9 The Sweet Taste Of Revenge

Eric and Moby both got ready to fight. Moby unsheathed his rusty Katana and took a fighting stance.

The area they were in was a clearing in the forest surrounded by trees.

Moby decided to test out his inspect skill on Eric before the fight started:


Name: Eric Quinn

Race: Human

Ability: Level 1 Wind

Power Level: 950

Hp: 100/100

Mana: 27/27


Agility: 22

Endurance: 14

Intelligence: 27

Mind: 0


Moby was surprised at the amount of information the inspect skill provided him. It not only provided him with what ability his opponent has and what level the ability is. It also provided him with all their stats.

Moby made a few observations while examining the information that was provided to him. The first was that he used mana instead of demon energy. This must be their energy pool for using their ability. Second, each ability has a level next to it which corresponds to how much the skill has developed. Third, and last, is that he has 0 points in mind.

"Mind is a statistic that corresponds to mental powers such as mind control. It is a given that he doesn't possess any points in mind.", Avilia explained.

"Then how do I have 10 points in mind?", Moby asked inwardly.

"Every demon has at least 10 points in mind. Since you are inheriting my powers, it is only natural that you would possess some points in mind.", Avilia replied.

"I guess that makes sense.", Moby replied.

Suddenly his train of thought was interrupted.

"Are you ready, buddy? We will start the fight in 5 seconds if that's ok with you.", Eric asked while still laughing.

"Of course I'm ready! I'm going to have so much fun!", Moby replied as he regained his previous excitement.






Moby decided to hide his power in order to make his opponent let his guard down.

Eric created 2 wind blades, one on each arm, and threw them towards Moby.

Moby managed to clumsily dodge both blades, leaving shallow wounds on his body.

-7 HP

Hp: 93/100

Eric continued his onslaught of wind blades towards Moby.

-3 HP

-6 HP

-9 HP

Hp: 75/100

Although Moby could see his HP go down every attack like he's in a game, the pain he felt was still real. Moby dodged each attack in a way that made him seem like he got hit and was heavily injured. This was only a tactic to fool his opponent into thinking that he was fatally injured and rush him carelessly. In fact, Moby was precisely dodging each blade in a way that made it look like he took full impact and made his shallow wounds look deep.

Moby can feel that these wind blades had immense power. If he were to be hit with one head on, he would lose at least 25 HP per hit. Thankfully, Moby put 3 points into Agility, making his body more nimble than ever before. If he still had his 20 Agility, he would not be able to dodge the blades and he would be very close to death right now.

Moby started panting heavily while clutching his heart in pain. Of course, this was just bait for his opponent to come and fight him up close. In a ranged fight, Moby would stand no chance of winning as he does not have any ranged attacks. Also, he wasn't fast enough to close the distance while dodging all the wind blades coming at him. So getting Eric to rush him is his only chance to ensure his victory.


Eric's POV

Eric started chuckling inwardly.

"He is truly as weak as before! I'll take it slow and have fun with him."

Instead of staying far away, where he had the biggest advantage, he decided to go up close and personal since it looks like his opponent is out of breath and severely injured. Eric created a wind sword and rushed at Moby while smirking ominously.

Moby went on one knee and pretended to cough blood.

Eric finally reached Moby. He lifted his sword and slashed down onto the clearly hurt and tired Moby at immense speed.

"This will be your punishment for making me wait!", Eric screamed like a lunatic.

Before Eric's wind sword reached his head, Moby suddenly disappeared. Then he felt an immense pain strike him in the back of his head. His vision went dark, and he lost control of his body as he hit the ground hard with a powerful thud. Eric went completely unconscious.


Moby's POV

As soon as he saw the wind sword coming down on him, he immediately activated his demon flash to quickly go behind him. Then, in one smooth motion, he used his demon slash with his sword still in its scabbard to attack the back of his head, knocking him out instantly. This all happened in an instant, which left Eric with no chance to react. It was the last thing he had ever expected to happen.

As soon as Moby saw Eric's unconscious body, he couldn't help but laugh like a madman. He felt happier than he could ever remember being in his entire life. However, he felt even happier when he thought of all the cruel ways he could torture him.

Moby quickly ran and got the rope out of his bag. Then, he firmly tied it around Eric's still unconscious body.

The time was already 6:00, so he still had 5 hours and 30 minutes to torture him.

Moby felt impatient and started slapping Eric's face, trying to wake him up. He tried not to seriously injure his body until he was awake. This is because he wanted him to be awake for all the pain he would inflict on him.

After five minutes of slapping, he was still not waking up. So Moby gave up on that idea. Then he remembered something obvious. The river! He could drown him a bit in the river to wake him up! Moby started to beat himself up for his stupidity for not realizing that sooner.

Moby dragged Eric's body by the hair to the river. He grabbed his head and shoved it into the water. It didn't even take 10 seconds before Eric's body started squirming in the water.

Moby instantly grabbed his head out of the water and threw it on the ground.

Eric let out a loud scream as he coughed out an enormous amount of water.

"You fucker! What the hell did you do to me!", Eric roared in anger as he tried to break out of the rope.

"Save your breath, you won't be able to break out of the rope. It is a high-quality military-grade rope, so it won't break that easily. And with your hands tied, you have no way of activating your ability.", Moby said as he punched him in the face.

