Passive Resonance—Killing Intent (2)

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Hearing this, Luo Murong held his golden saber and turned his head to the side, indicating that he was convinced.

The basic parameters of the foot-jet thrusters were the same. Most people's speed was between 100 to 150 kilometers per hour, mainly because of their weight. (Because it involved nuclear fusion super-microscopic reactors and the strength level of the students participating in actual combat on Mars, Mars was not worthy of using such foot-jet thrusters during actual combat.)

This speed referred to a normal oblique flying posture. However, if one could change their flying posture, they would become different like Xu Tui. However, most people did not dare or could not transform into a bird-like flying posture. They did not have that ability.

Yes, many people did not dare to. If he did not control it well, it would not be flying, but flying suicide.

Yang Huai was deeply moved by this point. He really could not keep up.