19 The Raging Storm

Jayden slowly walked towards Moby and jumped on the bed causing him to almost flinch and blow his cover.

Then a huge splash of water went on his face.

It came as a huge surprise to him because he was concentrating on when she got close so he could strike while he was still supposedly asleep.

Moby woke up pretending to not know what is going on.

"It seems like my little kitty has just woken up," She said while giggling.

She was only wearing a purple bra and panties showing her stunning body on full display.

She threw away the water bucket and crawled closer to him like a lion hunting its prey.

Moby pretended to struggle to get out of the rope tied around him.

"What's going on! where am I!" He screamed in distress.

"You are in my room, silly. I will show you the best time of your life so just lie down and relax while I do my thing," she said in a seductive flirtatious tone.

Moby tried his best screaming for help but with no avail. This was bait to see how she would react.

"Ha ha ha, You are in my house, who do you think would come and help you. And besides, I have a noise-cancelling crystal installed in the room. Sound comes in but doesn't come out. So, no matter how loud you moan with pleasure, your voice wouldn't reach the outside. So, don't worry about holding back your excitement if you are afraid of being embarrassed," she said as she inched ever closer to him.

Moby inwardly breathed a sigh of relief. If what she said is true, then Moby has no worries of her calling for reinforcements or of anyone on the outside hearing what is about to go down.

Moby put the best face of despair he could muster squirming around trying his best to escape with seemingly no results.

Jayden was finally only arm's length away from him and went in for a kiss.

This was now Moby's best chance at catching her off guard.

He quickly broke the rope with his strength and grabbed his sword out of his inventory performing a "Demon Slash" towards her heart.

All of that happened in an instant which left Jayden Almost no chance to react. Almost. Moby felt his sword go through her flesh before being stopped by something unknown.

Around Jayden's wound, he could see a dark shadowy smoke emerge. The smoke quickly repelled Moby's attack and consumed her entire body.

Her previously cute playful face with a hint of sadism has been completely distorted into what could only be described as a monster.

Moby instinctively took a step back from the sudden change in her demeanour. He had never seen anything like it in his entire life.

Then he noticed that the wound he inflicted was still bleeding which means that his previous sneak attack was not a complete failure.

Before Moby could take time to formulate his plan of attack, she disappeared into smoke right in front of his eyes. In the next moment, she was already behind him. Then she kicked him in the back smashing him against one of the walls.

<-20 Hp>

Moby coughed up a mouthful of blood from the strength of the attack.

5 more hits like that and he would be dead. His glass cannon build was doing him no justice in this situation. Jayden's movements we're too weird and obscure for him to grasp even with his enhanced senses.

"YOU ARE SUCH A MISBEHAVING PET TRYING TO KILL YOUR MASTER!" She roared in a weird screechy voice.


"THEY GET PUT DOWN!!" She screamed while creating what looks like a pair of daggers made out shadows.

'Fuck my luck, why does shit always have to get worse' He inwardly cursed.

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Jayden Disappeared into a black smoke-like shadow just like in her last attack.

Moby tried to predict where she would appear. So, he slashed behind him assuming she would pull the same attack as before.

To his surprise, she was not there at all, instead, she appeared to his side instead.

She slashed multiple times at his stomach area before kicking him away once again. Then she appeared behind him by flowing his trajectory and kicked him away once again smashing him onto another wall.

< -37 Hp >

< -21 Hp >

< -23 Hp >

Moby only had 19 Hp left. He had many cuts and bruises all over his body with some broken bones. He could barely breathe from the sudden burst of damage. He had a hard time even standing up. His vision became blurry from all the pain. His only chance at still fighting was to cut off his pain receptors which is exactly what he did.

"How did a weak little puppy like you ever think that they could defeat someone like me! I do admit that I underestimated you and you caught me off guard. But a puppy is still a puppy no matter what! She said with an evil laugh that seemed almost ripped out of a horror movie.

After Moby came so far, he could not accept defeat. He steeled his resolve and took a fighting stance.