"Hey, Moby old buddy, why are you doing this? I thought we were friends!", Eric said nervously.

"Friends, my ass! Every day you would beat me up senseless until I could barely walk! You extorted me out of most of my money under a fake premise of your sister being in the hospital! You exploited my stupidity and weak strength to mess with me and push your own agenda!", Moby said as he continuously kicked him in the stomach.

Eric let out multiple cries and threw up on the ground.

"How can a weak and stupid trash like you do this to me?! I was sure that your power level was significantly lower than me! This should have never happened! You were supposed to be my slave and punching bag for all eternity!", Eric roared in disbelief.

"Are you sure about that? Why don't you look again?" Moby said while smiling.

Eric took another look at Moby's watch.

< 890 >

Eric was staring at the number on the watch in disbelief. There is no way that someone can hide their power levels. He was sure that Moby's power level was a measly 800 just a few hours ago.

"Tell me how you bastard! What kind of prank is this! No one can hide their power level! It's impossible!" Eric screamed, almost going crazy.

"Seems like it's not as impossible as you think then.", Moby said, failing to hold back his laughter.

At this moment, Eric completely gave up hope. His only hope now is to grovel and beg for forgiveness.

"P-P- please spare me. I promise to never bother you again. Even better, I'll be your slave for life just please spare my life! I'll do anything!" Eric screamed as a waterfall of tears gushed out his eyes.

Moby then crouched down to meet Eric at eye level and smiled sadistically.

"I will torture you so hard that you wish you turn to dust. Until you bleed tears. Until I have broken every bone in your body. Until your face is unrecognizable and you look like a monster. Only then will I allow you the freedom of death. I will pay you back a thousand times for all the pain and suffering you caused me." Moby said with a creepy, distorted smile.

"However, if you begged me for your life a thousand times, then I might consider letting you live.", Moby said while laughing.

Of course, Moby had no intention of letting him live no matter what. Moby just thought of this idea in order to maximize his XP gain.


Moby ignored his screams and grabbed one of his fingers, breaking it.

Eric let out a loud, disturbing scream.

Moby had been tortured so many times in the past that he couldn't wait to try what he had experienced in his past on his enemies. He had been tortured such an insane amount of times that doing it himself does not disturb him in the least. It's like watching your brother play video games as a spectator for many years, and now it's finally your turn to give it a try.

"I'm going to start out nice and easy with you, don't worry about a thing." Moby said while laughing.

Moby then broke every finger on his hands. Then he ripped out all the nails. Slowly, one by one. Before he knew it, he had already taken them all out.

The whole time, Eric was still asking Moby to spare his life, all while crying like a baby. Eric hung on to the false sense of hope that he might be able to survive if he continued begging.

Moby grabbed Eric by his hair to the nearest rock. Then, he repeatedly smashed his face on it until his face was no longer recognizable. As he was doing it, he noticed teeth and blood flying everywhere as Eric continued to cry and beg for mercy. Almost all of Eric's teeth were gone, his nose was broken and his face was bleeding profusely with many cuts and bruises. You could literally not tell that this person was Eric Quinn, even if you were his closest relatives.

Moby couldn't get to Eric's arms because they were tied up. So, Moby quickly cut off the rope that was tying Eric.

Eric's barely recognizable eyes lit up. It was like a gift from the heavens! It was now his chance to get his revenge for all the torture.

But before he even got the chance to use his ability. He saw both his arms flying in the air above him.

Eric let out a scream louder than any other scream he ever did in his life. His false sense of relief and victory was shattered in only a few seconds.

Moby could not help but roll on the ground laughing at his predicament.

Eric saw this as a chance to escape, so tried to run away. But before he knew it, he tumbled down as he can no longer feel his legs.

Moby cut them both off, just like he did with his arms. Eric is now just a body with a head. He has no arms or legs anymore.

Eric tried to scream, but only a faint sound escaped his mouth. All the screaming and begging that he did wore off his vocal cords. His eyes also dried up as he no longer has enough water in his eyes for tears.

Eric was bleeding out on the ground like crazy. He only had 10 minutes to live at most.

The time was already 11:20 pm, so the quest ends in 10 minutes anyway so Moby didn't mind knowing that.

"It seems like you still have a few working bones and internal organs. Why don't we fix that, shall we?", Moby said in a sadistic tone.

Once again Eric tried to scream for mercy but nothing would come out his mouth other than an ugly squeal.

Moby then stomped on his body with such tremendous force that all his bones and organs collapsed all at once.

He puked out all his innards in a puddle right in front of him from how strong the blow was. Now, Eric had a few seconds to live at most.

Moby knew this fact very well. He knew exactly what he had to do.

"SAYONARA BITCH!" Moby said as he swiftly cut off his head.

< System Alert >

< You Have Gained 150 XP From Killing a High-level F Class Opponent >

< Quest: "The F Class Bully" Has Been Complete >

< Tears shed: 1403 >

< Times Screamed: 204 >

< Times begged for life: 367 >

< Rewards: >

< +15 skill points >

< + 3850 XP >

< Level Up! >

< Level Up! >

< Level Up! >

< Level Up! >

< Level Up! >

< Level Up! >

< Level Up! >

< Level Up! >

< Level Up! >

< You Have Reached Level 10! >

< You Have Reached The Stage Of Evolution! >

< Do You Want To Evolve? >

< Yes > < No >

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