The Great CEO's Wife is a Gangster Book

novel - Contemporary Romance

The Great CEO's Wife is a Gangster


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How identical can identical twins be? After years of separation, Erika is approached to pretend to be her twin sister, Emily, for a while. Pretend to be her twin even after not seeing her for years and years? Fine. Pretending to be the wife of her sister's husband and mother to their son? Impossible!!!! Excerpt: "A-are you sleeping with your trunks? Only?'' Aisha was anxious. She forgot that she has to sleep beside him. The thought of it sent shivers to her spine. "Are you really asking that after sleeping with me for years?'' his brow creased. Her eyes widened. "Y-you mean it's already a habit of him? And he will be doing it every SINGLE NIGHT? SERIOUSLY? Oh Lord, why are you tormenting me like this?'' her mind is in jumble. Ethan saw her uneasiness and he smirk. " But I wont mind sleeping beside a handsome guy", She drooled at her thought. "Pervert!" She wiggled. Ethan was deep in his thoughts while looking at the woman fully covered with blanket. He can see her wiggling. Something isn't just right. He can tell just by looking at her eyes. "That Eyes!'' he stroked his chin. "It's definitely her eyes" *** With all the growing threats against Ethan and his son’s life, will Erika (now called Aisha) take the risk to protect them knowing the danger it will cost her? While secrets unfold itself one at a time, will Ethan see past though all the lies and pretentions in front of him? What will Ethan do if he discovers that the woman whom he married was not the person he thought she should be? And, will Aisha be able to avoid her growing feelings towards Ethan, knowing that her twin sister is coming back soon? what if her sister comes back claiming everything she owns including her family during the time she learns to live the life of lies? **Will she chose Love over Blood?