40 The New Friend with Ulterior Motives

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The young Caucasian man had a major change in his facial expression. He pushed away Zhang Lisheng hard but he did not have an outburst. All he did was threaten him while pretending to be fierce on the outside but he was actually weak on the inside, "Kid, I'll definitely teach you a lesson if I'm not rushing for my class now." He then ran away without even turning his head back.

Zhang Lisheng smiled while feeling surprised looking at his back. All of a sudden, just as he was on his way towards the academic building, a skinny black young man whose height was similar to him walked quickly towards him in hesitation. He took the initiative to speak to him softly, "That's cool, man."


"You were so cool just now, you scared Jason away just like that."

"He's actually a coward. All he does is to kiss the asses of kids who are bigger than him then pick on those kids who look weak."

"But what you did was really cool." The young black man said while pouting.


"Are you new?"

"Yes, I'm Zhang Lisheng. I've just transferred from China."

"George Lint, a tenth-grade student of Lowbige Junior High. You can call me George."

"You can also call me Lisheng."

"Nice meeting you, Lisheng." George, the young black man stayed still and waved his tight fist up and down before Zhang Lisheng's face.

"It's nice meeting you too, George." Zhang Lisheng answered George's questions passively without giving too much thought.

"Fist bump, buddy. Come bump my fist then we'll be friends."

Zhang Lisheng was stunned for a while then bumped George's fist while holding his own first tight.

"Cool huh?" George said while waving his arm.

Zhang Lisheng just smiled then ignored him this time because he thought George's action was just odd.

"I used to live in Queens, the place is just too horrible. My dad was lucky to win a round of Powerball later on so we moved to Brooklyn."

"Actually, if my genius brother was willing to predict the first prize number the other day and my dad didn't spend so much money on women, I should've been living in Manhattan and studying at Fordham University."

"Oh right, so you're from China, are you an exchange student?" George proceeded to blabber inconsiderately.


"Then it must be your parents who migrated to America. It must be the case, the society nowadays…"

"I'm not an exchange student, I just happened to be a Chinese who was born in America."

"Since my father passed away, the only thing that I can do is to come to America so that my mother could raise me as I'm still underage." Hearing George's one-sided long-winded blabbering, Zhang Lisheng told his own story helplessly. After all, he was still young and could not get used to responding to another person's kindness with his coldness.

Bearing something in mind, he then asked conveniently, "Oh right, George, since you've been living in New York, would you know where can I get a large amount of raw meat?"

"It doesn't have to be too fresh but it has to be cheap."

"Don't you know that there's a lot of raw meat at the Dan Souza Butcher Shop that I'm working at?" George said thinking that he was funny, "Just kidding, your request is very unique. If you asked somebody else, they would be shocked."

"Let me guess what are you going to do with that stuff… Oh, oh, oh! Must be some specially processed meat products, it has to be that."

"All of you Chinese people love doing this in New York no matter if it's young or old. But come to think of it, there are lesser high school students doing illegal processed food business compared to those who were dealing drugs."

"Grind rotten meat with rats in the meat grinder and make it into meat filling. Also, the delicious specially made spiced sausages that are harmful to the human body. You would then sell them to poor black people like me at a cheap price if I'm still living in Queens."

"How could you talk about such illegal dealings before a black person that you've just met!"

Zhang Lisheng who was just trying his luck by asking was stunned for a little while with his mouth wide opened, "Aren't we friends? Also, you don't look like an 'ordinary person'."

"You know your stuff, you know that? Young man, you really know your stuff. You managed to see through the extraordinary in me, I, George have something hidden under my common outer appearance. The..the…"

"Inner beauty."

"That's right, inner beauty."

"Just leave everything to me, my friend. As a black man who grew up in Queens who is working at a butcher shop, I can get you enough 'dead cats and dogs'. So much that you can supply them to the entire Queens community."

"But you'll still have to pay though. You have enough startup capital for your illegal processed food factory, don't you?"

"I only have a credit card and it was registered in China. It could only be used in specific tourist stores in New York…"

"That's enough, the credibility of China Galaxy Securities is higher than Citibank in New York but you'll need to pay an amount of processing fee when paying with your credit card."

"Could you give me some of the sausages that you make for free in the future? Even though their toxic their taste is not that bad, I kind of miss it already."

Both of them had entered the academic building as they spoke.

In the busy hallway, George asked again, "Which class are you going to?"

"Classical music appreciation course." Zhang Lisheng said after being stunned for a while as it was his first time looking at the timetable that Rachel arranged for him.

"Classical music appreciation course? What the hell, I didn't know that Lowbige has such an elective course. You're also an extraordinary person, do you know that, my friend?"

"Alright, let's exchange phone numbers, Facebook and Twitter account so that we can keep in touch."

"My phone number is…" Zhang Lisheng gave his family number, his Facebook and his Twitter account. After saving George's contacts of all sorts, he waved and said, "Alright, goodbye George."

"Goodbye friend, I'll inform you as soon as I've gotten the news for the 'stuff' that you need."

"Thank you."

