15 Skill Creation

Moby noticed the time on his watch.

< 7:00 am >

He still needed to take his morning shower and get ready for school so he headed back to his dorm.

When he reentered his dorm, he noticed that his roommates were still fast asleep in awkward positions.

He couldn't help but chuckle a bit at how ridiculous they looked.

He did not even have to get clothes ready for the shower as he already had everything in his inventory.

As he casually entered the bathroom, he went over to the sink to wash his face from the little sweat he built up doing the daily quest.

As he looked at himself in the mirror, he could not help but inwardly scream.


This was the first time he ever saw his face ever since his evolution. The last time he was in the bathroom was when he was washing his clothes. At that time, the bathroom mirror was all foggy from Alex taking the shower so he was not able to see his reflection.

Moby's previously pale skin has turned a shade darker giving him the look of a natural tan. His previous jet black hair now has a few red strands. His green eyes had a subtle glow that made them look almost unnatural. His facial features were also much more defined. If he was considered somewhat handsome from before, he would be considered a top-class model now.

"Avilia what is the meaning of this!?" He screamed in anger.

"Oh come on don't be like that," she said while chuckling.

"I'm just going to say, the expression "handsome as a devil" very much has a lot of truth in it. I thought you might like the change. You'll be a chick magnet now, " She added while laughing even harder.

"You and I both know that this is a bad thing. First, I don't give a rats ass about attracting those filthy whores who treated me like no more than a pile of dog shit on the street. Actually, I take that back. At least a pile of dog shit would be left alone and ignored, not constantly mocked and bullied every day. Second, I don't want to attract too much attention to myself. My plan was to keep a low profile while making plans from the shadows. But, this change will ruin it." Moby inwardly cursed his constant bad luck.

Moby thought of wearing a mask to hide his face but completely discarded the idea. First, masks are not allowed in the school without special permission. And second, a mask would attract even more attention than not wearing one.

Moby just had to suck it up and go to school like normal. He decided that he will try to blend in with the crowd to avoid being noticed.

After taking a shower, the time was already 7:15.

He still has 45 minutes until school starts. His roommates are still fast asleep like babies.

Moby just sat on the chair feeling useless. He was never the type of person to ever waste time, he would usually be training during every second he had free. But now that he has the system, training feels useless because he had already completed the daily quest and more training would not boost his stats any further.

"Is there any way I can get stronger right now? I don't like sitting here with my hands up my ass doing nothing of value," Moby asked Avilia in a bored but somehow serious tone.

"I'll give you a hint, skill books are not the only way that you can gain skills. You can develop your own," Avilia answered with the mental equivalent of a wink.

"Also, the only way of levelling up your skills is by repeatedly using them, and others can only level up when you reach a certain level or when you evolve," She added.

"I can create my own skills and level them up! Why did you not tell that sooner!" Moby asked in a surprised tone.

"Well, you never asked and this is the only opportunity I found to tell you because you have always been busy ever since you got the system. Maybe you should try asking me more questions in the future," Avilia replied, winking once again.

"True, I will take a mental note to ask you more questions in the future. I'm still not quite used to having a voice in my head," Moby said with a chuckle.

"It's ok, you'll get used to it eventually..." Avilia replied with the mental equivalent of a smile.

If Moby wanted to be able to consistently practice his skills, he needed a way to swiftly replenish his demon energy. Currently, he would need to wait for a little over 2 hours to completely replenish his demon energy. This would be way too long and impractical if he wants to train without 2-hour breaks to wait for his demon energy to recharge.

He searched his memory long and hard for such a technique.

Then he remembered in a moment of brilliance.

He remembered one of his parent's techniques that had been buried deep in his memory. It was the memory of his dad closing his eyes and going into a meditative state. He remembered feeling a huge concentration of energy building around his dad while he was performing the technique.

Moby stood up from his chair and tried to do the same thing as his father in the memory.

He closed his eyes trying to feel the flow of energy in the air. Then, he noticed a faint flow of energy in the air around him. After that, he visualized the energy entering his body.

< New Skill Created! >


Skill name: NA

By gathering the energy in the air and directing it in his body, the user can replenish his demon energy back to full. The user must be standing completely still and requires complete focus. The process can not be interrupted or else the skill will be cancelled.

Time to activate: 5 minutes


<What would you like to name your new skill?>

Moby was really satisfied with his newly created skill. With this, Moby can train his other skills without the worry of running out of energy.

Avilia was impressed by his new skill giving him a mental nod of acknowledgment.

Moby was now thinking of a proper name for the skill. After rejecting many of his useless and cringe name ideas, he finally settled for one.

"Nature's Stimulation"

< Name Choice Acknowledged >

< "Nature's Stimulation" >

As Moby was about to start training his skills, he heard a loud ringing sound. He looked over and saw that the sound was coming from an alarm clock. The time was already 7:40, which is 20 minutes before school starts.

The alarm woke up both Ray and Alex. Moby left the room as soon as he noticed them wake up. Luckily, Moby managed to slip out of the room before they noticed him. He was in no mood for talking right now. And from the little he knows about them, he assumes that they would want him to walk together with them to school which would attract too much attention. Especially since it would be 2 high levels together with a low level which would be seen as sketchy at best.

After 5 minutes of walking, Moby finally reached the entrance of the school. The school was crowded from head to toe with students. The hallways were as lively as ever. He tried to stick with the crowd on his way to class. But, the plan did not work out as well as he thought it would.

He saw a bunch of girls looking at him with eyes of admiration which quickly turned into disgust. However, this time, some of the girls seemed to feel devastated knowing that they could never be together instead of disgusted. A lot of boys were looking back at him with eyes of spite and jealousy.

"So much for keeping a low profile, it seems like I've already made a lot of enemies by merely existing," He inwardly cursed.

Out of the crowd, a girl walked out and stood in front of Moby. She had an elegant and proud walk that screamed.

'Out of the way peasants, I am rich and important.'

She had dark blue hair that looks well maintained that goes down to her waist and sky blue eyes that looked almost hypnotizing. Her figure was slim thick with curves in all the right places. Even with little makeup, her face was considered really cute and attractive. She wore a standard year 1 student uniform with a few modifications that were made to reveal more skin. All the boys were literally drooling in her direction. They did not even try to hide it.

Moby seemed to be immune to her feminine charms. When he saw her approach him, he started to inwardly curse at why the world hates him.

He tried not to show it on his face and tried to play it cool and hope it blows over.

"Good morning miss. Do you want something?" He said with the best fake smile he could muster.

Then, she started to chuckle out of nowhere.

Moby got worried thinking he said something rude or stupid.

"I like you, why don't you be my pet?" She said with a dark cynical smile.

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