The Great Immortal of Love: All My Female Disciples Are Yandere

Bai Feng transmigrated into the game and became a formidable giant of the demon race, Bai Qingling. In the game, Bai Qingling was a scheming and cold-hearted character who would do anything for immortality. He practiced the art of Voodoo, created human puppets, and committed all sorts of evil deeds. What's even more despicable was that he always treated his three adopted stunning female disciples as pawns, making them the common antagonistic bosses in the "pure love" and "fallen evil" paths of the game! Bai Feng's arrival happened to coincide with the game's finale. At this moment, Bai Qingling was severely injured, completely depleted of mana, and about to be betrayed by those around him! In order to protect himself, Bai Feng had no choice but to intensify his wickedness and interact with those around him with the most ruthless and evil demeanor. But little did he expect that... Eldest Disciple: What a great immortal Master is! I really want to cry! Second Disciple: People misunderstand him so much. Master is truly a great immortal of love! Third Disciple: If we can contribute to Master's quest for immortality by sacrificing everything, what are we waiting for? Righteous Fairy: Master, if you don't abandon me, I will be willing to abandon the light and embrace the darkness, serving you faithfully!

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40 Chs

Hua Yuerong Is Jealous! Let the Opportunity Develop! (1)

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He was furious when he thought about how he had been humiliated by the demon in the Blood Kitchen because he had been given fake news!

Upon hearing this, the anger on Yu Xuzi's face faded, and he became a little solemn.

"Hey, maybe you're right."

"Bai Qingling indeed wasn't seriously injured, because…"

"Because of what?" Xiao Chen raised his eyebrows.

"Before the Holy Lady went into hibernation in the ice lake, she summoned a few of us Dao leaders and said something meaningful…"

Yu Xuzi's tone was heavy.

"What is it?" Xiao Chen's interest was piqued.

Yu Xuzi said, "The Holy Lady said that she once attained comprehension of the three thousand-fold universe at the bottom of the lake. Without exception, she saw Bai Qingling's fate of defeat. However, after she fought with the latter, she went to the end of time and space again and found that there were only the two of them left in the vast universe."

"At this point, Bai Qingling has become an unsolvable problem in her life."

"She needs to go into seclusion again to seek the only solution."

Xiao Chen was speechless.

Yingui Hall, the hallmaster's residence.

"Eldest senior brother… No!"

"Master… He won't harm us! There must have been a misunderstanding!"


"So much blood!"

"The eldest senior brother that Rong'er admires the most in her life…"

"Master is dead…"

"Why do you want to slaughter innocent fellow disciples? Why did you…"

"Become so cold and heartless! Boohoo…"

On the phoenix bed made of spiritual jade.

A voluptuous figure in a sheer white nightdress suddenly sat up.

Her plump and alluring oval face was covered in sweat, and her well-endowed chest kept rising and falling, to the extent of even breaking free from the restraints of her clothes.

"Dreamed of that damned demon again?"

She thought to herself.

It was also at this moment that she, who was already considered a young woman in the cultivation world, blushed like a young girl!

She suddenly recalled a scene.

In that distant memory, when she was a young girl in her coming-of-age years.

Because her body was developing too quickly, her Dao robe appeared especially ill-fitting and she was mocked by her fellow disciples.

The eldest senior brother, who was as gentle as a god, pulled her aside and draped his loose fitting Dao robe over her. He himself wore a thin winter robe and endured the bone-chilling humidity of the Valley of the Medicine Masters all year round.

"Sigh, at that time, he was really a different person from later on."

Hua Yuerong sighed softly with a disappointed expression.

However, the next second, she immediately came to a realization.

"Pfft, why am I still thinking about these past events!?"

"The current him has already completely stepped onto the path of the inhumane Asura. He's no longer the eldest senior brother in my memories!"

"Next, as Xiumian Sage Nun, a reborn Nirvana Sage Nun who has come to seek revenge, the person I want to kill with my own hands is Venerable Demon Qingling of the Cangming Sect!"

Hua Yuerong reminded herself.

And yet, somehow.

As she recalled the demonic shadow she saw in the Blood Kitchen and the words that still lingered in her ears….

Her heart still ached.

At that moment, in a daze, she even felt that the man in the Blood Kitchen had returned to his previous gentle and sunny appearance!

"The blood feud of the past is still vivid in my mind."

"I shall not waver anymore!"

"Now that the sectmaster election is upcoming, what I have to do now is to take the position of the sectmaster, obtain the secret key, enter the Flame Demon Tower, find the sinful memories buried by that man, and resolve the knot in my heart all these years. Then—"

"Cut him into a thousand pieces!"

"Reporting to the Sage Nun!"

Outside the palace, a woman's voice came from afar.

