13 A Night To Remember

Everyone around Moby nodded in agreement at his remark.

Moby, Ray, and Alex then decided to have a "male bonding session" to get to know each other better and deepen their bonds.

They discussed many things about their lives, their plans for the future, and then they played video games for the rest of the night.

Alex was from a rich, important family that used one of the most powerful elemental abilities, lightning. He said he was once a stuck up bully back in elementary school but an incident happened that made him change his perspectives. He did not go too in-depth into the story and nobody wanted to pry any further to respect his privacy. His dream for the future is to change society for the better no matter any cost.

Moby admired Alex's dreams and ideals. But, he still does not trust him yet. He will have to observe him for a while longer before making his final judgment. If what Alex said was true, he can see them becoming good friends.

Ray was a child genius, he was not part of any big family like Alex, but it was still enough for a good life. Ray's ability enhances his brain strength allowing him to do anything that requires mental strength much faster than others. This also allows him to use telekinesis, although very weak.

Telekinesis allows a person to control and move objects and people without touching them.

In school, Ray was never interested in making friends because he was always busy learning and experimenting with new things. By the age of 12, he learned everything that he ever wanted. He got bored and started to play video games every day which gave him a new excitement in life. Due to him never talking to people in his early days in school, he never learned how to properly socialize and make friends so he was always alone. When he found out that he would be sharing dorms with 2 other people, he was ecstatic because it was a great chance to finally make friends. And, he currently has no big plans for the future.

What Ray said sounded completely genuine. But, even still, Moby can not completely trust his words at face value. He will wait to evaluate him on his actions.

Ray has not tried to get stronger or smarter since he was 12 years old. This means he had a power level of 3720 at only the age of 12. If he actually tried again, who knows how much smarter he would become.

Finally, it was Moby's turn to talk about himself. He decided to tell them the truth as it really would not matter if they know it or not. He, of course, left out the part about Avilia and Eric. He also left out Nathan's name because it might cause some trouble if they can relate his future death back to him.

At the end of Moby's story, Both Alex and Ray's faces were all teary.

"That's so terrible! How can people do such things!" Alex said while sniffling.

"Tell me who's doing that to you! Let me at em! I'll beat the shit out of them!" Alex said while taking a fighting stance.

"I agree with Alex. We can not let all those deeds go unpunished. If you are ever in trouble again please let us know," Ray said with a straight emotionless face with tears falling from his eyes.

Moby was flabbergasted by their strong reaction. He did not expect his story to resonate with them so deeply.

"It's fine guys. I can take care of myself. You don't have to worry about me," Moby said, trying to calm them down.

"If you ever get into another predicament, please let us know. We are friends now and we should watch each other's backs," Alex said with a firm resolve while Ray nodded in agreement.

In Moby's mind, he was thinking the word "friends" is a huge stretch. He would consider them as on the "to not kill list" at most. He has yet to grasp if what they said is true. He will try to just stay on their good side and see how things play out, never letting his guard down.

After they finished all their discussions, they decided to play some video games before going to sleep. They played a 3 player racing game (think something like Mario kart). Moby got a little excited since it would be his first-ever time playing video games.

At first, Ray would win every single time while nearly overlapping both Alex and Moby. Moby got used to the controls really quickly. By the end of the play session, Moby was nearly able to win against Ray.

Moby was completely invested in the game. He never thought he could have so much fun. He let go of his facade as he was genuinely enjoying himself and not pretending.

"What the hell! how are you so good! Are you sure this is your first time ever playing a video game?" Alex asked in disbelief.

"Ya, you had me nearly beat on the last 2 races. And I've been playing this game for years," Ray asked, trying to smile but failing horribly.

After Moby realized that he just let himself go uncheck for nearly an hour. He felt really stupid and ashamed of himself.

"So much for not letting my guard down," he mentally sighed.

Moby took a few moments to reorganize his thoughts and soon went back to normal.

"Ever since I was little, I was always considered a genius by my family. I was able to grasp new martial arts techniques after only a few demonstrations. I guess I have a gift at learning things quickly, "Moby said with an embarrassed look on his face.

Ray and Alex both looked at Moby with eyes of admiration.

"If you had an ability who knows how strong you'll be! You would for sure be at least top of B rank!" Alex exclaimed in excitement.

"It is unfortunate that a talented person like you has been oppressed by bad luck your whole life," Ray said in a sad tone.

"It's fine guys don't worry about it. I'll get an ability eventually so don't worry about me. Even if I'm weak right now, I can defend myself just fine. If I need help I'll let you guys know," Moby said with a fake big smile.

Moby needed to keep up the act that he is weak and helpless. Until he finds a way to justify his new powers, he needs to keep it as a secret at all costs.

The time was already 3 am, so they decided to go to sleep to wake up refreshed enough for school.

As Moby looked back at the time he had tonight, he would be lying if he said he didn't have fun.

Moby still does not possess a sliver of trust in his roommates. But, even if they were just pretending, he could not help but feel a little thankful for them being nice.


The nurse was still in her office doing paperwork when the retrieval team suddenly barged in with a fearful look on their face.

"It's a monster! a monster is roaming the school! you need to see this!" One of them exclaimed with horror-filled eyes.

The nurse had a very puzzled look on her face. In all her life as a nurse, this is the first time she has ever heard of a monster roaming the school.

One of the members of the retrieval team gave the dimensional storage ring to the nurse which contained the body parts of the dead student.

When released all its contents on a large table. She was not in the least scared or grossed out about what she saw. You can see some of the retrieval team members shudder again as the body parts were all dropped on the table one by one.

The nurse kept a level head and carefully examined the body parts.

She could tell that this was the work of torture that was made specifically in the most hurtful places.

No monster would be able to precisely break and bend nearly every body part.

Also, the cuts on the arms, legs, and head were so clean, that it would be impossible for any monster's claws to cause. It was definitely the work of a man-made blade.The blood that they had brought her did not belong to any student in the school, almost inhuman which made her understand more and more their claims of it being a monster yet she was still firm in her conclusion.

She stepped away from the table that had all the body parts and looked at the retrieval team dead in the eye.

"This is definitely the work of no monster."

"I think we have a vicious murderer running around in our school," the nurse said with a deadly stern tone.

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