After George left, Zhang Lisheng looked for the class for classical music appreciation course at the computer that looked like a stock trading machine on the side of the academic building hall's wall. He had officially begun his high school life in America.

The American high school student's life was in fact very relaxed if they did not wish to get into popular schools such as the Ivy League.

Time went by normally, nothing happened over the past ten days. It seemed like Zhang Lisheng had completely gotten used to his life in America. Lili slowly learned how to stop worrying too much about Zhang Lisheng.

Seeing that the time was right, Zhang Lisheng then took the first step of the plan that he had set up on his own.

It was a Friday night. Sullo got home on time without having to work overtime which was rare. The family had dinner together.

Sullo who had concerns hidden between his brows lifted forcefully cheered himself up in front of his family. In the middle of a casual conversation, Zhang Lisheng asked all of a sudden, "Mother, Uncle Sullo, I'm planning to work with my friend from tomorrow onwards. Is that okay?"

Lili was surprised then asked immediately, "Baby, do you not have enough allowance?"

"No, no, darling. Let Lisheng finish." Sullo stopped Lili's worrying, he then said after putting down the cutleries, "Please continue, Lisheng." 

"Remember my new friend George? He's the black kid who has been visiting our house recently. He's working part-time at the Dan Souza Butcher Shop."

"Lately his boss says that he's expanding the business and wanted to recruit a batch of part-timers. I would like to give it a try, can I?"

"Oh baby, there's no high school student who works at a butcher shop…"

"But there's no part-time position vacant for a petite boy like me at the burger restaurants and gas stations near my school, mother."

"Lili, let's not dwell on the issues such as the butcher shop. I used to sell spider eggs at a pet store in New Jersey when I was young."

"I think we should let Lisheng try it, his request totally makes sense. Also, it's something good that's worth to be encouraged, don't you think so?" Sullo chimed in.

Lili hesitated for a little while and since she did not have any reasons to object the idea, she asked, "What is the working time like?"

"4 p.m. to 7 p.m. every day after school, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday."

"Oh god, isn't that more hectic than working adults!"

"Mother, this is just my preliminary plan. I'll naturally reduce my working hours if it's too tiring for me."

"Having a plan and the ability to plan within your means, that's a good thing. I support you." Sullo smiled as he said.

"Alright then, Lisheng. You can work but you must tell us if there's any problem." Lili nodded and said after a while of thinking deeply.

Zhang Lisheng was relieved then said softly, "Of course I will, mother. Thank you."

At that moment, there was a piece of emergency news that flashed on their television in the dining room. Sullo who was smiling put down his cutleries subconsciously and turned up the volume with the remote control.

"According to the reports, this is the third murder case that had happened this month."

"All of the victims suffered horrific abuse after their limbs were broken then died by having a piece of their ribs pierce through their organs."

"The word 'Dr. Fracture' formed using the victim's hair, blood and superglue were found in the crime scene."

"Judging from the nickname of the serial killer which is the longest in American history, it's sufficient to prove that this criminal knew the inability of New York police like it was back of his hand…"

Hearing the news' judgment on the police, Sullo could not help himself but shout madly, "God damn it! What does this idiot know! We're already trying our best…"

Lili extended her hand to hold her lover's hands that were being waved around then reminded gently, "Darling, the kids are here."

"I'm sorry kids, let's pretend that you didn't hear anything that I said just now."

"Also, try not to go out at night as of the moment, especially going to those messy parties." Sullo glared at his first son Randy when he said the last sentence in all seriousness. He had showcased all of his power as a parent.

The kids nodded one after another, the dinner ended in a bad term just like that.

After dinner, Zhang Lisheng returned to his room with the excuse of doing homework. Just when he got onto his bed after switching off the lights, he suddenly heard the sound of 'bang bang bang…' knocking on the door.

"Mother, is that you?" Zhang Lisheng let out a sigh and got off the bed.

"It's not Aunt Lili, it's me Michelle. Open the door now."

Zhang Lisheng was surprised to hear that it was Michelle. He then switched on the lights and asked after opening the bedroom door, "Anything?"

"Shorty, let's talk inside." Michelle squeezed herself into the room and sat on Zhang Lisheng's bed, "Do you know that your friend George is just using you?"


"He's the skinny black fella from Queens… Anyway, he's a popular doormat who could be stepped on by anybody."

"But now that he's been lingering around you every day. You're Aunt Lili's kid and Aunt Lili is Lowbige Junior High's student advisor. Also, Randy is the school football team's defender, the unruly students would show his face. All of them…"

"Michelle, you don't have to explain in such detail. I understand causality that's as simple as this."


"So I'm happy to be able to help George. After all, it's wrong to bully someone for no reason."

Michelle was shocked then said while feeling speechless, "Of course, what you said is right. But..but friends shouldn't be using each other, isn't it?"

"Are you showing your concern to me?" Zhang Lisheng said after being stunned for a while.

"Of course not." Michelle jumped from the bed and said loudly, "I just - I just happened to know about this. I'm afraid that you might become the school's pushover when Lili and Randy have no power over those bad students one day. If that happens, I'll lose my face. We're staying in the same house after all."

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