Tricolored Ling Ding (1)

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"So far, we haven't come up with a conclusive reason. However, more than a month ago, Mr. Ji had read my information trajectory twice."

Ah Huang's answer made Xu Tui heave a sigh of relief. It was not that there was a mistake in their operation back then. Xu Tui had thought of many possibilities, but this possibility is the one that had the lowest danger level. If he could check Ah Huang's information trajectory, he would be able to link the incident at the Konarak Sun Temple to Xu Tui and An Xiaoxue.

"Ah Huang, can't you delete or change the trajectory of your information?" Xu Tui could not help but ask.

"This is a kind of original recording data. It's a function that comes with the hardware. If you want to delete or change it, only someone with higher rights can do it. Of course, only managers with higher rights than you can see the information trajectory you produced with me," Ah Huang said.