3 Such Nice People

Each of the twenty-six countries had different military schools. Moby lived in country Z, so he would be attending a military school in country Z.

Private Harry was currently escorting Moby to the nearest teleport station in order to go to his specific military school.

Luckily, the teleport station wasn't very far away from Moby's house as it was only one kilometre away. Moby had never been outside his city, or even his general area for that matter. This meant he had never used a teleporter in his life. Thinking of this made him even more excited than he was before.

The Private kept looking back at Moby in confusion.

'Why does this kid look so positive and excited? His file says that he has no ability and he gets bullied and abused every day, so why is he so cheerful? This kid must have gone crazy.', he thought.

After 10 minutes of walking, they finally reached the teleport station. There were around fifty teleporters arranged in rows. Each teleporter had a long line of at least twenty people behind it. The station was filled to the brim. They would have to wait for at least five minutes for their turn. But suddenly he heard the Private speak.

"Follow me."

He was taken into a completely different area of the station. They only walked for a few seconds before they reached a completely empty section of the station. There were only ten teleporters, but nearly all of them were empty. Moby found this somewhat bizarre. But even before he had the chance to ask the question, it was already answered by the Private.

"This is the military section of the teleport station. Only military personnel and military students are authorized to use these."

The Private pulled a holographic looking card with a picture of Moby's face on it out of his pocket and handed it to Moby.

"Here you go, kid. That's your new student ID. Keep it on you at all times and don't lose it. This card will allow you many privileges only accessible to the military. For example, this will allow you to use these teleporters in order to teleport to the island where your military school Z is located."

Moby took the card and inspected it.

'Name: Moby Kane

School: Country Z military school Z-7

Age: 16

Year: 1

Class: ??

Rank: ??

Division: ??'

Moby looked at the card with confusion. This was because of all the question marks.


"Don't be confused by the question marks. This card will automatically update your information when it becomes available," the Private remarked with a somewhat annoyed expression.

"Now, go on and scan your card on the teleporter and see what happens."

Moby slowly walked over to one of the vacant teleporters and scanned his student ID.

< Scanning >

< 1% >

< 67% >

< 100% >

< Scan Complete! >

< Moby Kane >

< Year 1 military student >

< Rank Unknown>

< Division Unknown >

< Please select your destination >

Then, the Private's voice rang out from behind him as he said,

"Okay, now select military school Z as your destination."

Moby nodded and did what he was told.

< Military School Z has been set as your destination >

< Please enter the portal when you are ready and you will be swiftly transported to your set destination >

Before Moby entered, the Private approached him and took his bags.

"Don't worry, you will receive your belongings back when you enter your dorm. Please grab any combat equipment or weapons that you have. You will need them for your starting examination."

Moby nodded to the Private as he took out a pair of beat-up fighting gloves from one of his bags and put them on. Then he took out an ancient and rusty looking sword and sheathed it around his waist.

Moby wasn't exactly the most well dressed. He wore a tattered black coat and ripped black cargo pants that looked like they were abused every day. For footwear, he wore black running shoes that looked like they would fall apart any second.

While Moby was preparing his equipment, the Private could not help but stare at him in disgust.

Many thoughts went through his head at that moment.

'Hmph, you can tell that he is very poor by just looking at him. I guarantee he will lose his positive attitude in less than a day when he enters the military school!'

When Moby finished preparing, he looked at the Private and said with a big smile.

"I'm ready, sir!"

At that moment, the Private panicked and quickly put on a fake smile. He wasn't expecting Moby to finish preparing so quickly, so he caught him a little off guard.

"Now, please enter the portal and sign up for what division you want to enlist in. We currently have three divisions. The divisions are as follows: the combat division which is for those with attack-oriented abilities, the science division for those who have useful abilities for working with technology, and finally, the support division for those with support-oriented skills such as healing, buffing, and scouting. Looking at your equipment, I assume that you will enlist for the combat division."

"Yes, sir, you are correct," Moby quickly responded.

"The sign-ups shouldn't be very far from the teleport station. Just head north for a few minutes and you should see them just past the school gate, you really can't miss them even if you wanted to."

"Thank you so much for the help sir, I'll be heading in now," Moby replied with a smile.

As Moby walked towards the portal, he couldn't help but feel like something was off. When he looked at the Private after he finished putting on his equipment, it looked like he was cringing at him in disgust, but when he blinked and looked again, he was smiling like usual.

Moby shook his head and quickly erased those thoughts from his mind. He felt ashamed of himself for doubting such a nice, welcoming, innocent, and well-mannered person like the Private.

As Moby entered the portal, he felt his vision turn completely white. Before he knew it, he was already transported to the entrance of military school Z.

