423 Subconscious Modification (1)

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Regardless of the era, the price of technological creation was extremely high. The more advanced a technology platform was, the more resources it consumed.

The spaceport, the mothership, the sky shuttle, the aerospace combat jet, and the sky aircraft were products of a technological platform in the Great Genetic Age.

High-tech products like the spaceport, mothership, and sky shuttle were built in years. This also determined how precious they were.

Xu Tui did not know how many spaceports there were on the entire Blue Star. There were only three public spaceports in the Huaxia Sector. He did not know if there were any that were not public.

However, the public spaceport was located near the coastline of Tianjin Prefecture, which was extremely close to the capital. It covered an area of more than 100 square kilometers. It was also the only spaceport in the Huaxia Sector that could take off and land a mothership.


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