16 Your What!?

Moby stood there speechless trying his best to hide his immense shock.

Moby quickly looked over at her watch to check her power level to see who he is dealing with.


Moby inwardly cursed. She was way too powerful for him to take care of at his current power level.

His only chance is if he maybe caught her off guard as he did with Eric.

Moby's current top priority right now was to stay on her good side until he finds an opportunity to take her out. So, he needs to try to stay as respectful as possible.

"Ummmmm, excuse me miss, I had a hard time understanding what you meant," Moby said, trying his best to sound respectful.

She started to giggle even more which made Moby even more nervous.

"I mean that you are really attractive and I want you to be my "servant", "she looked at him while winking.

All the boys that were previously looking at him with eyes of envy now look at him like they were ready to murder him.

Moby forced down a gulp of saliva and responded with the only possible answer.

"It would be an honor to be the servant of such a beautiful maiden such as yourself," Moby said with a deep now, trying to hide the disgusted look on his face.

He had to accept her request, even if he really didn't want to. There is no doubt in his mind that he would be dead if he were to decline. Moby just had to endure it for now.

The girl's face became flushed red out of nowhere.

"My my, you sure do have a way with words," she said while giggling.

"What is your name handsome? My name is Jayden Griffith, " she said in a soft gentle tone.

"My name is Moby Kane," he replied with a smile.

After noticing all the annoying glares of the men surrounding them, Jayden's expression took a complete 180. It was like the difference between heaven and earth.

"All you losers listen up! If anyone of you bitches ever lays a hand on my pet! I will have them wish they were never born, spread this message to anyone you see! No one touches my belongings without my consent!" She screamed in a stern angry tone like a child throwing a temper tantrum.

Moby inwardly cringed at her referring to him as "pet" and as "her belongings". But he had to endure that self-deprivation for now. He knows that the only reason she was doing this was because of Moby's low power level combined with his good looks. This makes her think that she can " tame" him because he is not strong enough to refuse.

However, there are some benefits to being her servant. The first would be that no one would dare bully him due to all her threats. He assumes that the Griffith family is a very important wealthy family because as soon as Jayden finished her speech, all the boy's killing intent faded away in an instant. The second benefit is that he can use her for her money in order to advance his personal agenda. If she lives in a big wealthy house, he can probably steal a few items in his inventory without being noticed.

After considering all the benefits of being her servant, he could not help but feel like this is a win-win situation. As long as she does not make him do anything sexual, he will try and endure it biding his time.

After she finished her crazy speech, she instantly regained her previous demeanor and looked back at Moby with an even crazier look.

"Meet me at the front gate after school, I have things I plan to do with you," She said with a sadistic smile that turned into a giggle.

Then she walked away as elegantly as she came.

'If she dares do anything weird to me I will make her regret the day she was born,' Moby inwardly thought.

After the stress from his encounter faded away, Moby checked the time on his watch to see how much until class starts.

< 7:50 am >

He still had 10 minutes to get to the class which means that there is no need to rush. When Moby walked towards the crowd surrounding him, each person without exception immediately made space for him to go by. It was a feeling he had never experienced before in his life.

He could not help but laugh out loud at his newfound authority making a few boys in the crowd's face turn red out of anger.

Moby proudly walked the halls with no care in the world. Although many people looked at him with eyes of spite and anger, no one dared to approach him.

'It seems like the message has already spread fast. This Jayden chick's family must be really important,' He inwardly chuckled.

On his way to class, he noticed that many of the low levels we're being maliciously bullied by the higher levels while the teachers just stood there with no care in the world.

Moby could not care less about upholding justice and helping the weak. In his mind, that was just a fool's errand.

In his head, as long as they don't mess with him, he won't mess with them. The world is a cruel place where the only person that you can trust is yourself. He learned never to waste his breath to help people just like people never wasted their breath to help him. He had to learn that hard and painful way.

Moby reached his class at 7:58 am, 2 minutes before the bell. When he saw the empty seat next to his, he could not help but inwardly chuckle.

He quickly took his seat and waited for the class to start.

Thanks to his improved hearing, he was able to pick up on the other student's conversations even if they were whispering.

Half of them were talking about the incident this morning with him and Jayden, and the other half was talking about the death of Eric.

Suddenly Professeur Leo entered the room banging his hand on the table making the entire class go completely silent.

"Good morning class, I have terrible news to inform you. Yesterday at night, a fellow classmate of yours was murdered in cold blood. The school is currently doing an investigation on the matter. So far we have no suspects or witnesses, if you saw something, I urgently encourage you to go to the general's office," Leo said in a serious tone.

The entire class stayed silent. No one even moved an inch.

"Well anyway, now that the official stuff is out the way, I will start with today's lesson."

"Today, I will be explaining to you the importance of magical equipment."

"Magical Equipment is made out of body parts of magical beasts such as scales and teeth that can be found on different planets and from rare ores and materials aswell. They are an imperative part of any soldier's arsenal. When humans were finally able to travel past the milky way galaxy, we discovered that in other galaxies there are really powerful beast-like creatures that provide materials for weapons and armour. These creatures are now known as magical beasts"

Professor Leo continued to ramble on about different types of magical beasts and their uses alongside all their rarities that also go from F to X .

Moby did not really care for the lesson. Instead, he used this time to level up his skills. The only skill he can level up without being noticed was his "Eyes of Sin". By activating it while keeping his eyes closed, he was able to successfully train it while not being noticed under the facade of sleeping in class. He spent the entire class alternating between using "Natures Stimulation" to replenish his energy and "Eyes of Sin" to train it.

Suddenly the bell rang signaling that lunchtime started. Moby chose to sit in a spot all alone in the low-level section of the cafeteria. No one dared approach him because of his status as Jayden's pet so he had a table all for himself.

Moby was just chilling and eating his food with no care in the world. Then, he suddenly felt the presence of 2 people sit right next to him. Moby almost jumped out of his seat in surprise as he never thought anyone actually had the balls to approach him after all the threats Jayden gave.

Then he noticed that it was just his roommates, Alex and Ray.

"Hey Moby, how's it going," Alex asked with a smile.

Usually, he would be completely against them sitting next to him because they are high levels while he is a low level which would attract trouble and unwanted attention. But now, he did not have such worries as he is confident that no trouble would come his way.

Moby noticed a few angry glares staring at him and his roommates but he paid them no mind.

The 3 just talked about trivial things like how much they like school and cool places to visit in the city. It was mostly Alex and Ray talking while Moby said a few words pretending that he cared.

Suddenly the mood became all gloomy and serious.

"Moby, I heard that you became the pet of that bitch Jayden," Alex said with a sigh.

"Why? Do you know her?" Moby replied in surprise.

"Yes of course I do," Alex said in an unnaturally serious tone.

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