"Granny Zhou, report quickly if there's anything. Don't disturb my cultivation."

Behind the curtain, Hua Yuerong yawned lazily. Her slender and fair legs were elegantly crossed, and she had no intention of getting up.

"Reporting to the Sage Nun! The vassals of Yingui Hall, the masters of the three great aristocratic families, King Jinyang of Great Chu, and the eight city masters under him are all here! They are currently waiting in the meeting room of the main hall'!"

"Oh? These good-for-nothings are quite fast this time."

Hua Yuerong was slightly stunned. Then, she sneered and said, "Looks like they also sensed that a storm was coming and can't wait to get a share."

"What about the Luosha Hall? Is anything happening over there?"

Granny Zhou, the chief deacon of Yingui Hall, who was standing outside the door, answered, "Reporting to the Sage Nun! Ferocious Tiger Dao Master, the hallmaster of Luosha Temple, had already summoned his affiliated factions yesterday. They were secretly discussing an important matter in Red Water City. According to reports, a total of four hundred demonic cultivators from aristocratic families and one thousand three hundred wandering cultivators have come. All of them are equipped with talismans and magical treasures!"

"Heh, the old patriarch is still alive, but these key players can't keep still already."

Hua Yuerong sneered and thought of something. "By the way, did anything happen at the Youluo Palace?"

"This…" Deacon Zhou seemed to want to say something but hesitated.

"Speak!" Hua Yuerong's expression suddenly turned cold.

"Reporting… Reporting to the Sage Nun! I don't know if there's any information missing from our spies… The Youluo Hall is still the same as usual. No abnormalities were detected! The only thing worth paying attention to is that Hallmaster Bai had come out of seclusion from the Blood Kitchen!"

"Bai Qingling had come out of seclusion? Where did he go?" Hua Yuerong asked.

"According to the scouts, Hallmaster Bai held his disciple Cen Xing'er's hand this morning and set off from Youluo Hall to Cangming's headquarters. All along the way, the two of them chatted and laughed as if they were on an excursion and were just wandering around aimlessly!"

"He was holding his disciple's hand?"

Hua Yuerong frowned slightly.

In her mind, she couldn't help but think of the young and beautiful girl she saw in the Blood Kitchen that day, the one who addressed "that man" as master.

For some reason, an inexplicable anger suddenly rose in her heart!

"Hmph, you're already so old, but you still don't know propriety. You actually held your disciple's hand and strolled around in broad daylight!"

"He doesn't behave like a Demon Lord at all!?"

"Bai Qingling, you…"

"Damn you!"

In the back mountain of the Thousand Snow Mountain Range, where Cangming's headquarters was located.

The cold wind blew, and snow filled the sky.

A man and woman with a huge difference in height walked hand in hand in the snow.


Bai Feng suddenly sneezed.

"Master, what's wrong?"

Cen Xing'er, who was beside him, raised her small, concerned face and asked.

"I-I'm fine. I probably caught a cold."

Bai Feng said.

Although he said that, he was also very puzzled!

Logically speaking, with his current physical strength, ordinary Yin Chill Evil Qi would automatically be blocked when it approached his body. How could he possibly have caught a cold?

[F*ck, I'm afraid someone is cursing me in the dark!]

Bai Feng thought to himself.

Cen Xing'er stretched out her slender and fair arms and tightly held her master's waist. She then pressed her slightly blushing face against his strong chest.

"Master… will this be better?"

"Second senior sister said that Xing'er's body will heat up in winter! It's like a furnace! Why don't Master try to enter Xing'er…"

At this point, the girl seemed to have thought of something. Her face instantly turned red, and she simply buried her head in the other party's arm.

"It's not that your body will heat up. It's just that your Ghost Expelling Spirit Body is innately compatible with the Yin and cold baleful aura. It won't be like your second senior sister, who is an ordinary person, who will feel cold."

Bai Feng explained himself and didn't hear the girl's last sentence clearly.

"Yes! That's true!"

Cen Xing'er naturally did not have any doubts about the heavenly god's words. She thought for a moment and asked, "Master, then… since we're here to visit the headquarters, why didn't we go to the front mountain and wait for the envoy to welcome us? Why did we come to the deserted back mountain?"

"Because there's an opportunity that will come out from here."

Bai Feng said.


Cen Xing'er tilted her head and asked curiously, "But… since you're looking for opportunities, why did Master bring Xing'er around previously?"

"Because it's not time yet," Bai Feng said.

"Then… how long do we have to wait?"

Cen Xing'er asked again. As soon as she spoke, she realized something and hurriedly patted her mouth. "Xing'er shouldn't have asked too much!"

"It's fine. It will be here soon."

Bai Feng looked at the snow in the sky and muttered, "Let the opportunity develop."