11 A Sight to Behold

Moby calculated that with his current speed he should be able to reach the dorms in 30 minutes. However, this is way too long. To make it even worse, he couldn't go in a straight line back or else he would be caught by the retrieval team so he would have to take a detour. This would delay him by an extra 20 minutes at best.

As Moby started feeling helpless and was about to give in to his cruel fate, he suddenly remembered that he had 105 free ability points to assign.

Moby knew what he had to do. But, he was reluctant to do it as it would mess up his previous plans.

Moby that screamed a mental "fuck it dood" as he used 75 of his new points into the agility stat. Although he was hesitant to do it in order to not drastically unbalance his stats, he knew it was his only chance at surviving this ordeal so he went with it anyways.

Moby then assigned his remaining 30 points into strength. He knew that he is a total glass cannon right now.

He has almost no points in endurance but, this was definitely the best course of action. With a lot of speed, he can rely on his ability to dodge instead of withstanding hits. So, endurance became less of a priority.

The problem is that there is no use for the super speed if his hits feel like no more than a tickle. That is why he poured his remaining points into strength.

Moby dashed out into the forest at an incredible speed, he was easily 4 times faster than before. Considering his previous estimation, he should now be able to reach his dorms in well under 15 minutes. This means that he should be able to reach his dorm well before curfew. The sea of blood that gushed out of Eric during the entire torture session mixed with the small traces of Moby's blood making it virtually undetectable. He did not worry about leaving a trail leading to him as he decided to jump from tree to tree instead of running as it removes footprints and should make him untraceable as long as he doesn't break any branches. 

Moby's previous top speed was a blazing fast 40kph (25mph). This is the peak speed for a human with no ability. But, ability users could easily exceed that amount of speed with low efforts. Now, due to all his stats in agility, his speed is around 200kph (124mph) which is well over 4 times faster than his previous top speed.

His speed had increased a total of around 2kph (1.24mph) per point he assigned into agility making it a very drastic increase.

Using his newly upgraded senses, Moby can pinpoint the exact distance and direction the retrieval team is headed. This allowed Moby to choose the most optimal path that will ensure his safety.

He breathed a sigh of relief now knowing that he will be fine as he sped through the forest trying to make as little sound as possible.

his new stats were now:


Name: Moby Kane

Race: Lesser Demon

Level: 10

XP to next level 0/1000

Power Level: 1990

Hp: 120/120

Demon Energy: 25/25

Demon Energy regeneration: 12 Demon Energy/Hour

Strength: 53

Agility: 98

Endurance: 23

Intelligence: 25

Mind: 15

Available Points to distribute: 0



The retrieval team was now only 200 metres away from where the watch pinged the signal.

They began to smell a putrid smell coming from their destination so they knew something serious had taken place. But, they did not seem too worried as they have probably seen these things many times in the past. It is almost like they got used to their Jobs.

Although they were professional military soldiers that have seen and experienced a lot in life. They were not at all prepared for the sight they were about to witness.

When they arrived, every one of them without exceptions looked at the scene with eyes of horror. It was a feeling they have not experienced in many years. Some of them could not help but throw up after what they just witnessed.

Guts and body parts were scattered all over the field. Almost all the grass in the area had been dyed red from all the blood.

The body parts were all deformed and bent in weird and disturbing positions. The hands had all their fingernails ripped out and all the fingers were broken.

A rock can be seen severely cracked and soaked in blood with a bunch of teeth found surrounding it.

The head of the student was cruelly cut off. They could not even recognize his face at all from the brief report and pictures they were given to identify him.

He had no teeth, his nose broken, his face's bone structure all crooked and bent out of shape, and some of his hair had turned white from their previous black. His facial expression the moment he died was the most disturbing thing of all. The expression he wore was that of someone who was given a false sense of hope, only to have it snuffed out moments later in the cruellest way possible.

The retrieval team could not help but feel immense pity. This was also an emotion that was lost to them for many years.

They reluctantly put all the body parts in a storage ring so they can bring it back to the nurse to do an autopsy.

The retrieval team has now split up into 2 groups. One will bring Eric's body back for an autopsy, the other group will stay and search the area for any leads or potential suspects.


It was now 11:50 pm, Moby had finally safely made it to his dorm room.

Moby instinctively controlled his power level back down to 800 as soon as he arrived at the door.

He then scanned his student ID to successfully unlock it. As he reached to open the door, he noticed his bloody hands, then he took a better look at all the clothes he was wearing. They were all soaked in blood from head to toe. He then remembered he is not alone in his dorm room and is sharing it with two other people.

"Fuck me sideways, How stupid can I be!" Moby inwardly cursed.

If he opens the door and both his dorm mates are awake, he would be in very deep shit. He would then have to resort to drastic measures in order to silence them. Moby does not want to do that because it would have a high chance of backfiring in his face. He just has to bet on the small chance that they are asleep so he can safely clean and change his clothes.

Moby's hands were trembling like crazy. He had never felt so anxious in his entire life. His hands slowly approached the door handle while shaking even harder. He firmly grasped the door handle. His face started sweating like a waterfall from all the stress.

For the first time in his life, he started praying to God to help him. Then all of a sudden, a crazy pain hit him in the head making him lose his concentration as he accidentally opened the door. When a small portion of the room was finally visible, Moby noticed a bright light coming through.

"Fuck! I'm done for! Why is life always so cruel!" Moby inwardly cursed as he felt his whole life flash before his eyes.

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