The Great Swordsman Of The Shinobi World V.2 Book

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The Great Swordsman Of The Shinobi World V.2


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This fanfic is identical to the other one, but with two additional beings. Every time I read an isekai and the main characters get a system, I always wonder why they receive one. What is the reason behind granting them strength through a system? In this version, I attempt to answer one of the many possibilities. I will mark additional chapters that differ from the other fanfic as 'D' for different and 'V2' when the entire chapter is different. ------ Reincarnated into the world of Naruto, Hayashi activated the Template System and inherited the legacy of the World’s Greatest Swordsman from the One Piece universe. From that moment, a formidable swordsman emerged, surpassing even Konoha's White Fang in skill. "In the realm of swordsmanship, I, Madara, declare you the strongest! However, as someone who transcends only the level of Kage, how will you confront the might of the Sage of Six Paths?" "In the cycle of existence, all things are fated to perish! Until the very end—" ------ ------ Story is AU and modified. I don't own Naruto or One Piece. Kudos to Masashi Kishimoto and Eiichirō Oda. I am only translating this work of Fanfiction. If you want to read the original version without alterations: 火影世界的大剑豪 ------ ------ This is my first time translating a novel. I appreciate all your feedbacks. If you find errors, do not be kind - just be truthful. I can guarantee a minimum of 3 chapters per week. On Saturdays and Sundays, there are no updates.


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