Laymann is the eldest son of two of the greatest warlocks humanity will ever have. His parents were devoted to protecting fellow humans, especially since the majority of humans are far too weak, thus regarded as mere insects. But when that majority had gotten stronger, humans became arrogant, that they accused the Laymann family of being demons that had to be executed, regardless of their deeds. In the end, Chris was left to provide enough support for his three younger siblings. He taught and trained them how to protect themselves and survive in the wild, until they awaken their inherited powers. But regardless of their innate talent, they were still beginners. Humans had enough to defeat them. Enraged of their fate, Chris swears to avenge their family, and destroy the humans that he called the "race of traitors". He makes a deal with the Angel of Death, to ressurect him in exchange for his soul. Reborn after 2000 years, how will he fare with the so-called"traitors", when there's finally peace and equality among the races? Will he continue? Or will humans be able touch his heart and earn his forgiveness? And will he find the truth about the fate of his siblings?


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