The great cleansing

The worlds are dying because of the transmigrators who appear with great power, so they choose a champion to get rid of the. This is the age of the great cleansing.

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Where am I?

'Huh, where am I, who are all of these people?

Here is a pure white room, we find a ball of white of what is known as a soul, surrounded by multiple humanoid beings.

"Ah he's awake," said one male-looking humanoid being.

This gathered the attention of all of the others as they all looked at the soul.

"Hello there little one," said one who seemed like the leader.

"Ah hello, if you don't mind me asking where am I and who am I"

"Oh let me return your memories." Said the man. And suddenly the soul shook.

'oh, now I remember my name is Mukire Prince. I was a normal African kid from DRC but moved due to the war the migrated to Kenya with my family after years of staying there we went to the US where I found my favorite hobby of watching anime and reading fanfics. But I don't remember my family or anyone except the anime and fanfics I read. If not, I was a normal teen who dreamed big and a loner.

'But if I remember all of those, why am I here?'

" I can answer that for you, you see you died in your sleep due to me accidentally killing you"

'Whoa did he just read my mind, Ok I'm gonna assume that they are robs and I'm getting isekaid.'

"Yes, you are exactly correct, but I have a mission for you."

"What mission?"

"You see we are not random omnipotent beings we are much stronger than them."

"You read fanfics right?"


"Then you know where they send people to another world, it is real"

"What it is real?

"Yes and that is how they get stronger by sending people to another world with powers that seem overpowered but are weak, then after they get stronger the robs devour them thus gaining more power." Besides, they interrupt the world flow thus causing more destruction"

"So my mission is to kill the robs"

"No, we will take care of the robs all we want you to do is take care of the transmigrators especially the harem ones who you can torture or butcher if you like just kill them brutally. I have a burning hate for them"

"Now you are speaking my language, I hate NTR so I'm in."

"All right before you go we will make you overpowered, we will train you and after billions of years we will send you off don't worry about the robs getting stronger after those years here time is stopped."

"Oh you can also choose your appearance"

"Oh then I wish to look like Thorfinn"

"Oh I thought you would wish to look godly handsome or something like that"

"Nah I'm not going to get girls I'm going to kill"

"Now that Is what I like to hear, so let us start shall we all of us 69 gods shall train you."

"Yeah, I'm ready."


Time skip>69 billion years later


'After 69 billion years I finally completed my training and I can confidently say that no one in fanfics, anime, movies, comics of marvel, dc, or anyone can beat me either in close combat, magic, weapons, or Intellect that is how overpowered I am so killing these transmigrators or reincarnates with their Sharingan or gamer system is like killing an ant.'

All the gods gathered up to say goodbye to their friend. During these years they considered him one of them.

The leader or as he likes to be called Maverick stepped forward.

"It is time to say, goodbye friend."

"And as my goodbye gift, you shall inherit my name Maverick."

'Thank you so much from now on My name shall be Maverick"

"Thank you so much everyone for the help and see you later"

"GOODBYE" multiple voices said at the same time.

And that was the last thing he heard before he disappeared to his first world One Piece.

( A>N Hello there this is my second fanfic so except for mistakes and many other things. criticism is welcomed cause I'm trying to improve. About the update, I really don't know about both of these fanfics but when I know I will inform you. May you guys have a wonderful day.)

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