Ling Ju Lifeform

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Xu Tui's expression did not change the moment he was exposed by Cai Shaochu. However, Xu Tui could feel it himself. His muscles tensed up for a moment, and his heart suddenly contracted.

Xu Tui, who had experienced many interrogations, knew very well that this physical reaction could not avoid Cai Shaochu's observations and senses. His body's reaction was very honest.

Xu Tui knew that he could not hide it anymore. He could not hide it no matter how stubborn he was. There was no point in denying it in front of Cai Shaochu. Instead, it lowered his status.

However, he could not admit it!

Yes, he did not deny it or admit it. However, what Xu Tui wanted to know the most was how Cai Shaochu knew or determined about the matter of the Konarak Sun Temple.

Or was it because of his superpower? If that was the case, it would be too terrifying.