18 The Calm Before The Storm

"Good afternoon young miss Jayden. You told me that you had plans for me earlier today. So, I am here as per your request," Moby said with a fake smile.

Jayden started to chuckle a bit before saying.

"I was going to punish you for making me wait 3 minutes. But, your impeccable manners have saved you just this once."

"Next time you make me wait you will be punished. Do you understand, my little poodle?" She said in a dreadfully serious tone.

"Yes, ma'am. This pet shall never again subject my mistress to such treatment," Moby said, trying his best to hold onto his smile and not strangle her.

"Good, boy!" She said as her expression cheered up again.

Moby was already fuming with anger, but he somehow managed not to show it on the outside. He had never been publicly humiliated to this extent in his entire life.

"We shall go to my mansion. Once we are there I will explain my plans to you," She said as she entered the limousine.

"What are you doing there like a dog! Come on and come into the limousine," She yelled.

"I thought I was supposed to be a dog," Moby retorted.

Jayden started crying out of laughter from Moby's remark.

'It wasn't even that funny,' Moby thought.

When he entered the limousine he was astonished at how much fancier it looked on the inside than on the outside.

The red seat couches were the most comfortable seats he had ever sat on. The inside was lit up by white crystals that shined a golden light. There was an entire Flat-screen television alongside a long table with what looks like alcohol on top of it.

For his entire life, he could not remember ever riding a flying car even though they were really common to find in the city. Moby did not even have the money to ever order a taxi so he was used to always walking to all his destinations.

The ride to her house was especially awkward. Moby did not have any reason to strike a conversation and he liked it that way. He began to level up his "Eyes of Sin" while he waited for them to arrive. More than anything, Moby hates to waste time. "Every minute is precious, and only a fool would waste it", were the words he always lived by.

Suddenly, his training was abruptly interrupted by a nudge on his hand.

'I only needed 5 more seconds to complete "Nature's Stimulation" Fuck!' He inwardly cursed at his terrible luck.

Due to the unfortunate interruption of his skill, Moby now had 0 Demon Energy which leaves him defenceless.

"Hey, would you like to have a drink?" She asked him with a glass in her hand.

Moby really wanted to refuse. He does not drink alcohol because he finds it unhealthy and useless. He also does not know how alcohol would make him feel which would make his actions unpredictable. This might even ruin his entire plan if it completely changes his personality.

Moby reluctantly took the alcohol out of her hands and drank it. He had no choice. If he refused it, things would most likely end badly for him.

As soon as he took a sip of the drink, he saw a system notification appear right in front of him.

< Sleeping Poison Detected >

< New Skill Learned >


Poison Immunity (Passive)

The user is immune to all poisons no matter the strength or type.


'Sleeping poison?' He inwardly thought.

"She most likely put some sleeping drugs in your drink. Luckily, demons are immune to all types of poisons no matter the strength. I recommend you pretend that the poison worked and sleep or else it would raise many suspicions," Avilia said.

Moby decided to follow Avilia's suggestion and pretended to sleep for the rest of the ride. Luckily, since he was able to stay still for another 10 minutes, he was able to fully recover his Demon Energy which was a huge relief.

While they were still on their way, Moby tried using his inspect skill in order to better formulate his plan of attack.


Name: Jayden Griffith

Race: Human 

Ability: Level 3 Shadow

Power Level: 3420

Hp: 100/100

Mana: 90/90

Strength: 77

Agility: 110

Endurance: 65

Intelligence: 90

Mind: 0


'It seems Like she has some sort of shadow ability. But, that doesn't give me much information on her ability other than the type. All I know is that she has immense speed and low defense just like me. However, she also has high intelligence. I can only assume that means she has strong magical attacks which are bad news.'

After careful consideration, he decided that waiting for a moment where he can catch her off guard is his best bet at winning.

Moby tried to use his enhanced listening to try to pick up on any clues that Jayden might say but she stayed completely silent.

When the car finally stopped at the mansion, the only words she ever spoke to her servants were,

"Leave us alone, I want some secluded time with my little pet."

Then she tied Moby up tightly with rope before carrying him on her back inside the mansion.

After walking for what seemed like forever, they finally reached a room in the house.

Moby could not risk opening his eyes without the fear of blowing his cover.

With his strength, he can easily break out of the rope with minimal effort. The rope was only designed to contain a low level which is why Jayden thought it would be enough to restrain him.

Little did she know Moby was not a low level at all.

He was thrown on something soft which was most likely a bed.

"You wait here while I take a shower and change. I'll be back in 15 minutes and then we can have some fun," she said with a giggle.

"Whoops, I'm sorry I forgot you are still fast asleep, such a cute pet," She said with a loud laugh.

Then a loud sound of a door banging sounded in the room which means she most likely left.

Then, with his enhanced hearing, he could hear a pair of footsteps walking out of the room which confirms that she indeed left.

Moby now felt that it was safe to open his eyes. He was in awe at how big and fancy the room looked.

The room was deep velvet in color with a roof at least 10 meters high and a diameter of over 20 meters. The bed was at least 5 meters by 5 meters in size surrounded by a velvet curtain the same color as the room. around him, he noticed a bunch of candles on tables which helped set the mood for what is about to come.

Moby could not help but shudder at the thought of what would happen to him in this situation if he was powerless. Out of all the torture and bullying, the only thing Moby has yet to experience was being raped. But, he did not think it would at all be a pleasant feeling.

Suddenly, Moby could hear a pair of footsteps approaching his room.

He instantly closed his eyes and pretended to go back to sleep.

Then, the door abruptly opened and then instantly closed.

"I'm back, my little Chihuahua! did you miss me!"

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