The school was gigantic. It was at least 100 times bigger than Moby's previous high school. The school was completely white and looked very futuristic. There was a huge open gate that led to the expansive front yard of the school. When he looked around, he could see hundreds of students around his age all headed towards the school gates. He smiled and clenched his fists in excitement. He lifted his head up and walked through the gate of the school while admiring the beautiful scenery. Moby wasn't really paying attention to what was in front of him as he was lost in admiring the views around him when suddenly,


Moby ended up bumping into a big burly student. He had blonde hair and a slightly overweight physique. He looked very intimidating while standing, as he was at least 5 inches taller than Moby.

He lifted his fists as if he was ready to give a punch.

"Hey, kid, watch where you're going! You made me spill my drink!" The student shouted in a harsh and annoyed manner.

"I'm so sorry, I wasn't paying attention to where I was going. Please forgive me," Moby nervously said while bowing.

"Well, how are you going to compensate me? That drink was really expensive you know!"

The student was lying through his teeth. That drink was just an apple juice he bought from the vending machine right before coming. It cost no more than 2 dollars and 50 cents.

The student scanned Moby's clothing and equipment, realizing that the kid in front of him was really poor. He scoffed at Moby looking at him in contempt. Then, out of the corner of his eye, he noticed Moby's necklace that looked really expensive.

"How about you compensate me with that fancy looking necklace of yours?" the student said with a sinister smile.

"I am so sorry, but I can not do that. This necklace is very important to me and I wouldn't give it up for anything," Moby confidently retorted.

"Well, how are you going to compensate me then? You look really poor and it seems like you own nothing of value. This drink was really expensive, you know," the student said while sneering.

Moby's face turned red out of embarrassment. He was ashamed that he had wasted such an expensive drink.

"I… I don't have any money, but I promise I'll make it up to you somehow!" Moby said while he bowed even further.

At that point, the student looked very angry and annoyed.

"Listen, kid, you already made it on my nasty side, either you give that necklace or you pay me 1000 dollars by next week."

At that moment, Moby became really confused.

'What kind of drink would cost 1000 dollars?', he thought.

But then he decided that it was probably some luxury drink he had never heard of.

"I'm sorry, sir, but I'm completely broke. Even if I sell all my belongings, it would only amount to a few hundred dollars."

'What kind of retard would actually believe my drink costs 1000 dollars? I guess I'll just roll with it,' The student thought.

"Ok then give me your necklace," the student demanded with his hands spread out.

"No, that will not be possible," Moby replied in a serious tone.

The student was taken aback by Moby's sudden shift in tone. At first, The kid in front of him sounded like a pushover that respected others immensely. But now, he sounded much more serious. This made the student more intrigued about the true value of that necklace. He decided that he would take the necklace by force and teach the kid a lesson he would never forget to show him what happens when you mess with him and how it was like in the real world.

"Okay fine, keep your stupid necklace I don't want it anymore. But now you're officially on my unpleasant side, so you better be scared shitless," the student said as he turned around and walked the other way.

Moby felt relieved after hearing that. He felt like a tremendous weight was lifted from his shoulders.

"Thank you so much for your generosity, sir. I promise I'll make this up to you somehow. My name is Moby Kane, what is yours?" Moby said with a big welcoming smile.

"The name's Nathan, Nathan Johnson. you better not forget it," Nathan said with a mean scowl.

"Heh, his name is Moby. Like Moby Dick," Nathan said, trying to hold back his laughter.

Moby thought that Nathan was a really kind guy, letting him off free of charge even when he made him spill his 1000 dollar drink.

Suddenly, an announcement rang out.

"This a reminder that the sign-ups for the divisions will end in 30 minutes."

"Oh crap, at this rate I'm going to be late for the sign-ups," Moby said as he ran straight for the combat division's sign-ups.


Nathan just returned to all his lackeys, all mad and annoyed.

His goons were a little worried after witnessing the exchange between their boss and Moby.

"Hey, boss. Is it smart to start beef with other students already? We don't know what rank they will get from the starting exam or how strong they are. We might start trouble with someone we can't handle," one lackey said while being slightly worried.

"Relax, that kid ain't shit. He will at most be E rank. From the clothes he's wearing, you can tell he has no strong family backing if any family at all," Nathan calmly replied.

Nathan's words made them feel a little better.

"That kid had a nice-looking necklace that seemed like it might be worth a fortune from the way he's adamantly protecting it. I want one of you to spy on that Moby Kane for me. I need to know what rank he gets, and what ability he has before we attack him. Joe, that person will be you," Nathan said while pointing at one of his subordinates.

"Don't worry. I'll have everything to know about that Moby Dick guy by the end of the school day. I can assure you that," Joe said while smiling.

"I'm going to have fun torturing that kid. That necklace will be mine by the end of the day," Nathan said with a disturbing smile present on his face.

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