The Principal's Homework and Full Score (2)

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Only by being afraid of death could one not be afraid of death! The more unafraid he was of death, the less likely he would die. The more afraid he was of death, the easier it was to die! The more afraid he was of death, the less afraid he was. The more he was not afraid of death, the more he would not die!

On the 18th of July, Xu Tui, who had rested for the night, was prepared to gather the members of the special forces for one last familiarization battle.

On the 19th, they were going to set off to participate in the battle.

However, Xu Tui had just finished his breakfast in the morning when he received a call from Fang You. He said that the principal wanted to see him. As for the time, it would be best if it was now.

The principal was the most powerful person in the school.