Suddenly a system notification appeared right in front of him.

< System Alert >

< New Skill discovered >


Undying Will [Level 1] (Passive)

The user's unbreakable will gives him a boost of strength to defeat his enemy.

Condition to activate: Less than 30% Hp

+20% to all stats


Moby's eyes lit up with renewed hope. He felt a sudden rush of energy surge into his body making him much stronger. However, Moby knew pure strength is not enough to defeat Jayden. He needed some way to sense her unpredictable movement pattern.

Then a sudden hint of genius popped into his head.

'Everything living no matter what has an energy signature' he inwardly thought.

If he was able to follow her energy signature, he would be able to know exactly where she would appear.

" I thought you would have found it an honour that such a beautiful noble girl like me would choose such a weak disgusting commoner like yourself as a pet…"

As she continued her endless rambling monologue. Moby used this time to focus on trying to sense her energy. Suddenly, he was able to sense a deep purple glow of energy surrounding her body. His experiment was a success!

< System Alert >

< New Skill discovered >


Energy sense [Level 1]

The user is able to sense the Energy signature of any living thing. The user is also able to sense Energy through walls

Range: 10 meters


When she is in her smoke form, it seems like she can not attack so she always had to materialize her body before striking. Also, she was completely invincible in her smoke form. When Moby tried slashing her smoke from before it had no effect. So Moby has to wait for her to materialize before attacking.

As soon as Jayden finished her long monologue, She immediately turned into her smoke form and rushed towards Moby. He can now clearly see her direction thanks to "Energy Sense" but he still felt too slow to keep up with her movements.

Moby activated his "Eyes of Sin". Thanks to the extra utility that his "Eyes of Sin" provides, he can now easily keep up with her movements.

Moby only had 20 Demon Energy left so he only had 10 seconds to end the fight.

Thanks to his 0.1-second future sight combined with "Energy Sense", he could easily know where she would appear. As soon as he saw her outline appear from under him, Moby immediately jumped up to avoid her attack.

Jayden was flabbergasted at how he knew exactly when and where she would appear. Then she noticed Moby was falling down on her with immense speed. She had no opportunity to dodge. The attack was too fast and sudden.

Moby came down on her slashing his sword on both her eyes, blinding her. She jumped away screaming in agony due to her lost eyesight. She released a burst of shadow energy pulsing through the entire area.

A strong black wind spread through the entire room. The shadow made it hard to breathe while the wind made it hard to move. His skin felt like it was slowly decaying.

<-1 Hp>

<-1 Hp>

<-1 Hp>

Moby was losing 1 Hp for every second he was in the shadowy wind.

He unactivated his "Eyes of Sin" because he had no use for it at this moment.

After his use of "Eyes of Sin" Moby only had 8 demon energy left which was exactly enough for 1 "Demon Flash". Moby's range on "Demon Flash" was only half a meter which was not that long.

The distance between Moby and Jayden was only 10 meters. All that Moby needed to win was one good hit to knock her out.

Moby began walking towards Jayden trying his best to resist the wind. As he neared the eye of the storm, The wind became almost unbearable. Moby was now walking at a snail's pace weekly gaining seemingly no ground.

They were now only 1 meter away from each other and Moby only had 7 Hp left. After using almost every ounce of energy left in his body, he managed to close the distance enough to "Demon Flash".

Moby Demon Flashed behind Jayden and bashed her with the hilt of his sword with all his strength. The shadow wind has finally stopped and so did Moby's Hp loss.

She was finally knocked out.

Moby managed to barely survive the encounter. He only had 3 Hp remaining.

Moby's Body had been beaten almost beyond recognition. He had many bruises, broken bones, and he had muscle tissue showing from his skin decaying. He was barely managing to stand on his 2 feet wheezing and panting more than he ever did his entire life.

Moby looked down at Jayden's unconscious body with a glow in his eyes and a big grin from ear to ear.

Now, Moby can commence the plan that he endured all this anguish to accomplish.

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